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Notice and Updates


Notice:  I will be attending HMGS East's Cold Wars '07 (see www.hmgs.org) in Lancaster,PA and taking a short vacation over the next week and a half.  Therefore I will not be reading my e-mail nor will I be able to fill and take orders until the week of March 19th.  Thank you for your understanding.


Updates:  New products that will be available at Cold Wars and on my web site include new and remastered 15mm aircraft.  New aircraft include a Polish PZL P.23B Karas ground attack/light bomber, German Messerschmitt Me-109F-4 fighter/fighter-bomber, German Henschel Hs-129B-2 (early/late) ground attack/anti-tank aircraft (includes optional 30mm and 37mm guns) and British Airspeed A.S. Horsa Mk.I version with detached tail and unloading ramps to compliment my standard Horsa Mk.I.  Remastered aircraft include the German Focke-Wulf Fw-190A-3 fighter/fighter-bomber and British Hawker Typhoon Mk.IB (late) ground attack aircraft with 8 x 60 lb. rockets.  New decals for all of the above aircraft are also available.

Other new items introduced at Cold Wars will be British parachute supply canisters.  Various arrangements are available including loose closed and open canisters, open and closed canisters with collapsed parachute mounted on medium FoW stands and two closed canisters with collapsed parachutes mounted on a large FoW stand which can be used as an "objective" stand.

The first items in my new line of 15mm equipment called "Armored trains In Miniature"  will be straight rail road track.  This includes rails, ties and roadbed.  










New pages for our web site have been added.  A "Retailers" page to list retailers that carry our products and a "Photo Gallery" page to present painted and marked models by customers and artists.  We welcome new retailers and photos from our customers.  New and remastered aircraft have been added to the "Aircraft In Miniature" page including the Republic P-47D-40 "Thunderbolt", Bell P-39D "Airacobra", Bell P-39Q "Airacobra", Italian Macchi C.202 and a French Dewoitine D.520.  We have added many new 1/100 (15mm) scale markings/decal sets to our "Accessories In Miniature" page including decals for the above aircraft and for countries such as Hungary and Rumania. We are also introducing a line of 1/144 (12mm) scale markings/decals.  This will provide additional marking options for FoW players who are using 1/144 (12mm) aircraft.  We have added four new landing craft (Allied LCVP and LCM-3, Japanese Dai Hatsu (large) and Dai Hatsu (small)) to our "Amphibious and landing craft In Miniature" page.  Please note that these four new landing craft are from Quality Castings, Inc. masters provided by Battle Honors.  We also manufacture these landing for sale by Battle Honors/Quality Castings.  We have added a "Magnetic" Terrain Clearing Stand to our "Aircraft In Motion" page. It is identical to the Standard Terrain Clearing Stand but with the addition of a strong magnet at the top of the telescoping rod for easy attachment of resin/plastic/die cast aircraft.  And many more new products are coming..........    




We have updated "About Us," "What's In Our Future," and "Our Product Lines," by adding several new 15mm aircraft and many new 15mm decal sets.  We have also added a new line of landing aircraft under the new section "Amphibious and Landing Craft In Miniature"



We have updated "About Us," "What's In Our Future," "Links," and "Our Product Lines" by adding "Accessories In Miniature."  Included in this section are markings/decals sets for several opf the resin aircraft.  We carry "I-94 Enterprises" line of generic U.S., Russian, and German decals.  We also carry "Wargames" line of very detailed and complete markings for specific aircraft.



We have updated the "Resin/15mm/Aircraft In Miniature" section with new aircraft (TBF Avenger, SB2C Helldiver, P-51A Mustang, A-36A Apache, Hurricane IIA, Hurricane IIB, Hurricane IIC, Hurricane IID, Mustang II, DFS 230B-1 and Ki-51 Sonia) aircraft back in production (Horsa Mk.I) and aircraft out of production (P-51D, P-47D, Fw-190A, Me-109G, Yak 9D, Spitfire V).


Coming very soon, "Accessories in Miniature."  Check back later this week for updates.



"Aircraft In Motion" and "situation Accuracy Is MAGNADOTS" sections of "Our Product Lines" have been updated with pictures of the products.  More pictures to be uploaded soon.



We now accept PayPal as a method of receiving payment.  Major credit cards may be used to make payments to PayPal. See Ordering Information page.


We have added a list of die cast 15 mm aircraft to Our Product Line Page and made some adjustments to the numbering of our products and current availability.



We recently upgraded our homepage to a domain, this website can be now accessed at "http://www.armamentsinminiature.com/".

The Ordering Information page has been added.



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