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Are all cookies created equal?  Are you getting your fair share of chocolate chips?

Our collaborative math project will give you a way to answer these questions.  We are challenging your students to determine if the number of chocolate chips per cookie is the same everywhere.

Your students will use a simple extraction technique to separate and count the chocolate chips from their cookies.  From the collected data, you will be able to use basic statistics, such as the mean, mode, median, and range to compare your results with those of other participating schools. Will all school results match?  Help us solve our chocolate chip dilemma.

This project lets your students explore mathematics and other curriculum areas while enjoying their cookies. 

Come tally your chips with us   

This project has been developed by Bayonne Board of Education teachers from P.S. #14 and Horace Mann schools, Bayonne, New Jersey in conjunction with CIESE at Stevens Institute of Technology, Bank Street College , and St. Peter's College ,with support through an Eisenhower Professional Development Program that is administered by  the New Jersey State Department of Education.