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Reverse Bleeding Your Brakes

Here is a fast and easy method of removing air from your brake lines.

The following materials are needed:

1. An extra master cylinder cover.

2. One metal threaded vacuum type nipple (available at most Auto parts stores)

3. Clear plastic tubing to fit the above nipple and oil can.

4. A new clean 1 quart or larger pump type oil can.

5. Fresh supply of brake fluid.

6. Bucket or similar catch container for the old fluid.

Drill and thread the spare master cylinder cover. Install the metal vacuum nipple. Make sure it is leak free. Put the clear plastic tube on this nipple long enough to reach your catch container (Away from your paint). Temporarily install the new "modified" master cylinder cover on your bike. This is your overflow or drain.

Take your (clean)1 quart pump type oil can and fill with fresh brake fluid. (Always use fresh fluid. Miss-Stored or older fluid can absorb water.) Put another length of clear plastic tubing on the end of the oil can nozzle and clamp air tight.

Pump until most of the air is out of the tube (This is why it's clear) For us south westerners clear swamp cooler line works great for this. Run the line from your pump or oil can direct to the bleeder fitting. It is critical that there are no air leaks between the pump and bleeder fitting. Pump until no air is visible in the line coming out of the top of the master cylinder. You want the old fluid to drain into the catch container, this will also flush your system of any contaminants at the same time. Dispose of the old fluid responsibly. Honda can't even bleed'em this good! You will be amazed at the responsiveness of your brakes and clutch.

Again, Keep the brake fluid OFF your paint. Brake fluid tends to make great paint remover.

Jim Lantz (AlbqJim)