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E-Z Headlight Upgrade

By Steve Golia

(If I can do it, you can too!)

Your stock headlight bulb is a Halogen bulb with an H4 base. It produces an 80 watt light on high beam and 60 on low.

Merely by installing an alternative bulb you can have more light, and no further changes are necessary. The stock fuse and wiring will handle this brighter bulb that is rated as 100/80 instead of 80/60. Here how to do it:

The new bulb is a NAPA stock no. "BP1210/H4" Costs about $12.00.

Tools needed: Medium Phillips head screwdriver.

  1. Facing the front of the headlight, there is a screw on the outside edge at 4:00 and 8:00. Remove them.
  2. Pull forward to release the lens section from the remainder of the housing attached to the bike. (Don't yank the wires.)
  3. Curl back the black rubber boot that protects the back of the lens assembly. Leave it attached in a curled back position.
  4. Near the base of the bulb there is a twisted copper colored wire holding the bulb assembly into the front of the lens section. The wire actually a spring held in position under pressure. You do not need to remove any screws. The highest part of the wire, that has a bump raised up toward the rear of the bike is a latch. You push down on the bump (toward the front of the lens) and move the end of the wire to your right. The wire will swing free. The bulb assembly with the black boot on the back can now be removed from the front lens section.
  5. Pull the old light bulb out of the front.
  6. Important: When you remove the new bulb from it's package, do not touch the glass on the bulb or you will die immediately! Only kidding. But do not touch the glass on the bulb or it will greatly shorten it's life. (Skin oils damage the bulb.)
  7. Insert the bulb and reassemble. Reposition the wire, roll back the boot, place the lens section in position and put back the two screws. Boom, you're there! Easy, right?