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While I am looking for a new job, I have to cut back dramatically on trading.    I will do a regular trade for the following only:

1.  Anything by Jim Quinn (prior to his talk radio days).
2.  WPIX-FM from the 70s
3.  WHTZ, WZOU, WZNE from the 80s  (that's Z100, Z94, Z98, lol, coincidence... maybe write me if you have any "Z"?)
4.  Any "Hot Hits" formatted CHR station from the 80s.

I will do any other trade if you are willing to cover my expenses.  Hopefully this will restriction will only be for a short time.

My primary interest in trading is airchecks that bring back my past.  For me, that is recordings of New York City area stations from 1971-1990.  But, I'm very interested in any aircheck that you have prior to 1990.  Lately, I've become fascinated with old time radio broadcasts from the 1930's and 1940's, so tell me what you have, it may very well interest me!  I also want anything you have from Hawaii - my favorite place in the world -  past or present.

My interests are typically what I used to listen to:

1.  Anything by Jim Quinn (prior to his talk radio days).
2.  WPIX-FM, WXLO, WOR-FM, WABC, WWDJ, any of the top 40 NYC stations from the 70's.
3.  WHTZ, WAPP, WPLJ,  any of the NY rock stations from the 80's.
4.  Top 40 DX stations from the 70's, such as CKLW, WCFL, WKBW, WOWO, WGAR, WLS, etc.
5.  Philadelphia from the 70's, 80's, especially 'CAU-FM in it's Hot Hits days.
6.  Any "Hot Hits" CHR station from the 80's.
7.  HAWAII!  Any time, including the present.
8.  Current 80's formatted stations