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Brighter Gauge Lights for the Valk

(Removing / replacing your tach and speedo bulbs.)

By Jim Harmon of Sophie's Motorcycle Works


Items needed:

  • Tools needed are just a small Philips screwdriver
  • WD 40 or equivalent light oil.
  • Bulbs are two #74 Sylvania.
  • (No change in fuse needed)



  1. Look inside the trip meter reset knob on the left side of the speedometer and remove the very small screw inside and pull off the knob.
  2. Remove the screws on the front of the tach and speedo and remove the housings.
  3. Pull out the rubber light sockets and shoot each one with some WD-40 and carefully remove the little bulbs. They break easy so be careful!
  4. Put in the new #74 bulbs Sylvania bulbs and check for light operation by turning on the key. Put it back together and be proud of another job well done.

The gauges will be much brighter at night on most Valks. Submitted by Jim at Sophie's Motorcycle Works.

Note from Terminal Valkocity: BTW, they make the coolest light bar for your Valk. Golia got one! See it here.