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Last update: 23-Jul-2005

I'm semi-retired from trading.  I have more than enough airchecks already, however, I will gladly trade with you on a limited basis since I know I have a lot of what you may want.  However, I will rarely be able to quickly turn them around for you.  I spend most of my free time with my 3 year old.

Feel free to email me though.  Many of my older airchecks come from others, and I might send you their way.  You should also check the aircheck boards at

Airchecks and Jingles from my collection:

My preference is for old airchecks - especially of 80s CHR.  I prefer to trade something, however, if you have nothing and still want an aircheck, I'll let you purchase any media for $7 for postage and handling.  If you're the DJ, a relative, or part of the station, I'll be glad to send you an aircheck gratis (for free).

If we haven't traded before, I will need to receive your  package first.  (see Rules and Guidelines). 


LATEST UPDATE...  Newly added airchecks (10/23/2004)

MP3 Airchecks:

Since 2003, most of my airchecking is being done directly to MP3.  See the next two links for these available airchecks.

The following breakdowns are included in the location/number lists from above.

Special collections:


I am not a video trader, however, I will be willing to trade on a limited basis.  I have many videos of regular TV from 1983 - present, but unfortunately, it is not catalogued, and won't be for some time. 

Tapeable stations/want list:

I'm lucky enough to live in a region where I can get New York City, Philadelphia, Eastern Pennsylvania (Allentown, Poconos), Southern New York, and New Jersey radio stations.

Links to certified traders and a list of deadbeats:

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