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How to Sync Your Carbs

The synchronizer hoses connect to nipples on the back of each intake runner below the carbs. #1, 2, and 5 have plugs on them that you have to remove. #3 and 4 have emission system hoses that also need to be removed. #6 has a hose that supplies vacuum for the fuel petcock, so you should run the motor, then clamp the hose to keep fuel flowing.

The adjustment screws are easy to see once you remove the round chrome vacuum chamber covers right below the tank.. #3 is the base carb and is not adjustable. Leave one hose connected to #3 and adjust the others (in 2 phases) to match it. Shut off and hook up #1,3,4,5 and sync to #3. When done, pull off #1 & 5 and put on #2 & 6. Start engine and sync. The engine should be warm and level (on a lift).

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