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Timing (Cam) Belts

By Carl Kulow


Note: Honda only calls for an inspection at 100K miles. Most automotive timing belts are replaced at 60K miles. I would suggest that you check the tension at each 12K service and change the belts at ~50K miles if you mostly ride hard or replace the belts at ~75K miles if you mostly do highway riding.

  1. Remove the timing belt cover Warning: Use caution when removing the top left bolt near the round crank pulley cover. It has sealant on it and may break off.
  2. Inspect the belts for cracks, worn teeth, contamination, etc.
  3. Check the belt tension it should deflect ~0.2 0.3 inches (5 - 7mm) in the center of the long straight side of the belt (the side opposite the tensioner)
  4. See shop manual for tensioner adjustment and belt replacement