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‘Their’ Agenda is ‘Other Than’ Power or Money

(Article 1 in Series)

“Pawns of War”





1. Forbidden Knowledge

In the year 1973, on the 10th anniversary of the JFK assassination, my Social Studies teacher reviewed the ‘facts’ and discounted all other possibilities because, ‘…the Warren Commission found no other evidence.’ It was recommended to go home and view the TV programs and discuss it with my parents.    That night, the family in the ‘usual position’ watching TV, I attempted to change the channel.  “Turn it back!  We’re not watching that!” snapped my dad, and Mom concurred.  “It was an awful tragedy … we don’t need to be reminded of it,” was the mutual parental response.  I learned at age 11 that the pursuit of certain knowledge is contrary to ‘…life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness,’ those same ‘self-evident’ Truths as penned so eloquently by Thomas Jefferson.

Throughout the 70’s while growing up, the ‘coolest’ people had the most drugs.  It was the favorite theme of ‘teen’ movies, magazines, clothing, music, etc.  Pot was 10-bucks a ‘lid’ (ounce) for ‘Mexican Red Hair,’ but the ‘good stuff’ was shipped via misappropriated Forest Service planes by the CIA, ‘Panama Red,’ ‘Columbian’ and ‘Thai Stick.’  The ‘peddlers’ of ‘Red Hair’ were competing against the government, so they often found themselves jailed.  Common knowledge … everybody knew this was the way the world worked. I graduated at age 17, the year Reagan took office, 1980, and the fraudulent ‘War on Drugs’ had yet to be publicly announced.

I moved to San Diego in 1982 and tried ‘speed’ for the first time.  It was strictly a recreational activity, a summer ‘thang,’ myself and a few friends would throw-in together and buy a ‘quarter’ (gram, or ‘one dose’) on weekends for $25, once or twice monthly.  Money was tight from our minimum-wage jobs, but I don’t think we’d have done it more often.  We’d use fake-id at the biggest and best clubs -- all gay-discos -- the ‘hang-out’ of choice for elitists and incognito-celebs, dancing all night to such unforgettables as ‘Zappa’ and ‘Men Without Hats.’  The ‘biker’ speed was brown/yellowish powder of poor quality … but the stuff from government labs was pure, clear, glassy crystals the size of match-heads.  We preferred the CIA drugs … appropriately ‘programmed’ as teenagers to be ‘choosey’.  Cocaine was for people that made lots of money, so it had no impact on my ‘circle of friends.’  None of us had heard about ‘crack,’ much less tried it.

Then, in 1983, a funny thing happened.  I was 20, just a few months shy of my 21st birthday.  A member of my ‘circle of friends’ became paranoid … I mean, really, really, whacko-paranoid.  Speed hadn’t been around for months, so I knew it wasn’t the speed.  Then ‘it’ happened to someone I knew where I worked.  Then it happened to me.

Although drugs was the obvious culprit, I have questioned this because of the timing, the previous ‘experiments’ with no ill-effects, and the many odd, often conflicting messages being presented to the public via mainstream media.  I concluded it to be a ‘diversion,’ but to what extent, or purpose, or the ‘They’ behind it all … it was just very confusing to figure out.  Meanwhile, my ‘paranoia’ had consumed my life, robbed me of my ability to laugh, and hijacked my ‘fate,’ as it had done to the other TI’s (Targeted Individuals), which were cropping up all over by the dozens in every geographic region.  This was fodder for the ‘War on Drugs’ disinformation campaign but in an area previously unreported.  I endeavored to become more knowledgeable, and have discovered that what I learned at age 11 regarding the pursuit of certain knowledge has never proved truer than with this particular area of ‘knowledgeable-pursuit.’

Here, finally, after twenty-years of research, are the summarized opinions I have formulated and the conclusions that can be drawn from them:

1.        There is no pending ‘New World Order’ … only a ‘World Order’ … and it is very old.

2.        The industrial/military/media complex is one and the same … the same thing … controlled by billionaires and those ‘They’ hire and those ‘They’ manipulate to manage ‘Their’ agenda.

3.        ‘They’ are compelled by a sense of duty, or a ‘sense of … (‘other’ … possibly a ‘higher-power???’ -- undefined) to control all aspects of Earth, it’s inhabitants and it’s resources.

4.        Weapons manufacture, including state-sponsored narco-terrorism, and the export/import of conflict (via information, e.g., media) are the keys to sustaining ‘Their’ diversion.

5.        These ‘keys’ (Item-4, above) are each and of themselves merely components of a complex, highly coordinated ‘divisionary tactic’ that spans the globe and transcends history.

6.        The primary ingredient of this megalomaniac recipe is populace-control via social engineering, contained within geographic borders, established to ‘limit’ prearranged conflicts and social-engineering/programming methodology.

7.        The time-honored methodology used within each border does not vary:

a.        Religion and Philosophy (first and foremost); followed by,

b.       Economics

c.        Politics


Conclusions drawn from the above opinions:

1)       ‘They’ are keeping Earth’s populace consumed in conflict intentionally, thereby diverting attention away from … (???) … ELSE.

2)       The ‘Primary Agenda’ is ‘Other Than’ power or money (‘They’ have it all).


2. Imbroglio: Worldwide Attention-Deficit Disorder

The above opinions and the two conclusions drawn from them seem … impossible?  Well, before taking a closer look, I need to share three things with the reader:

First, I have heard about UFO’s all my life.  The one thing I’ve always wanted to ‘prove’ to myself about UFO’s was basic: are they or are they not machines?the crux of the UFO puzzle.  That’s all I wanted to know.  Simple.  Right?  Wrong!  Two years ago I went to the library and dug in.  For one solid winter, I carefully read every book, newspaper and magazine article I could find on the subject, including inter-branch loans and hundreds of websites.  I read them all … I ‘studied’ them … hard.  This effort was a supplement to the many, dozens of books and articles I’ve already read over the course of my lifetime.  Here it is … the Amazing Discovery about UFO Research that I figured out all by myself.  READ IT HERE FIRST!  Ready?  Okay, here goes:  they all quote each other!  Box-logic.  ‘Scientism’ as opposed to science.  It seems that if it’s in print once, anywhere in the world, it’s okay to quote it as ‘acceptable fact,’ thereby adding ‘scholarly research’ and ‘credibility’ to whatever ‘new’ information another author claims.  Furthermore, these ‘scholars’ have already arrived at the conclusion that these UFO’s are not only machines but that these machines are from another world, dimension or time.  Further still, these ‘machines’ are driven by extraterrestrial-aliens.  There is dissent within the UFO community over this singular topic, but you will never hear about it within mainstream media.  The debate has already been decided for you, that UFO’s are the extraterrestrial craft of aliens.  Period.  What do I think?  I think it’s all bullshit.  Put that in your pipe and smoke it!  (Notice, I did not say UFO’s aren’t real!)

Secondly, while keeping that in mind, consider another topic for a moment:  the JFK assassination.  If you want to research this topic thereby arriving at your own conclusions, you will find that there are literally billions of pages of information on this subject … so much information that it would take ten lifetimes to ponder it all.  The vast majority of this redundant and often ridiculous information was produced by mainstream media and by our own government.  ‘Hide in plain site,’ as novelist Robert Ludlum says.

Next, let’s look at one simple word: believe.  That innocent word, believe, was taught to me in grade school as being correctly used only when describing issues of faith within a religious context.  Within any other subject, other than religion, conclusions are based upon observation and evaluation, thereby formulating an informed opinion.  The difference is obvious.  A person either does or doesn’t believe in Jesus, for example, but whether or not a church should be a tax-exempt entity is a matter of opinion.  However, by the time I was 11 and the 10th anniversary of the JFK assassination, it all changed … now it was whether or not a person believed the Warren Commission and their ‘Magic Bullet’ theory.  Today, every politician and media commentator talks about their ‘belief’ in lower or higher taxes, their ‘belief’ in welfare reform or their ‘belief’ in the space program.  How many times have you read about this distinction?  Never!  The lines of thought were intentionally and deliberately blurred, the idea taken from the first lines of MLK’s ‘I Have a Dream,’ speech, and ‘spilled-over’ to every conceivable topic.  Our minds have been hijacked, deliberately and intentionally, delving each of us into an imbroglio of blurry, ideological, albeit masturbatory confusion.

3. Rump-ridden by Billionaires 


Each of my seven opinions above are provable, but would require book-length, in-depth analysis outside the scope of this article.  At some point in the future, I will submit individual articles to this publication, covering each topic completely.  For now, I will summarize, utilizing resources readily available to any reader.

First things first, who are ‘They’?  It’s the folks with all the power … the one’s that control the money … and by extension, the economy … globally.  The same folks have been in control for a very long time.  Don’t take my word for it … look it up yourself … it’s time consuming but easy to do.  An excellent resource is the Director of Research for INTELLIGENCE CONNECTION, Brian Downing Quig, (

Mr. Quig has some Christian undertones in all his writings and is under the impression of a pending New World Order.  I have other views, but since he’s already done the research on who ‘They’ are and how ‘They’ are in control of the world, I will quote at length just one of Quig’s articles so that you won’t have to jump all over the web looking for confirmation of my statements.  By re-arranging one article, “Doping and Duping America, I can make a case for my ‘Singular World Order’ opinion:

“In Sutton's work WALL STREET AND THE RISE OF HITLER declassified State Department cable traffic clearly documents the simultaneous financial backing and military arming of both the leftist Bolsheviks and the rightist Nazis by this same group of the world's richest men and the clashing of these super states for profit and control. Foremost among this group were John D. Rockefeller, grandfather of David Rockefeller, and Prescott Bush, father of George Bush.

Would not control of both the eastern and western bloc nations give total world domination? Is the underlying motive of all these phony communistic wars the maintenance of billionaire wealth and privilege?”

‘Now wait a minute!,’ you may be thinking.  ‘Phony communistic wars?’  What the hell?  Here’s how Quig describes the near unimaginable:

“While the propaganda instruments of communist and non-communist governments extol their peoples to hate and fear their "opposites", there is clearly an established pattern of covert coordination and cooperation between the two forms of government. This is nowhere better illustrated than in the drug trade of the Golden Triangle. In the late 60's/early 70's CIA station chief in Laos and Viet Nam, Theodore Shackley, under the direction of Nelson Rockefeller's former professor, Henry Kissinger, systematically hollowed out the leadership infrastructure of whole countries in southeast Asia's Golden Triangle only to have this richest poppy real estate turned over to communists. Now the Burmese communists, who our government supports, restrict all their territories to Westerners except for short visas to Rangoon. The same for Laos, Cambodia and Viet Nam. The poppies are grown in the restricted communist nations only for export to the West.  How convenient.”

In my list of opinions, I stated that the industrial/military/media complex is the same thing and it transcends borders, which are ‘fake’ … merely ‘containers’ for socio-economic experimentation by the same complex.  It matters not what continent … it’s the same people pulling the same strings.   This elite group of billionaires can manipulate regular folks like you and I like pawns in a sick game of world-chess.  SSNT (state-sponsored narco-terrorism) is one of  ‘Their’ pinnacle activities.  Here’s how Quig’s research sums it all up:

“As clearly documented by Alfred McCoy, author of THE POLITICS OF HEROIN IN SOUTHEAST ASIA, our CIA organized the heroin trade in the Golden Triangle by militarily suppressing all traffickers in each area except its chosen agent and by providing product transport via AIR AMERICA, Gen. Richard Secord. These U.S. government conferred monopolies transcended the communist takeovers (italics mine). In the heroin trade of the Golden Triangle we see communist and non-communist governments working together like a hand and a glove.

I have long maintained that the same individuals who pull the strings on the National Security Council also pull the strings on the Politburo. Reference page 163 of Anthony Sutton's scholarly work, WALL STREET AND THE BOLSHEVIK REVOLUTION. After meticulously documenting the long concealed fact that the richest men of the world financed the Bolshevik revolution ( Rockefeller, Morgan, Du Pont, Mellon etc. ) Sutton reveals how this same group created UNITED AMERICANS a virulent anti Soviet organization which loudly stated that the Reds were going to come and cut our throats in the night. Sutton concludes that to create world communism and then create and control the propaganda instruments and paramilitary organizations to "fight" communism suggests utter moral depravity.”

Well, there you have it in a nutshell.  The same people, billionaires, control governments and economy globally, and feed us a pack of lies via the media outlets that they own, over which they are in complete control.  You don’t hear about these things in mainstream media … ever wonder why?  Is it starting to make sense? 

4. The Rules ‘They’ force On Us, Don’t Apply To ‘Them’  

Don’t entertain the thought for one moment that state-sponsored narco-terrorism by the U.S. Government has stopped.  Every now and then we get indications of continued massive activity, here and abroad.  Many different governments are involved … all forms of drugs, from marijuana to LSD, heroin to cocaine, powder and cooked into crack … the ‘shadowy government’ over them all.  Read from Quig’s other articles from the link listed above for a complete run-down on SSNT.  For a nice outline on England, Germany, Pakistan and other countries’ role in heroin trafficking, rent the BBC documentary video, “Traffic.”  How much more evidence could anyone possibly need?  There are more ‘facts’ proving SSNT than the Vatican has collected in two thousand years in trying to ‘prove’ the Bible.

The rules ‘They’ make for the world’s populace do not apply to ‘Them.’  Now, keep in mind that these same folks own everything, including controlling interests in the media, the Federal Reserve and the world’s primary financial institutions and industrial conglomerates, thus controlling the vast majority of the planet’s resources.  ‘They’ print the books and we ‘pawns’ buy them, and the messages those books contain, lock, stock and barrel, pedaling ‘Their’ wares, buying ‘Their’ drugs, making converts ‘missionary-style’ while getting it in the rear-end.

What could drive a person to do such a thing?  How could anyone be so deceitful?  How could any human stand before the world and lie like that?  Knowingly crashing airplanes to protect ‘their’ precious ‘agenda’? (read Quig’s articles about how the CIA, which he calls the Cocaine Importing Agency, covers it’s own tracks by killing ‘informants’ and every innocent passenger along with them by crashing commercial airlines; then, visit for critical analysis of 9/11 and the later micro-nuke Bali bombing).

How could ‘They’ setup conflict and opposing governments to clash civilizations one against the other with the deaths of tens of millions on their conscience as in WWII?  One may argue that ‘They’ didn’t pull the trigger … the argument goes, ‘guns don’t kill people … people do.’  Perhaps so, but ‘They’ created the situations, then armed the combatants, and then ordered these pawns to pull the triggers repeatedly … and in many cases, sent innocent people to life-terms in prison as ‘patsy’s and ‘casualties’ in phony wars.  It’s inconceivable!  It’s horrible!  It could not ever happen!  Think again … examine the work of dedicated researchers and re-evaluate literally everything you’ve been told.

I’ve read so many ‘theories’ on this subject that I’m now ‘anti-theory’ oriented.  Which is why I’ve quoted Quig repeatedly and referred you to Joe Vialls’ homepage.  Both researchers have concluded different things than I but all three of us have concluded very similar, nay, the uncannily ‘cloned’ reality of a super-secret or ‘shadow’ entity, who’s interests are not in the betterment of either humankind, or the planet.  Quig’s decades-spanning research weeds out the crap and gets right to the point … he’s the only one that lists the names, times, dates, places and has the supporting evidence right there online for you to see for yourself, including stock ownership percentages for major media companies and the ‘parent’ financial institutions that control them.  Vialls has technical insights that expose flaws that have skipped right by some of the most intelligent people I know, and is obviously brighter than ‘expert’ government analysts and mainstream media reporters.  However, I do not agree with previous speculation that attempts to ‘prove’ that ‘They’ are shape-shifting aliens.  Nor do I agree with Quig’s, Viall’s and others’ conclusion of a ‘pending’ or ‘new’ world-order.  There are numerous ways to find out the history of money, and the many connections of Kings, Queens and Presidents, including familial (blood-line) associations, which, in my view, clearly outlines that this ‘Order’ has existed for not just decades, nor just centuries, but millennia.  That’s right, folks, thousands of years.  When I said the World Order was old, I wasn’t kidding!

Recap: since ‘They’ are obviously not operating under the same rules that apply to ‘us,’ I ask you, ‘why would anyone, for one moment, think that spiritual concerns such as ‘morality’ apply to ‘Them?’  Clearly, such things do not, and, just as clearly, such things as ‘spirituality,’ e.g., religion, is a ‘tool’ for controlling ‘us.’  Therefore, it is my conclusion that religion was created by ‘Them’ to control ‘us.’  Puff on that awhile!

I have demonstrated how the lines between opinion and belief have been intentionally blurred inside of our minds.  Is this not mind-control?  Now, let me take it one step further.   Since ‘They’ control and distribute BOTH sides of every issue, it is logical to conclude that ‘alternative’ issues were equally embraced, endorsed (if not created) specifically for the ‘disinters’ who rebel against the ‘contrived’ formulas.  After all, you can’t do SSNT without the ‘War on Drugs.’  I am suggesting that long ago, through experimentation in social-programming upon entire cultures, ‘religion’ was born;  ‘They’ have learned to offer a dark and a light, night and day, cool/hot, good/bad, God/Satan, Drugs Yes/Say No, Poverty/wealth; Creation/Evolution.  The pattern is obvious … but what is not obvious to even brilliant minds is that the pattern extends directly into our textbooks and centers of higher learning on all continents.  Huh?

That last example I used, Creation/Evolution: notice how there are only two items to ‘believe’ in?  And you are not allowed to have another ‘belief.’  The moment you ‘explore’ other options, you become labeled by ‘experts’ a ‘kook,’ thus, expelled from the community of your piers.  Box-logic.  For a detailed discussion on this topic, read Joan d’Arc’s Darwin and the Origin of Humanoid Form, which can be pulled off Paranoid Magazine’s website.  Also, the huge book Forbidden Archeology, offers many examples of paleontological evidence that humans have been on this planet for millions of years, censored from all text-books, although real scientists have proven that carbon-14 and other testing is not only a sham, but intentionally designed to make EVERYTHING test within just a few-thousand years from today.

What this suggests is yet another deception which in itself strengthens existing disinformation campaigns, specifically Christianity and one of its ‘pre-approved’ antithesis’, ‘Darwinism.’  But wait!  There’s more!  The intentional, albeit the frantic and frenzied promotion of Christianity, including the ‘fixing’ of date-analysis, in addition to the deliberate destruction of evidentiary documentation and treasure, is demonstrative of other, more credible facts, all by itself.  Therefore, it is my conclusion that these other, ‘more credible facts,’ must clearly support the theological perspectives of cultures found or studied in territory deliberately deemed ‘off-limits’ to anyone attempting to research alternatives to the pre-approved Darwin vs. Christianity paradigm, specifically the sovereign nations of Hindis, Buddhists, and Muslim sects.

That daring statement highlights many troubling questions.  Why are we suddenly at war with sovereign Muslim nations, is one question.  Next, who, following Rome, embarked upon the systematic elimination of anti-Darwinian and anti-Christian artifacts?  The Smithsonian Institute.  Who gets the blame for archaeological desecration?  Hitler.  Who funded the Nazi rise to power?  The billionaire-club, ‘Them.’  Who stole the Nazi loot?  ‘Them.’  Who writes the textbooks?  ‘Them.’  Who hollowed out entire countries and deemed them ‘off-limits?’  ‘Them.’  In all the areas now ‘targeted’ for war, what faith are they?  Muslim.  Therefore, might there be other reasons behind ‘Their’ agenda than mere power and profit?  I suggest there is, that there is something ‘They’ are seeking, and, the destruction of evidence is not yet concluded.  Lastly, are the Buddhists or Hindis to be next?  Think about it.

Recap:  since ‘They’ are neither followers nor ‘believers’ in what they preach globally, and since ‘They’ already have all the money and power, then what is their motivation?  My answer is:  ELSE.  In logic, the state of being is on, off or else.  If it’s not money and it’s not power and it’s not religion … it must be ELSE!  This is where literally everyone gets side tracked into the imbroglio of disinformation: theories, theories and more theories.  So let’s skip this for now and move on.


5. Occum’s Razor is slippery!

Let us now look at the ‘diversionary tactics’ I have concluded to be methodology for ‘social-programming,’ which in itself is a complex ‘diversionary tactic’ utilized globally. What is mutually exclusive to all three?  At first you will conclude populace-control.  From my viewpoint this is an incomplete analysis.  The words are correct, but used in the wrong context here.  ‘Population Control’ is the most likely candidate, however, this time it is used in a context previously unreported.  Whatever ‘Their’ real intent, they need allot of people to accomplish it … billions and billions of ‘us.’  Planetary resources?  So what!  Let nothing and no one stand in their way.  The blatant disregard for life and planet is not a concern of ‘Theirs.’  Evidently, ‘Their’ agenda includes timelines we’re not privy to, but must discover outside of the ‘box.’

“The cost to defend the Persian Gulf Region is $60-billion a year … yet we consume only $30-billion a year of Gulf resources (oil) in our gas-tanks and factories.”

That incomplete quote is from the article, Hazards of Low Level Radioactivity by ‘Bernadette Geiger-Counter,’ printed in Paranoid Magazine Issue 24, Pg.6.  The obviously pseudo-named author highlights my point that ‘They’ are not concerned with the planet nor it’s inhabitants.  Look her name up on the web and read her/his other articles.  I should also make note for the reader the magazine mentioned above contains some of the most scholarly articles available in any media format.  Don’t let the name fool you.  Isn’t ‘balanced’ supposedly the presentation of everything within the spectrum of possibilities? Remember, in mainstream media, when the ‘norm’ is challenged, a blistering assault will always follow.  Funny how their attacks are always personal, against an author, instead of the resent ion of their own ‘facts,’ isn’t it?

Now, let us return to the consumption of oil and the cost to defend our so-called ‘interests’ within the Persian Gulf region.  The difference in terms of dollars, i.e., Defense vs. Consumption, is made up in SSNT, the state-sponsorship of narco-terrorism.  But this is just ONE region of the globe.  There are many SSNT participants, and many ‘regions’ of resource-exploitation supplemented via SSNT.  I’ve never understood why no one else has made this connection.  To me it’s obvious.  READ IT HERE FIRST!

This imbroglio of disinformation is the time-honored methodology itself, instilled within each border, and, it does not vary. That’s right!  READ IT HERE FIRST, folks!

By comparing simple ‘folk-lore’, every culture has ‘origin’ stories dating back to their ‘remembered’ beginnings.  Isn’t it interesting that there is a ‘calamity’ story in every culture on Earth?  Floods, stars falling, explosions … all calamity.  Isn’t it interesting that every culture on this planet has a ‘beginnings’ story of some man, ‘god’ or ‘thing’ that brings ‘knowledge’ because, as a result of the calamity, they were ‘lost?’  How to survive … language … how to read … how to … ‘breed?’ 

For just a moment, let’s remember the ‘scientism’ of ‘Darwinism.’  ‘Scientism’ is best defined by the term, ‘box-logic,’ where theory and fact are True only within the scope of the box, thus ‘proving’ itself.  Why do you suppose textbooks dismiss and forbid scientific analysis of other theories, even when real scientific investigation disproves Darwinism and reinforces much older, ancient technological civilizations?

It is my conclusion that Egyptians did not build the pyramids, or the sphinx.  Never, not once has a body been recovered inside one of the Great Pyramids.  How is it possible that every textbook and ‘scientific’ TV show, such as Nova and Discovery and National Geographic Explorer insist that the pyramids were tombs?  No bodies have ever been found inside of one!  Other structures had bodies, sure, but these structures and bodies obviously came later ... much later.

The same debacle is true in South America, China, the Pacific Rim, North America, and everywhere else on earth.  Just because some asshole camped next to an existing structure and vandalized it by chiseling unintelligible graffiti, does not ‘prove’ he built it!  Is this not mind-control?  ‘They’ print the textbooks; furthermore, ‘They’ establish ‘higher learning’ education universities and colleges and support them via Foundations and grants.  Within this ‘box’ of ‘higher-learning,’ the human species is just a half-dozen or so millennia old, so there certainly cannot exist a ‘structure’ older than the species because it is assumed that all structures, art or other relics were created within this timeframe, therefore all other suggestions are false or fraudulent.  Gradually, this ‘box’ has ‘expanded,’ but it still remains closed to this very day.  This is ‘scientism,’ the ‘belief’ in a theory regardless of other evidence and observation.  Remember, there is a significant difference between a ‘belief’ and an ‘opinion.’

The Smithsonian Institute has scoured the earth recovering every archaeological artifact of significance, putting ‘Their’ religious ‘spin’ on these items, removing anything that could ‘prove’ otherwise and either destroying it, or, hiding it from public and scientific analysis.  I’m sure you agree that nothing short of genocide is more disgusting.

To highlight this ‘science as a religion’ further, have you ever noticed that when an ancient culture is ‘discovered,’ each and every artifact is assumed to be ‘evidence’ of how these unknown people prayed or worshiped or paid homage to some god or goddess?  This is a blatant extenuation of current ‘cultural norms’ transmigrated onto cultural unknowns.  You are not allowed to suggest that there can’t possible have been any culture in the entire history of earth that didn’t pray, that didn’t worship, that didn’t have ritualistic orgies, mutilations, murders, sacrifices or diabolical possession and blood letting.  Do you see the ‘box’ of scientism here?  The underlying subliminal messaging is clear: “all beings have ‘worshiped’ but only the ‘goodness of Christianity’ is non-sacrificial.”  A quick review of The Inquisition is in absolute contradiction of this ridiculous ‘scientism’ that is all-inclusive of the many cultural and theological ‘sciences.’

Further still, any researcher looking between the lines is ‘paranoid’ and automatically ‘guilty’ of contriving facts.  Look at how ‘They’ have treated Erik Von Daniken.  Every researcher makes mistakes.  The mistakes in Darwinism are overwhelming, but dismissed as ‘simple oversights and errors.’  Von Daniken makes a few and it’s lights out!  His life’s work dismissed is ‘not credible’ and ‘unworthy of further analysis.’  Von Daniken meticulously documented, his work being every bit as scholarly than anything in the Darwinism field.  He also has the added bonus of making sense.  And, he has photographs to share! Show me a picture of a single fossil that displays ‘evolutionary’ progression … skip that hooey about ‘intergenerational leaps’ … and I will show you the same picture which clearly shows ‘different species.’  Just one picture!

In conclusion, what is really going on?  Civilizations intentionally clashed against each other; distortion of reality; the utter embrace of scientism and outrageous theory; the hijacking of the human mind; narco-terrorism; intentional destruction and/or hiding of documents, manuscripts and archeological treasure; fabricated histories; blatant disregard of the planet and it’s inhabitants; climate-modification systems going online ‘coincidental’ to the ‘spikes’ in ‘abnormal psychology’; microwave and other transmissions that make you hallucinate or worse; and oh, yes, least I forget: those ‘Agents’ that ‘paranoid’ people see from time to time … are CI’s (confidential informants), just plain folks, like you or me, that got ‘busted’ for some petty shit and manipulated into becoming your ‘friend’ or ‘watcher.’  These CI’s don’t know anything important … but they do have a secret to keep… steering your ‘fate’ by ‘pushing’ you towards doing things you wouldn’t normally have done … and they’re good at it!  Next, combine all that with the huge increase in global disinformation … all in an effort to keep you in the dark … ‘diverted’ from what ‘They’ are really doing.

Benjamin Franklin said it first, “…by keeping the People fearful and suspicious of each other, they remain ignorant of what their leaders are doing.”  Forget about what they are telling you … the clues are in what they don’t!  So, again, what is really going on?  The conclusion is more frightening than devils, gods or aliens.  Meanwhile, the planet, and the people, animals and plants upon it, are merely, ‘pawns of war.’


fist.gifREAD IT HERE FIRST, because in this and subsequent articles, I will be shining a tiny pocket flashlight on all the things ‘They’ don’t want mere ‘pawns’ to know, thereby illuminating the logic-trail that has baffled philosophers, theologians and thinkers for millennia. 

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BBC - Traffic


US Citizen Revolt Imminent

(Article 2 in series)

“Pawns of War”




1.         Hi-tech weaponry vs. Flintstones

As of this writing, we are apparently poised on the brink of war.  State-of-the-art weapons will be used in an invasion against a decimated Flintrock once again.  Last year Afghanistan, this year Iraq, two sovereign nations that have already been bombed into rubble.  But there’s another war being fought, all around the globe.  Every citizen of every nation is a ‘Pebbles’ or ‘Bamm-Bamm,’ unknowingly manipulated, pawns of war.

In times of war, the State has powers to do, well, anything it wants.  It is an interesting side-note that just prior to any ‘conflict’ or media-sensationalized event, such as the Super Bowl, a virus mysteriously slows or even breaks the backbone of the Internet.  Is this because something terrible is ‘scheduled’ to happen?  Or a precautionary measure to slow the encrypted messages of ‘possible-terrorists?’  Perhaps, sadly (skeptic that I now am), it is the work of a few corrupt shadowy-government agents, desperately attempting to slow the entire world’s spawn of our billions of ‘peacenik’ emails. Since it is the DoD that constructed the Internet’s backbone, who do you suppose is responsible for breaking it?  If all US military devices were so easy to break, we could all bypass the incredible security into Area-51 and go have a look for ourselves, and all the hardware that mysteriously ‘broke-down’ in Iran to rescue the Hostages would also have failed in Panama, Grenada and during Desert Storm.

Even in times of ‘peace,’ software manufacturers have agreements to submit source-code to the government prior to releasing it to the public.  We, the people, are already fully monitored.  It has long been suspected that one of the multiplicity of ‘backup’ files that are written to your hard drive are truncated, compressed, then uploaded, if required, without your knowledge, to government analysts when you access your ISP.  Upon analysis, if something ‘interesting’ is discovered, they storm-troop your home and seize your computer.  Ever wonder why the Internet is so slow sometimes?  Not during viral attack … but at other times ... even when traffic is light?  Why that one, occasional email takes so long to open?  Even while offline, ever wondered why your word-processor slows to a crawl?  Now you know.  Doesn’t that make you feel so much better that the wheels of ‘Homeland Security’ are spinning in your favor?  Glad I could help.

It should be noted that these log files will not be turned on unless you are accessing ‘sensitive’ websites via an ISP, according to one industry insider, and many agree.  The story goes like this:  If the site has been ‘targeted,’ a modified cookie is sent to your computer and a cab file, required by the Feds to be included in your operating system, enacts the source code that begins the logging process.  This is why I recommend having two computers: one for your thoughts, journals, opinions or speculative essays, the other for use of the Internet.  Absent of files, it’s neither your hard drive nor the website content that usually identifies a ‘subversive.’  It’s what’s on your mind!

After the Feds review a manufacturer’s source-code, it is turned over to another agency.  This ‘other agency’ is undefined, but their gurus in turn write the virus, worm or whatever, to be released at ‘critical’ times of their own choosing.  Ostensibly, this is to protect government agencies against attack from outside by identifying ‘soft-spots’ within the code.  15-yr olds who can crack military computer systems?  Nonsense.  It’s all media hype.  Its just yet another setup, a diversionary tactic, allowed from time-to-time in an ongoing ‘plausible-deniability’ campaign where the ‘culprit’ is paraded before the media, and you, the unsuspecting viewer, gobbles up this nonsense as the end-all explanation to a very troubling situation.  Just how many Einstein’s have been born this century?  Think about it.  So, why do you suppose there are hundreds of these young Einstein Hackers in federal penitentiaries?

I’m not saying these hacker-kids aren’t smart, but consider this:  over the years, thousands of trained, PhD-level programmers and scientists have tried to access government secrets by hacking into CIA, DoD and other computer systems.  All have failed.  The FBI cyber-division is just one of dozens of governmental agencies that actively recruits the best minds in the world specifically for this reason.  If it were so easy, the UFO/Government-complicity issues would have been resolved long ago.  Those hackers who have had any success were allowed to succeed, and quickly find the door broken down, the equipment seized, fines levied and lengthy jail-terms handed out, their shackled and disgraced image paraded before the public … all before these kids were allowed to find any real damning evidence, or, send the space shuttle into orbit. 

Anything of a real sensitive nature is quite obviously not, repeat not, in any danger of being hacked.  If it were, 5-yr olds would be launching ICBMs by accident, while real terrorists and ‘enemy’ States would do it intentionally.  Has this ever happened outside of Hollywood movies?  No!  Which proves my point.  But is the case closed?  Not quite, so read on …

Every child is taught that unless they tell the complete story, then it is a lie.  Any citizen required to testify, must ‘…tell the truth, the whole truth … etc.;’ however, this ‘value’ does not apply to government, law enforcement, or government’s mouthpiece, the media.  If it did, asking a cop or CI (confidential informant) if they’re affiliated with law enforcement would result in the answer, “yes;” everyone would have access to the film Dan Rather’s crew made of the shot fired from the ‘grassy knoll’ that impacted JFK’s front, thereby disproving the Magic Bullet theory and proving Oswald’s ‘patsy’ claim, and we’d all know the details of the government’s many dark, nefarious secrets.

Should we know battle-plans in times of real war?  Of course not!  But a government ‘of the People, by the People’ should have full access, for instance, as to why CIA misdirected Forest Service planes, flown by military personnel, have been transporting heroin from Afghanistan and the Golden Triangle to Arizona for decades, the profits funneled through the now defunct BCCI and other money-laundering banks, and the drugs distributed to every city in the US and abroad, don’t you think?  Want the run down on how the US Government has been involved in state-sponsored narco-terrorism?  Visit and study the meticulous documentation of dedicated researchers.

Further, if the media were not complicit in this web of deceit, we’d all know the fact that US voter ballots are ‘verified’ by an independent agency through the CIA’s Operation Mockingbird, an appropriate title, don’t you think?  And we’d know that this agency is owned by the billionaire-media-club and utterly unaccountable to any oversight.  See for yourself at  This practice began right after JFK was assassinated.  Imagine that.  We’d also know that this outrageous system is responsible for the ‘tally’ of the predetermined results, and that the ‘winners’ and ‘losers’ are then wired to your local TV, radio station or newspaper.  Is that ‘freedom of the press?’  Or is that freedom for outright corruption?

Any news source that claims ‘get election results here first,’ is blatantly lying because results are released simultaneously from the CIA controlled tally-points to all media sources.  In addition, every broadcast that claims ‘live,’ is first screened by government-approved censors before you see it, hence ‘ten-second (or more) delay.’  Same rules apply to radio and print media.  Meanwhile, you are told by the media that censorship is the ‘evil tool’ of dictators, despots and communists.  What they fail to mention is that everything relayed during a news broadcast, including advertisements, has been pre-approved for broadcasting.  Does that sound like ‘freedom of the press?’

Yes!  Actually it is … sort of.  Think about it.  “Get it here first,” really means, “you, the consumer, can see it here before turning the channel somewhere else,” a cleverly worded lie that isn’t technically a lie … some call it a ‘white’ lie … which from a racial standpoint is most accurate, because white-folk like myself are taught from birth that ‘white’ lies are ‘innocent.’  Ever wonder what a ‘black’ lie is?  Another example is the deceptive statement that you can ‘save’ money by buying such-and-such product.  Oh yeah?  Where’s my passbook?  From which bank may I withdraw these ‘saved’ funds?

Want another example?  Separation of Church and State: lie. Churches are given tax-exempt status, which is the active promotion of religious groups funded by ‘saved’ tax dollars, then carried on the airwaves at reduced cost, despite the fact that on-air preachers and the media lead you to think otherwise.  How about ‘Natural Flavors?’  This blatant lie is on nearly all product ingredient labels.  If I were a soup maker, I could use 10 chickens weighing three pounds each, add three pounds of MSG, and since it’s only 3% total weight, I can legally list the ingredient as being a ‘natural flavor.’  Why?  Because the billionaire-club bought laws that allow them to turn small amounts of chicken parts into vast quantities of soup by cleverly concealing MSG, which boosts flavor, under the guise of a ‘natural flavor.’  Your own product labels will reveal that nearly everything you eat is spiked with MSG, disguised as being a ‘natural flavor.’ 

Did you know that the ‘fluoride’ they put in our water is neither sodium-flourine nor sodium-fluoride?  Huh?  Sodium is salt.  Fluoride is a manufactured chemical.  Fluoride was the chemical of choice in the German and Russian prison camps to keep the prisoners pacified.  Now, do you understand why there are parades of ‘experts’ all over the media insisting fluoride must be in your drinking water?  Don’t take my word for it.  Learn to research these things, people. The government and their mouthpiece, the media, certainly aren’t going to help you there.  It’s easy.  Read, “Fluoridation – A Modern Procrustean Practice,” Future Concepts, P.O. Box 1866, Clayton, GA 30525. (Note: the author of this article is neither associated with this book, the publisher, nor the town of coincidental name).

We’re duped from the day we’re born by deceitful think-tanks, spin-doctors, marketing consultants, industry-owned politicians and the intentionally flawed media oversight process.  The sad thing is, it’s all perfectly legal in this ridiculous system, created without our knowledge, by people elected with fraudulent votes, and protected by corrupt agents of undefined governmental departments, all shielded from complying with the same laws that we must obey.  Is that really freedom?  Is that the ‘shining example of democracy’ that government and media would have us perceive?  It’s why we US citizens just ‘don’t get it’ … because most people don’t know that their minds have been hijacked by a small group of corrupt officials, themselves manipulated by billionaires.

‘Well, any citizen,’ they say, ‘is perfectly ‘free’ to print their own version of events and then publish it themselves.’  Is this Freedom?  Really!  Sure, you can print it, but it will cost you!  In fact, it costs so much it’s really not possible.  Even if it were, how could you distribute it, from the trunk of your car?  Do you have a car?  The Internet?  Your target audience has already been labeled by mainstream media as being ‘lonely disinters hiding behind the veil of anonymous usernames.’  If you are reading this article, for instance, you may have already been identified as being either disgruntled or a malcontent.  Frankly, I know I am, and just as frankly, you should be too.

2.         The ‘Worst-of-the-Worst’

It is my speculation that this ‘list’ of  ‘disinters’ is compiled, collected and reviewed by the CIA or some other alphabet-soup secretive agency on a minute-by-minute or real-time basis by utilizing the source code tools mentioned above.  Furthermore, in times of serious crisis, WWIII for example, any ‘disinter’ from the list will be confined for ‘crimes against the state,’ without trial, for the duration of the contrived conflict.  Ever wanted to be on the news?  Local media will show your picture and your neighbors will be used to round you up as the ‘identified disinter.’  When the ‘crisis’ is over, if you are released, a microchip will track your every move for the remainder of your stay on Earth.  How free is that?  Bam-Bam, Bam-Bam!

Sound like science fiction?  It’s not.  Bio-implant technology has been high on the priority list of government for decades.  In the private sector, companies have spent millions developing biomedical equipment in an effort to help the blind, deaf or paralyzed, to name just a few examples.  However, the government shells out billions in grants for ‘classified’ research in this field, in addition to the tens-of-billions the military has already spent in R&D.  Now what do you suppose the military’s interests are?  Controlling fighter jets with the mind, for one, via implants.  Troop deployment on the battlefield, for another, then locating the dead bodies.  But is that all?  Oh no … there’s more.  Lot’s more.

By the military’s own admission microchips are already in use, implanted within its ‘volunteer’ soldiers. Not just ‘microchips’ … like the size used in home electronics and your computer, which are ‘macroscopic,’ but ‘microscopic’ chips … which are too small to be seen with the naked eye.  One readily available resource, published by the US Air Force, in it’s 2025 Research Paper, available online at, states that US military volunteers continue to freely accept implanted microchips.  Oh, that’s just a speculative paper!  The paper states it’s an accurate reflection of trends.  But, that’s military, how about citizens?  It’s already being done.  “Hey, Fred and Barney!  Bring your club over here and become a non-consenting human experiment!”  Ever wonder what it would be like to be a pawn in a global game of chess?  We citizens already are.  And this ‘shining example’ of democracy is being exported globally.

Since the 40’s, implanted technology has been used on the citizenry of many countries, especially the US, both with and without the use of embedded micro technology.  This is proven fact.  Don’t take my word for it, look it up yourself, starting with, The Journal of Application Physiology.  This journal printed an article way back in 1962 called, “Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy,” which describes how a person could be made to hear voices through the transmission of electromagnetic energy.  This is not fantasy.  And it’s old technology even in the private sector.  How far do you suppose it’s advanced by now?

Knowing that military technology is decades ahead of the private sector, when do you suppose they were perfecting this technology?  In 1975, the Journal of the America Psychological Association printed an article outlining the affects of microwave transmission on the mind, titled, “Microwaves and Behavior.”  What do you suppose your ‘behavior’ would be if suddenly you started hearing voices and seeing images that weren’t real?  Or having memories that couldn’t possibly have happened?  Is this an abduction experience?

I have long maintained that it is … only the abductors were not aliens, but our own government, utilizing implanted false memories to cover what really happened. It’s doubtful that it is the actual military … more likely an illegal, paramilitary force which manipulates the best-of-the-best unknowingly.  You want to know the truth about alien abduction?  Here it is!  Thousands, perhaps millions of people around the globe have reported these abduction experiences going back decades.  Isn’t it funny how they all ‘remember’ the same story or a simple variation of the same story?  If these folks were remembering US military involvement, well, that would be quite another thing … but a memory about gray, blue or green aliens is immediately, plausibly deniable.  And, of course, the media, government’s voice box, is quick to jump all over these implausible stories.

How about cattle mutilation?  Isn’t it funny how obvious experimentation was being conducted on the food-chain with advanced and unheard of medical devices, decades before the mysterious outbreak of the ‘new’ bovine spongiform encephalopathy (Mad-Cow Disease) and the numerous variant strains turning up in dear, elk, groundhogs, including humans and other animals, all across North America and other continents?  It is logical to conclude that prions were extracted from the Kuru virus, experimenting with it as a bio-weapon, and inadvertently infecting the food-chain of the one source of protein universally eaten.  Other than cows, identical prions and variants of same, are turning up in the animals listed above, including but not limited to mink, hamsters, mice and rats.  I ask you, what is the preferred lab animal?

Isn’t it funny that HIV variants turned up first in isolated bipedal species (monkeys), then in felines (house cats) in isolated metropolitan areas, then in Patient-Zero, who just happened to be the only super-viral human that frequented gay bathhouses on multiple continents, engaging in sex with thousands of partners of all races?  Do you think any of this was an ‘accident of nature?’  Dismiss the ‘programming’ and think about this:  Throughout this century, what group of people has been the universal target of this government?  Is it because this particular group doesn’t reproduce new human guinea pigs and breed new taxpayers?  Think!  It is no mystery … it’s obvious.

Now, what other racial group has historically been the target of universal disdain by this same government?  Which continent and of what skin color are these same bio-weapons decimating now?  Coincidence?  God?  These are very clever and deceptive arguments that reek of the ‘same-ole’-same-ole’ mentality used to keep you in the dark for over a century.  They write the textbooks, they censor the media, they fund the research and they produce the think-tank ‘experts’ that come up with these clever and deceptive campaigns.

3.         The Smoking Gun

So, you don’t think you’re a guinea pig?  You don’t think you’ve been used in human experimentation without your knowledge, like a lab rat?  Think again!  I grew up in the Pacific Northwest.  It is a proven fact that the US government conducted ‘controlled release’ experiments from its Hanford Nuclear facility.  Radiation was intentionally spewed out onto the unsuspecting population to study the resultant affects.  It’s a proven fact that this same government slipped LSD into beverages of civilian scientists to study ‘what happens when you give a scientist acid.’  It’s a proven fact that a myriad of psychotropic agents were given unknowingly to soldiers in Korea and Vietnam.  It’s a proven fact that chemicals are inserted into the food-chain and water-supply of the population to ‘study what happens when we put shit in the food and water.’  It’s a proven fact that a cocktail of unknown chemical agents, ‘cooked’ by exposure to the hazardous-industrial waste called Uranium-232 (depleted-uranium) used in military ammunition without the consent or knowledge of veterans, is the cause of Gulf War Syndrome.  It’s a proven fact that the CIA imported cocaine, cooked the powder into crack and distributed it into LA and points beyond.

Of course, ‘facts’ and ‘acknowledgement’ are always two different things with this government, eh?

We guinea pigs are not volunteers. Citizens are never informed of their participation in secret experimentation.  How can that be?  Want proof?  Okay … you asked for it!  The U.S. Code is both the how and the means.  Title 50, Section 1805 allows for nonconsensual citizen experimentation. It’s perfectly legal.  No shit.  Not only that -- and this is where it gets scary -- Title 10, Section 124, the Federal Government usurped authority from every local police force.  Previously, the Feds were either ‘invited’ or acting ‘without authorization’ … then, the cops had to submit to the Feds and the Feds could operate anywhere by Presidential Executive Order.  Now, cops and Feds are the same thing … answering to the Justice Department … only their uniforms, salary and the dissemination of knowledge separate these pawns.  The Exec-Order, given by every president since the first Roosevelt, was updated in the US Code listed above in an effort to legitimize decades of secret Fed activity, e.g., experimenting on citizens, hiding the growing evidence of this activity and thereby covering this atrocity under the guise of the omnipotent National Security Act.

It should be further noted that we are no longer ‘citizens’ protected under the Constitution.  A judge will always say that you have no persona standi in judicio. “You have no personal standing at law.” You are intentionally led to believe this means you’re not qualified to act as you’re own lawyer, which is probably true, but that is not what this bit of dead-language (Latin) means.  He tells you not to bother bringing the Constitution into his court, because it is not a Constitutional court, but an executive tribunal operating under a totally different jurisdiction.  Oh no?  Check it out for yourself.  Read, “War and Emergency Powers.”  This huge book was compiled by a dozen different law and constitutional analysts and is available from: 4656 Alta Vista, Dallas, TX 75229, or call (214) 750-5932 for current pricing, or, for a synopsis where the history of these traitorous events is summarized, visit

Briefly, I’ll tell you what happened.  The richest men in the world bought Congress … had the law of Senator selection thrown out and the entire process changed ... then, they bought the Presidency … changed all the laws in their favor … created the Federal Reserve … stole the gold that backed the US dollar which precipitated the Depression … then had their ‘bought-and-paid-for’ President reenact sweeping War Powers Act controls which enabled ‘Them’ to suspend the Constitution and Bill of Rights … seize your property … taxing you without representation … issue licenses at great expense for every ‘citizen’ activity,  from driving, getting married, to conducting any type of business, to going fishing ... all this to print paper money backed by the collateral of your seized private property … then, they nationalized the entire Agriculture industry for more collateral … sold the stolen gold overseas at a 60% profit ensuring continued paid-for Congressmen and Presidents ... which was reviewed and then later deemed ‘unconstitutional’ by the Supreme Court … which Roosevelt changed by stacking the Court in his favor … overturning the previous ruling … which allowed for himself and every President since to enact a government called ‘Executive Tribunal’ (Admiralty Law) instead of Constitutional Law.  Ever read that in your textbooks?  Ever seen that on TV?  Of course not!  These same billionaires own controlling interests of all media, overseen by the CIA specifically for that reason.  And you thought the CIA was for the protection of the Constitution?  Hardly!  Get informed, people.  Study up, and reevaluate literally everything you’ve ever been told.

What happened to the stolen gold proceeds?  Good question.  I’ll tell you what happened … this is the info ‘they’ don’t want you to know and have taken great pains to edit from all textbooks, thus censored right out of history.  These exact same billionaires that funded the Bolshevik Revolution, simultaneously funded the Nazi’s via Wall Street and the profits from the gold stolen from US citizens.  These billionaires intentionally built, armed and clashed two civilizations one against the other for power and profit.  Who profited the most?  John D. Rockefeller, grandfather of David Rockefeller, and Prescott Bush, father of George Bush (the current Bush’s grandfather).  And you’re led to believe that the Bush family fortune came from oil, when it really came from building Hitler’s Nazi regime.  Who prints the textbooks?  Who owns the media?  Think about it.  Don’t believe me?  Look it up.  Start with Anthony Sutton's meticulously documented book, “Wall Street And The Bolshevik Revolution.”

When did this all start?  Oh, very long ago.  Colonel Lafayette C. Baker, head of the National Detective Bureau, wrote in cipher about the Lincoln assassination plot.  The cipher turned up some 95-years later, signatures compared and verified by forensic analysts qualified enough to put you in jail if the Feds chose to use them against you in court.  The following passage of Baker’s was decrypted: 

“There were at least eleven members of Congress involved in the plot, no less than twelve Army officers, three Naval officers and at least twenty four civilians, of which one was a governor of a loyal state. Five were bankers of great repute [paying $85,000], three were nationally known newspapermen and eleven were industrialists of great repute and wealth.  There were probably more that I know nothing of. “

In John Cottrell’s book, “Anatomy of an Assassination,” much of the plot is revealed.  Clearly the words ‘great repute,’ constantly sensationalized by our government and its media-mouthpiece as the very definition of ‘status,’ shows the true color of this billionaire-club I’ve been telling you about, especially the nature of the people involved.  It’s not all men.  If it were, Kathryn Harris, the District Attorney that refused the citizen hand-count of ballots in Florida in the Gore vs. Bush election, would not now have proven links to the very same flight-school that purportedly trained the Sept. 11th terrorists, would she?  Nor would Pamela Digby Harriman, wife of the late CEO to Bush’s company, paid for the ’92 Clinton Presidential campaign while simultaneously backing Bush.  Don’t you get it?  The Billionaire-club, in existence since time immemorial, hand-selects the next President … it doesn’t even matter what party to which they belong.  When they want more control, they select a Republican.  When there’s going to be ‘fallout’ from their manipulations and machinations, they select a Democrat.  It’s all a sham!  They fund BOTH sides of all issues.  And it continues to this very day.

You don’t believe it?  Want proof?  Want the smoking gun?  Here it is!  Hidden away in the archives, but in plain sight, is the intentionally funky wording that makes the impossible possible:  Proclamation 2039, 2040, and 12 USC 95(a) and 95(b).  Only the President can repeal this, thereby canceling the contrived National Emergency enacted in 1933 that is still in existence to this very moment.  Both the Supreme Court and the Congress are powerless to change this situation.  Roosevelt very cleverly saw to this, duping Congress in the process. Once power of this magnitude is in the hands of a single human, do you suppose any President, ever, will repeal these acts and restore the Constitution?  Not!   The only action Congress has ever been able to take was to limit the consecutive terms of the President to ‘two.’  That’s all.  Nothing more these past 60 years.  Now do you see why Congressmen fight against term-limits?  Who do you suppose wants to suppress the power of Congress further?  Think about it.

4.         An Invitation for a Joint Russian/Chinese Preemptive Nuclear Strike

This is the exact reason the Declaration of Independence was drafted.  We’re now in the exact same situation that The People were in over 200 years ago … the same situation why The People declared revolutionary war on His Royal Majesty, The King.   Are you ready to deliver a new Declaration and be prepared for the fallout that would certainly come?  A ‘citizen,’ under the US Code, has the exact same ‘rights’ as an ‘enemy of the state.’  This is why we’re all getting it in the collective rear-end … day after day … year after year … decade after decade … by billionaires.  What can you do about it?  Are you prepared to take action?  ‘Flintstones vs. Omnipotence.’  Bam-Bam!  Bam-Bam!  Good luck. 

It should be noted that not all billionaires are plotting to control the government, just as not all cops are bad, or Presidents of sovereign nations, that are inadvertently sitting atop vast natural resources that Wall Street wants, are ‘evil, conspiring terrorists.’  This same argument was used against Native Americans.  This same argument was used or has been attempted against India, China, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Columbia, South Africa, Egypt ... the list is huge and will continue to grow until these traitors are stopped.  

If the people don’t do something about it collectively, then who will? 

Historically, considering the actions of this Admiralty State to date, every minute that passes is inviting a joint Russia/China preemptive nuclear strike.  Ever consider that?  After all, it’s not just we ‘former citizens’ being cleverly violated, but it’s all peoples on every continent.  We’re powerless … have no ‘rights’ … and the Chinese and Russians, if not already complicit, have only one option in ending this tragic situation.

Feel good now?  Glad I could help … actually, I’m very sorry.  It’s very sad.  Absolutely Tragic!

In 1898, well over a century ago, airships, later to be deemed the ‘invention’ of Zeppelin, were seen by numerous people all over the U.S.  UFO enthusiasts have often misconstrued this evidentiary finding as being ‘proof’ that alien machines from another world are visiting Earth.  Nonsense!  These ‘aliens’ wore green military uniforms, waved to passersby below, and, spoke colloquial English.  “Howdy, folks!  How ya’ all doin’?  Mighty pleasant day, ain’t it?”  What this is proof of, is that military science is at least three decades in advance of civilian science.  Period!

But, is that all?  Hidden behind-the-scenes is more proof that this ‘billionaire-club’ funds BOTH sides of every issue, clashing and clanging nation against nation intentionally in some secretive agenda.  If you have not read Part I of this series, vital information as to the nature of this ‘Agenda’ begins there.

Who funded Hitler’s rise to power?  Isn’t it interesting that US military technological secrets from the late 1800’s showed up within this ‘investment’ of the billionaire’s-club just a decade or so later?  It’s no mystery why the symbol of Nazi pride, the Hindenburg, was bombed and burned at Lakehurst, New York, in May of 1937, thus precipitating the beginnings of the psychological warfare campaign that led to WWII.  This ‘billionaire’s club’ stole our political system, stole our gold, stole our farms and homes, stole patented secret technology, supplied it to Hitler, then rewrote the history books while clashing civilization against civilization for a cleverly disguised campaign of apparent greed, power and profit.  How much more is there?

 Do you suppose it was a ‘coincidence’ that BOTH sides were developing ‘the bomb’ simultaneously?  That the Rosenburgs were very publicly executed?

What do you suppose is happening again today?  Think about it.

5.         Citizens, Predetermined as being ‘Morons’

I was living in Los Angeles during the riots that followed the announcement of the verdict in the trial against the four cops caught on tape beating Rodney King.  For three days, there wasn’t a cop in sight, anywhere except on the evening news.  Of course not!  They were ordered to take paid vacation to ‘celebrate’ the exoneration of one of their own.  The remaining cops were sent to the wealthy hillside neighborhood of Bel-Air to protect the few ... while the many got screwed.  The media was all over the Denny beating and the ‘hoodlums burning their own neighborhood’ story.  I have long maintained that these ‘hoodlums’ were instigated and organized by corrupt federal agents.  If not, why were the departments finest on paid leave?  Further, why did the media only show blacks, confined to an area of just a few blocks, when there were far more whites in all the other streets?  Think about it people ... do you think being pissed-off is confined to skin-color?

The words of government say ‘racial equality,’ but policy, set by the government, is anything but equal.  Just ask Native Americans.  Ever hear of the ‘Great White Flight’ of the 50’s and 60’s, into the 70’s?  Economic policy, set by the government, ensured that whites got educated, given good jobs and the ‘American Dream’ was achieved by offering low-interest loans to buy homes in the suburbs.  Meanwhile, the same economic policies, set by the same government, ensured that blacks received inferior education, thus low-paying jobs, which resulted in high-interest loans that couldn’t be paid back, so they were stuck in barracks-style housing built by the government specifically to contain the inner-city ‘scum.’

I know there are good cops, even good billionaires, just as there are good people involved in the military, government and even politics … just ‘plain old folks’ doing their jobs to the best of their abilities.  This is probably true of 99% of everyone all around the world, only to find out later they’ve been unknowingly manipulated by the 1% who are pulling all the strings from behind-the-scenes, like the professor in The Wizard of Oz.  These are the one’s that turn good things bad by ordering the honest away from ‘hot spots’ while corrupt agents are moved in, then threatening the honest with dismissal, prison terms or worse if they ever talk about anything they may have inadvertently witnessed.

Ever wonder why there has been a monumental effort to discredit any citizen eyewitness?  We are bombarded with ‘experts’ who claim nobody is qualified to properly interpret what really happened.  Isn’t that nice?  You are too mentally challenged to hear, see or describe anything that you’ve seen with your own eyes.  This became a priority with the JFK assassination and has grown into a ‘science’ by rigging impossible scenarios where everybody participating in the experiments are manipulated into ‘mass hallucination.’  It’s not real hallucination, but everybody does arrive at different perspectives of what they just saw … or thought they saw.  But these are contrived experiments!  Tested repeatedly and, repeatedly tested to make sure that in these impossible scenarios, nobody knows what really happened.  Then, the contrived results are used by the same ‘experts,’ and heralded by the media as proof that you are not qualified to be a credible witness to anything.  Isn’t that convenient?

Funny how the testimony of convicted murderers, rapists and thieves are always considered ‘expert testimony’ and used in court to convict YOU if the Feds decide to lock you up.  But the moment you have something to report about them … nope! …you have been previously disqualified as a fucking idiot.

Look people, if these ‘qualification tests’ were true, then the 80,000+ people watching pro-sports would each walk away with different winners and losers in their own minds.  Does that ever happen?  In every football game of the many hundreds played every year?  How about the hundreds of basketball games?  Baseball?  Hockey?  Golf?  Any?  Ever?  Of course not!  Only in ‘contrived’ situations.

In LA, the ‘string-pullers,’ in an act that can only be called psychological warfare, fixed the King-beating verdict utilizing the above contrived experiments and parades of ‘experts’ in hopes of precipitating a riot.  Later, the LA City Council unintentionally adopted sweeping reforms that now allow these corrupt agents to control the entire LA Police Force unawares and unaccountable to any outside scrutiny other than the Feds themselves. So-called ‘Citizen Review Panels’ ensure that if anything untoward happens, local cops take all the heat.  Isn’t that nifty?

If you don’t think that’s the way this out-of-control government is operating, think again.  This same pattern of voter fraud, fixed-verdicts and resultant rioting has been used in every large metropolitan area in the country, and abroad.  COINTELPRO documents, recovered through the Freedom of Information Act, reveal this same pattern of abusive psy-war has been used to manipulate City Councils and local governments for literally decades.  The same tactic is used in other countries as well.

For instance, when the Taliban burned all the poppy fields in 2000, it put a stop to the CIA’s trillion-dollar heroin trafficking operation in the expanded Golden Triangle, what can only be called ‘state-sponsored narco-terrorism’ (SSNT).  Suddenly, every media outlet in the Western world turned on the Taliban.  I’m no fan of oppressive regimes, not even the Taliban, but look at ours!  The State Department announced it would use the US military to strike Afghanistan … nearly a year before Sept. 11th … the ‘excuse’ contrived to commence bombing.  Less than a year later, the poppy-fields are back and the CIA’s SSNT is once again in operation.  Furthermore, I have just learned that the US Army College in 1990, thoroughly investigated allegations that the Iraqi Kurds of Halabja were gassed by Saddam Hussein.  Our own military experts exonerated President Saddam Hussein of Iraq, concluding the Kurds were killed in an Iranian phosphene-gas artillery shell attack.   How used do you feel now?

How is that possible?  How is it that financial records clearly reveal that the highest-ranking members of the CIA are complicit and actually profited from the events surrounding Sept.11th?  Why were witnesses to the crashing of Flight 93, including a certain ‘911’ telephone operator, ordered to keep quiet about the in-air explosions which destroyed the aircraft before hitting the ground?  Later, why were ‘experts’ that weren’t there, paraded before the media, savagely attacking and discounting the eyewitnesses to the obvious shoot-down?  And why hasn’t the registry of the jet, seen by eyewitnesses who were there, not revealed to the public until these ‘experts’ discounted the eyewitnesses?  Later, the government reversed position, admitted the these ‘experts’ were wrong and that there were eyewitnesses to the other jet, but it was ‘off-course’ and arrived ‘later.’  What doesn’t add up is the fact that you can’t have it both ways.  How can the eyewitnesses be admitted as correct, but the jet be officially at an elevation and position where it could not have been observed?

Further still, why is that some of the terrorists, purported to have flown these planes, are now turning up alive in other countries?!?!  Why is that on Sept 12th, when every private and commercial plane traffic was prohibited, one airliner, full of Saudi Nationals, was allowed to fly from Reagan International Airport in Washington DC to Rayed, Saudi Arabia?  And, where the hell did that Florida State Trooper and the van full of election ballots go for 2-1/2 unaccountable hours after the Gore/Bush election?  (And while asking the inexplicable, who the hell took my cat?!?!?!  Is this some kind of sick vindication for asking too many questions?  Next, are you going to kill my dog?  I wouldn’t be the least surprised.)

6.         Is it Really ‘All About the Children?’

The list of inexplicable activity is longer than the names of all the world’s phonebooks combined. Clearly, government is out of control … and the disingenuous media leads us by the nose to other conclusions.  It’s not the reporters’ fault … they just sit there and read the prompter.  All approved messages from the government.  Any commentator that interjects contrary dialogue or challenges the ‘official’ version is given an extended ‘vacation.’  Katie Couric can’t talk about it (the Gore defeat), but we noticed, Katie! Geraldo Rivera can’t talk about it (the JFK tape), but we noticed Geraldo!  Just look at all the other newscasters that have mysteriously disappeared from the airwaves on unannounced and lengthy ‘vacations.’  I ask you again, is this freedom?

We pawns are being fought against without our knowledge, behind our backs, non-consensually, by a shadow-government hierarchy, that is often comprised of mere pawns itself, unknowingly manipulated into doing things they would never have freely chosen.  Psychiatrists and Psychologists and Counselors have reported a huge increase in the numbers of ‘emotionally-disturbed’ patients admitted into hospitals and psychiatric institutions, outreach clinics and Mental Health service providers over the past thirty years.  The American Psychiatric Association, on the other hand, has cleverly manipulated the statistics to hide the facts.  You’ve heard of ‘funny numbers?’  Do you think the likes of which are only used by Enron? 

Antidepressants are handed out like candy, as are powerful psychotropic, behavioral-modification drugs.  Children are highly medicated in alarming numbers, suffering from an assortment of new, previously unknown disorders, from Attention Deficit, to obesity and other eating problems, serious depression and suicide.  The same holds true for the population as a whole.

Earlier in this article, I asked how you’d feel if suddenly, inexplicably, you started hearing or seeing things that you knew weren’t there and couldn’t possibly comprehend?  This is all part of ‘Their’ ongoing manipulations of non-consenting, human experimentation upon ‘non-citizens.’  These ‘pawns’ are instantly labeled ‘paranoid-schizophrenic,’ ‘bi-polar’ or worse.  I know, personally!  In a future article, I will tell you all about what ‘They’ did to me after I’d been contacted by what can only be described as the real, ‘The Next Deep Throat.’  This future article will undoubtedly blow your mind.

The doctors themselves aren’t complicit in these crimes.  A medical provider just has no idea what is going on outside of their ‘billionaire-club’ textbooks and contrived media manipulations.  They are using their training and experience to misdiagnose something completely different and, completely by accident.  Clearly, no human could possibly go through this experimentation without serious emotional trauma.

In the early 80’s alone, there was a marked increase in paranoid and other bizarre behavior in every city in America and abroad, ‘blamed’ by our narco-terrorist government as ‘casualties’ in the ‘War on Drugs.’ This obvious government fraud isn’t designed to obscure its narco-terrorist activities alone.  Oh no!  There’s more ...

Within the same timeframe as the spiked increases in depression, suicide, paranoia and obesity, the “Educational-Research Complex” that Eisenhower warned us about, brought online some of the most massive, state-of-the-art weapons programs, mind-control systems, and climate-modification technology in the history of the current civilization.  These are the obvious culprits for what is causing the behavioral change in the citizenship of this county and many other countries throughout the world. 

Unlike the military-industrial complex, which must report to Congressional Oversight Committees, the educational-research complex does not.  Funded through the world’s largest foundations, including Rockefeller and Carnegie, with additional funding through the UN and US government ‘black’ budgets, projected to be in the vicinity of $60-billion annually, these super-secret projects with military-sized budgets are disclosed to only a handful of people in the world, the ‘billionaire’s-club.’  Ever wonder why a private security firm is responsible for guarding Area-51, Los Alamos and other ‘sensitive’ facilities?  It’s because military people have sworn to uphold the laws of the land and, to protect the people.  Private firms, funded via black-ops, have no such restrictions.  That’s why it is the obvious conclusion that the military alone is not solely responsible for these atrocities, nor is it the scientists researching the powers of the universe.  It’s a different group, comprised of both sides above, and others that have the money, the manpower, and strings to fully manipulate us all.

In his 1961 Farwell Address, Eisenhower railed against both the military-industrial complex, and the education-research complex.  The following words, frequently censored from the textbooks, ended with this warning,  “… in holding scientific research and discovery in respect, as we should, we must also be alert to the equal and opposite danger that public policy could itself become the captive of a scientific-technological elite.”

Now, it is!  And as we go ‘bam-bam,’ these elitists continue to use us as pawns.

Which President was next after Eisenhower?  JFK.  Which family has been systematically eliminated since this ‘warning’ of Eisenhower’s?  Kennedy.  Which words are censored from Eisenhower’s speech and what is the obvious conclusion to draw?  I say it again:  The clues are not in what they tell you, but in what they don’t.  Think!  The obvious conclusion is that Kennedy was not assassinated for the many wild speculations we’ve been intentionally manipulated and ‘programmed’ to ‘believe.’  Oh no!  Kennedy was going to repeal the Proclamation and US Codes outlined above, thereby ending this farce and exposing the perpetrators of the greatest hoax in the history of civilization.  The real smoking gun!

Now do you see why Democrats and Republicans, the ‘Good Ole’ Boys’ of Congress, are always looking for an edge to undermine each other?  They know!  They’ve known along.  And they’re powerless to do anything substantial about it, so they knit-pick and sensationalize ‘petty shit’ into ‘monumental philosophical debate’ as a diversionary tactic away from the truth, while pushing and shoving each other to gain The Crown of Executive Tribunal.

By law and by international treaties, the military has been removed from bio-weapons R&D.  But this is where the truth is intentionally fouled.  The Military/Industrial-complex has moved out of the picture, while the Education/Industrial-complex has kept the ball rolling.  Each group points their collective fingers at the other.  How convenient.  This is exactly how Rockefeller, Mellon, Du Pont, Bush and the other members of the ‘billionaire’s-club,’ present and past, have funded BOTH sides of every issue.  This clever deception is made possible by the fact that the Educational/Research complex, funded through ‘black’ budgets, is not bound to the same laws as the military, and has no Congressional oversight.  It was arranged this way so that Congress would not have to be notified of ‘Their’ activities.  So, what’s the next obvious conclusion to draw? There is a shadow-agency, the real ‘terrorists,’ who have hijacked the Constitution and are holding us all as hostages, while manipulating both the ‘brains’ and the ‘brawn’ of everyone on the planet.

In my next article, I’ll quote sources, including the real ‘the next Deep Throat’ and shed some light on what ‘They’ are really up to.  You think the above is hard to believe?  You ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Author’s plea:  HELP!!!  Is anybody listening?!?!  Anybody at all?  Please help me to stop these fuckers before they ruin one more mind, destroy one more child, take one more life, bomb one more nation, or ship a single gram more of  narcotics.  I have nothing to lose.  I will do anything required. Why are you afraid to help me put a stop to this?  I’ll take the heat ... I’d do anything to save the world and the life on it, human and otherwise.  I know you are out there somewhere ... someone ... some ‘thing’ ... whatever ... I don’t want your money ... just give me the tool and help me put a stop to this NOW!  PLEASE HELP ME!!!

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