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Victims of Abortion

The photos below reveal the reality of abortion. Keep in mind that all of this is legal throughout all nine months of pregnancy for any reason, and that 99% of the children you are about to see were killed simply for birth control. The pro-choice side wants you to think that terminating a pregnancy is simply expelling a "blob of tissue". However, it's really terminating the life of a small child.

Many might ask, "Why would such graphic pictures be necessary?". It's the same reason why we're shown graphic pictures of another horrible event; for example, the Holocaust. It's the same reason high school students are showed car accident pictures due to drunk driving right before their prom. Pictures are sometimes necessary to be shown because just words alone are simply not enough. Sometimes it takes a photo or two for one to clearly grasp the brutal reality.

The pictures say it all...

This late-term male fetus was killed by a partial-birth abortion at 30 weeks. He was found in a garbage bag near an abortion clinic with substances used to dialate the cervix. His umbilical cord had been ripped off, taking his penis with it. His hands and face were white and bloodless. His buttocks were also found to be cut off, a technique used to ensure death.

This little girl was 22 weeks old when she was killed by a saline abortion.

The result of a suction abortion at 10 weeks.

These babies, at the fetal ages of 18-24 weeks, were the result of all in a day's work at a Canadian "teaching" hospital.

This is the result of an 8 week-old fetus after it is stretched and torn from it's mother's womb.

The result of a 10 week abortion.

"Blob of tissue" or "unborn baby"?

This little boy's life was ended in the third trimester, probably by a partial birth abortion.

A second trimester hysterotomy abortion killed this female fetus.

The head of a preborn baby girl, killed sometime probably in the second trimester.

This little black baby was killed at 5 months by a Dialation and Evacuation abortion.

An aborted embryo at 6 weeks. Notice the hands and the dark-colored organs already forming in its tiny body.

Little Malachi was 21 weeks old when he was killed by a Dialation and Evacuation abortion.

These children were burned to death by saline abortions. Notice the red glossy appearance of their skin. Aborted saline fetuses are often called "candy apple babies" because of the appearance of their heads.

Perfectly formed feet of a 10 week old aborted child.

A tiny human terminated in his earliest weeks of life.

A partial-birth abortion caused this child's death.

The head of a fetus killed by partial birth abortion.

A child killed in the first trimester by a suction abortion.

This is the remains of a seven week old embryo after it was killed and expelled by RU486. Notice the two forming eyes and the area where the heart had been beating.

Another victim of choice.

Instead of being disposed of in garbage cans, many aborted babies are sent to labs for fetal tissue research. The smaller containers hold first trimester babies. The larger ones hold second and third trimester babies.

All in a day's work at a fetal harvesting lab

Safe in the arms of the King
Jesus answered, "I tell you the truth, today you will be with Me in paradise." --Luke 23:43

Thanks to, American Portrait Films and the Center for Bioethical Reform for use of pictures.

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