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To my  Grandsons 

You Mean the World to Me 
There's nothing like a grandson,
and you are the most 
special one of all.

You have been a delight since
the day you were born,
and I'm continually thankful
for the joy you bring to me.

Your smiles still light up my life.
Your accomplishments 
make me proud.

Your laughter still makes me feel,
like everything is good and right,
and that as long as you're happy
the world has hope for the future.

Always remember that you 
are precious and unique;
there's no one in this world
who could ever take your place.

I love each one of you,
I always have,
and I always will. 

May God's blessings 
fill your days; with joy and serenity,
and may wonderful, tomorrows
always be given......

To the most special grandsons
there ever will be! 
Love, Grandma. 

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This page is dedicated to my 
Ernesto, Bryan and Anthony. 

Gloria Camacho 2002



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