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Satin Sheets

Slip and slide,

Smooth, cool and comfortable,

Just a hint of perfume,

Low lights, music playing softly,

A good glass of wine,

A fire in the fireplace,

Close cuddling,

Long exciting kisses,

and then...

Let your imagination soar

Let your emotions roar

Keep your psyche alive and well,

A gentle touch.

Exploring the smoothness and curves

the warmth, the cool

Follow Me!

To a far away place of my dreams

Where life thrives

Into a surrealism it seems

My fantasy will awaken you

A sense of freedom from this place

There's a secret passage

through my hidden door of thought,

Just in case, Take my hand

Feel the pulse of my beating heart

Close your eyes

A perfect fit of the senses,

A melding of the physiques,

Shaping of the future to come

More than a warmth,

A very penetrating heat,

Growing more intense by the moment

Your skin next to mine,

Bare to each other

Only the satin sheets

Hiding the pleasures to come.