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Why I Love You!

Why do I love you?
From you that question came.
Apparently I don't tell you why,
And myself I have to blame.

So I feel that I should list,
Some qualities in you I admire.
And put them down in written form,
Before from my brain they expire.

I don't know what to start off with,
Placing precedence on one or the other.
So I shall blindly pick one random,
And hope that I can still flatter.

Your sense of humor I love so dear,
As you spontaneously crack a joke.
Or contort your face so weird,
I am afraid it will go broke.

You do this at moments so unsuspecting,
That I must laugh with you anyway;
No matter how rotten my mood is,
Or how dreary it is that day.

I also love your questioning,
Of the universe around you.
Your probing of the environment,
And deducing false from true.

No question is to small or dumb,
For me to not want to answer.
I honestly don't want to belittle you,
I just want to sate your hunger.

I also love your sexy body,
As you show it off all day.
I find myself thinking of it,
In each and every way.

I cannot help but notice your curves,
Even when not trying to act sensually.
But for my poor senses its overload,
You are terrible for teasing me.

I also love your strength of will,
Your progress in times so dire.
I only want to support you best,
To help you rise above the mire.

You have faced situations terrible,
And overcome obstacles aplenty.
But still you have sold yourself short,
And I am forever your sentry.
I only look to reinstate,
The confidence you have within.
And I feel eternally lucky,
That you have allowed me in.

I love the way you treat our "kids",
As though they were creatures of your own.
It makes my heart swell with pride,
When your bedside manner, you hone.

As I watch you tend to ours,
I know that four-legged pets everywhere
Will benefit from the knowledge you seek,
And the heart's love you share.

I finally love the way that you,
Can keep me in check from myself.
I can only hope I do the same for you,
As you can be hard on yourself.

And so I must end this sonnet,
Not because I have no more to say.
But because I'd rather be with you,
Today and everyday.

I hope you like this one as much,
As the others that are equally true.
Because I want to tell you why,
Why it is that I love you.


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