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Not Alone


I cannot walk alone,
dear Lord without the
touch of Your hand.

My legs are weak and
I'm afraid, but I know
You understand.

When I reach out for You,
dear Lord, I always
find You there.

And You will renew
my strength, when I
come to You in prayer.

You've given me many
blessings, Lord,
including a heart that sings.

and as I walk in Your
shadow, I am safe beneath
Your wings.

In my distress I cried,
dear Lord, and I know
You heard my plea.

You said, "dear child,
take my hand," and
 "Fear not, but come unto me."

I know I need not fear,
dear Lord, for You call me
by my name.

You'll walk with me
all the way, and help me
to not dismay.

Gloria Camacho







When all seems lost, and the
future dim,
The Lord will help, just turn
to Him;
when dreams are gone, and you
can't cope,
God's endless love will give
you hope.
He knows your needs, He'll show
the way
to meet your problems day
by day;
His strength and help will be
 with you,
just let Him in, His light
shine through.
Trust in God, He's always
to hold you in His loving care.



Midi: "America"