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My feelings for you wonder back
through sunny days; when
it felt like we used to have
the whole world to ourselves.

We shared so much, and we
cared more than our hearts
could begin to realize.

At the time, there was so much
joy I took for granted and
so many things I didn't even
stop to think of.

But I began to learn how
important you were to my happiness,
and that is what sisters are all about...

As we grew, and time passed by,
we had to begin to choose the
paths our lives would take.

It wasn't easy to know which way
to go and what things to do, but I was
reassured because of the
treasure I held in my heart.

By being my sister, you gave me
the quiet comfort of knowing
I could always turn to you.

That's what sisters are all about...
sweetness and support to see
you through.

All through our years,
you have been a source of so
many smiles and so much
inspiration for me.

There has never been a time when
the miles that came between us
have not been bridged by
the closeness of our hearts.

I want to thank you for giving me
the special kind of feelings
that only sisters like you and I
could comprehend.

That' what sisters are all about...
being the very best of friends.

I love you sister!

I dedicate this page to my
sister: Luz Elena.

copyrigh 2002

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