2010 Holiday Meal
2010 Holiday Meal
I organized a get together on Sunday December 12 at the New Fislerville Glass Works in Clayton, New Jersey and took these photos of the event. Jeff Vanaman, owner of the glass works, was a gracious host and his hospitality exceeded my expectations. Jeff had Jim Engelman help him during a glass blowing demonstration that included all of our requests to blow any type of hollow ware that we wanted to see blown. Jeff blew a cobalt Pitkin type flask, a donut bottle, vases and much more. In addition we got a chance to blow glass with Jeff's very helpful instruction. Jeff was patient and kind as five first timers attempted to form a gather and blow a glass bubble. We ate some chili and chips and had a great time. Thanks again Jeff for your unbounded hospitality!!!
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2010 Holiday Meeting and Meal 
Jeff starting a paperweight.

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