Terrain Clearing Stands


Terrain Clearing Stands were designed to allow aircraft to be used for ground support (strafing, ground attack, fighter bombing, dive bombing, etc.) on a terrain filled game table.  The tripod design has a very small footprint and can be positioned over most terrain features.  Basic dives, climbs and turns can be simulated.


Standard Terrain Clearing Stand


Use directly on game table.  Extends to 23-3/4" high.  Has almost no footprint.  May be used with 20mm, 15mm, and 10mm resin, plastic and wood aircraft models.  May also be used with small die cast aircraft.  Please inquire about compatibility with your aircraft models before purchasing.



TCS - 01 (S) Standard Terrain Clearing Stand $15.00

TCS - 02 (M)

Magnetic Terrain Clearing Stand


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