2009 Batsto Show
2009 Batsto Show
The 2009 Batsto Show was held on Sunday September 27, 2009. The show was held at Batsto Village, a Colonial era iron refining site that is now a part of Wharton State Forest. The weather did not cooperate early in the day. An intermittent but sometimes steady rain kept the buying crowd away. Only about half the dealers showed and set up. For those who endured the weather began to clear at noon and shoppers began to arrive. The Wheaton Arts glass blowers began blowing glass at 1 p.m. and blew till about 3:30 p.m. when a minor sprinkle shut them down for the day. In the end the weather cleared completely and the day turned out to be magnificent.
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Tom McCandless's Insect Destroyer mold heating up on top of the furnace. Note that the mold is upside down and there is an insulating tile on top of the mold.

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