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Max Beckmann


     Like many artists of the Expressionists movment Max Beckmann was enlisted in the German army and was deeply affected by war. Critics believe his paintings "began to emphasize the horrors of was and of a society he saw descending into madness" (Gardner p.1033). This particular painting "Night" is of a room that has been intruded. A woman is bound and most likley has been raped on the left side of the painting her husband has been beaten and hung. A second woman is seemingly hidding in the background while on the far right on of the intruders is making a getaway with the child.

     This image is a depiction of brutality and violence that Beckmann felt was happening in society. The viewer experiences a sense of chaos and confusion when looking at this painting due to the cramped illogical spaces and sharp angles. This painting can also cause one to turn inward and reflect on themselselves because of it's family theme.

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