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To My Granddaughter

My granddaughter is "Kiara"
And I call her "angel wings"
She's the apple of my eye
And the reason that I sing.

She touches me like an angel
Her love a gift to my soul
And as long as God gives me life
Her presence within me is gold.

She was born on February 22nd
two months before her due time,
weight 4lb 13oz & 17" long, 
who can forget that day
"Little Miracle of Life" was born.

 Her face, a rounded grace Of gift
 Her eyes, the reflector Of her 
stainless soul's light Of pure radiance
 And her silken dark hair On her dainty head
invite the gaze of all.



Mother: Misty
Father: Anibal
Brothers: Bryan and Anthony.




First photos of "Kiara"