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I am never more than a thought away.
At any given moment,
if you think of me
you will see..hear..smell..taste..
feel me near you.

When you first awake,
in those moments between dreams 
and awareness;
I am in the softness of the sheet,
molding to you,
feather-light over the length of you.

And as you linger in the shower,
I am in the trickle of water across 
your shoulders,
down your back..
and as you hands roam smoothly 
over your soapy skin,
they are my hands.

If you are paying close attention,
you will feel me
in the warmth of the sun on your face
and hear me speaking to you
through a familiar song.
I am in the breeze that blows 
unnoticed through your hair
and caresses your face. 

The fire of the sun
The warm glow of the moon
The twinkling of the stars
are mere reflections of the light 
you bring to my eyes.

And when you lay down 
to sleep to dream
maybe you can feel me then, too.
If you close your eyes and lie very still,
you will sense my thoughts
right there close to you
maybe a slight warmth..
.. there ..

where your neck and shoulder meet,
a touch like a soft, soft breath.
Maybe something more..
maybe you sense the feeling of my lips
on that spot on your back
right between your shoulder blades..
is that it?
Or maybe it's my hair
tickling the inside of your thighs..

Can you feel me near you?
Can you?

In everything you see
everything you touch
everything you taste
a part of me is there
Just as YOU are a part of me! 


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