General Notes On Handing And Assembly Of Model

Please Note: Glue, putty, sandpaper, cleaner, paint, markings are not included with the model.

Models are made of polyurethane resin and are delicate.

Pressure applied to model and parts, etc. may break or distort the model.

Dropping the model will cause breakage.

Check model and parts for air holes and large imperfections.  Fill in with a super glue gel or model putty.  Sand smooth.  Repeat if necessary for large holes.

Remove flash with edge of hobby knife.

Remove any remaining numbs from resin intake and exit lines with sanding stick or sand paper (320 grit).

If necessary, sand entire model with 400/600 grit sandpaper to remove surface imperfections.

Wash model and parts with household dish detergent and let dry.

If model is received with warped parts, do not try to force warped parts back into shape.  They will break.  Use appropriate procedure below.

Use super glue liquid or gel to attach appropriate parts to the appropriate locations on the model.

Paint and mark the model to the builder's preference.

Decals/Markings/Transfers are also available from AIM LLC.

How To Correct Warped Model and/or Parts

To correct warped parts, heat water to near boiling (bubbles forming on bottom of pot).  Use a pot large enough and deep enough to submerge warped portion of model or part.

Place warped portion of item into hot water for 5 seconds (do not overheat).  Plastic has memory and will return to the original shape as when cast.

If part does not return to original shape or does not soften, immerse again in hot water longer than 5 seconds.  You can gently shape warped portion if the heated part does not return to original shape on it's own.

When item is back to original shape allow to cool.

How To Apply Decals/Markings/Transfers

Instructions for use as per the Goblin Factory.

Prepare the surface area.
Make sure the area you wish to apply the decal to is clean.  Decals will adhere better to a glossy surface and can be over sprayed with a flat finish once they are dry.

Cut the deal from the sheet.
Our decal film covers the entire sheet, so cut as closely as possible to the edges of the decal.

Soak the decal for 10-15 seconds in water until the decal begins to come free of the paper backing.

Apply decal.
Lift the paper backing with the decal from the water and carefully slide the decal onto the miniature.

(Optional) Apply setting solution.
Brush setting solution onto the decal while it is still wet.  The setting solution will soften the decal, allowing it to adhere better, especially to curved surfaced.