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Beautiful Stranger

With all my heart
I miss you
and long for the day
to be with you.
God has been so kind
to bless me
with one who seems to be so
pure at heart!
Forever am I thankful
to share a friendship
and have a special someone
in my life.
Never had I dreamed
that one would come along.

With all my soul
I want you
and feel the need
to be one with you.
You make my life
a living dream...
so far anyway.
Isn't that impossible?
I have known you
for a short period of time,
but it seems like forever.
I am so comfortable with you,
I just can't explain it.

With all my mind
I try to picture you.
So sweet,
so caring,
so loving.
How can this be?
Your smile lights up
the darkness within me,
I am so high
with your presence.
You light up my life.
Never in darkness
shall I remain.

With all my body
I feel your innocence.
A rare gift of beauty.
You are worth more than gold.
You are priceless!
Forever will you remain with me.
Never in all my life
will you be forgotten.
With all my heart,
soul, mind and body
I can truly say
that I have been blessed.
God has given me a treasure
to last a lifetime...
and...much longer than forever...


~© Saev~

Midi "Dreaming of you"