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"The Other Half Of Me"

All of my life I have
just been one part,
I was always one half,
with a lonely heart.

But finally I know what
was missing in me,
Was the other half of my soul,
now that I can see.

When you came into my life, 
with care, honesty, and trust,
In no time you made me see,
a smile is a must!

You let me bear my soul,
and all of my pain,
And through all of it,
you loved me the same.

When you have troubles,
and pain of your own,
You talk, I listen, 
our friendship has grown.

Now we tease, we laugh,
and always seem to find,
That together we share,
a special peace of mind.

Sometimes when we talk, 
or are just having fun,
Our words are the same,
in complete unison.

Then we say to each other,
it must be ESP,
But it's a close bond,
a fact both of us can see.

My love you're a blessing,
who's made my life whole,
You balance my heart, 
returning your faith is my goal.

You're one in a million, 
and I'm most proud to say,
I'll be here for you always,
Forever and a Day.

Midi "Close to You"
The Carpenters




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