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Ernst Ludwig Kirchner

Seated Youth

     Kirchner was the leader of the group of artists called "Die Brucke." He was very well rounded for he had studied in architecture, graphic arts, and painting. Kirchner protested industrilization because he felt it had negative effects on society, such as alienation of individuals. He felt that industrilzation would lead to the development of an impersonal society.

     In Kirchner's "Street, Dresden," he paints a conjested German street in an urban city. This scene is not a realistic scene, but one that calls for an emotional reaction from the viewer. The perspective makes the street appear to be very steep. On the right side of the painting, there are two women gazing out at us, they seem larger than the rest. Their features are contorted and their eyes are black which gives an eerie feeling to this piece. Kirchner's use of clashing colors suggest that there is something not normal about this scene.

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