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 Son in Law 

I never thought anyone would be
good enough for my "little girl" 
until I met you! 

I see how much you care 
for my daughter
by the thoughtful things
you do and say,
and that makes me love you
even more. 

You are always kind and courteous;
I feel more than welcome 
in your home,
I love the way we can talk
about anything. 

You aren't afraid to ask 
my opinion
on any subject,
and I thank you for that. 

In all the world, I couldn't 
have picked
a more perfect husband
for my most precious treasure:
my daughter. 

Today, I want to let you know this,
and assure you of my caring
and appreciation. 

I'm always here for you. 
You are an important addition 
to our family,
and I love you like a son. 

I dedicate this page to
my Son in Law,

Gloria Camacho 2002.

Midi: Listen to your heart 



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