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Computer Love


You wonder how I could fall in love,
with someone who I have never met.
A person I've only shared words with,
on this thing we all call the internet.

However I don't need to see your face,
or care about the color of your skin.
The only beauty I need to se in you,
is the beauty that shines from within.

Even if I had never seen your picture,
or known how your voice does sound.
The love that I hold in my heart for you,
was born from words our hearts found.

I see you with an open of my heart
on the computer, rather than my eyes.
My heart gives a truthful picture of you, 
where as at times our eyes can tell lies.

I have never felt your tender embrace,
or even known the touch of your hand.
But the way that you touch my heart,
is the most important touch you land.

This page is dedicated to:
All Internet Lovers.

Midi "As long as you love me"
Kim Winther Nielsen


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