Roleplayer of the Week:
No Vector didn't RP the most this week, our World Champion James Horrorcore did so he's the Roleplayer of the Week

Wrestler of the Week:
Blade: He's the new World champion dammit.

Move of the Week:
Chaos Weaver being unmasked as the masked man.....and then getting his ass kicked HAHAHAHAHA

Picture of the Week:

It's what Ant Blade looks like when he wakes up in the morning.

Link of the Week:
Good site, Jimmy Core recommended it, a couple of guys in the chat saw it already but now the rest of you can see it.

Quotes of the Week:

IedBetter4hx:  give me porn
MercyAIWL:  I have none of myself.
MercyAIWL:  "iedBetter4hx"
MercyAIWL:  I should smack you
IedBetter4hx:  Im alternate reality LedBetter
IedBetter4hx:  ask him
MercyAIWL:  Nah.
IedBetter4hx:  but im not a loser like him
MercyAIWL:  You're more of a loser?
IedBetter4hx:  i have a bunch of sex slaves and i do drugs
IedBetter4hx:  i write rps that have a point and i dont pick my ass
IedBetter4hx:  im the one that stole yur ps2
MercyAIWL:  So you live across the street from me...
MercyAIWL:  and go to my school
MercyAIWL:  and you suck dicks
IedBetter4hx:  no
MercyAIWL:  That's who stole my PS2
IedBetter4hx:  i live in an alternate universe
IedBetter4hx:  i framed the otehr guy
MercyAIWL:  Even though he confessed
IedBetter4hx:  i made him
MercyAIWL:  We got the PS2 back.
IedBetter4hx:  no
MercyAIWL:  Yes..
IedBetter4hx:  no
MercyAIWL:  Yes..
IedBetter4hx:  no
MercyAIWL:  Yes..
IedBetter4hx:  no
MercyAIWL:  Do you like women?
IedBetter4hx:  no
IedBetter4hx:  i mean
IedBetter4hx:  fuck u
IedBetter4hx:  i have yur PS2
MercyAIWL:  I do.
IedBetter4hx:  wait...
IedBetter4hx:  no i have alternate universe Mercy's PS2
IedBetter4hx:  MercyAlWL
MercyAIWL:  I see.
IedBetter4hx:  peace

Realspider469:    is the "butter" really just butter? or does it signif something greater? like mojo, or the force or something?
It's really just butter...but it seems to have been your character's driving motivation over the past few weeks.
Realspider469:    oh, works for me
Realspider469:    that doesnt mean when the butter leaves so does my motivation does it
Realspider469:    ?
Or you become consumed with getting the butter back.

EL MUNDO 3 [10:58 PM]:    Pete got a number tonight..
Sabre Dekker [10:59 PM]:    Hahahahaha
Sabre Dekker [10:59 PM]:    Pete went to the dance?
EL MUNDO 3 [10:59 PM]:    ya
EL MUNDO 3 [11:00 PM]:     My souces say that the girl is really hot.
EL MUNDO 3 [11:00 PM]:    and out of pete's range  
Sabre Dekker [11:02 PM]:    I think 3 legged hairless dogs with narcolepsy and a crack addiction are out of Pete's range.  

Cr0ss0ver23: hey Muff, does Davola read all the RPs?
Mr Muffen: I assume so why
Cr0ss0ver23: just wondering
Miseryzway: don't assume
Realspider469: lol
Miseryzway: whenyou make an ASS out of U and ME
Mr Muffen: That's right...because the last time I assumed it was that you were good miz

MercyAIWL: You should do a RP.
CW24616: i'm like not active
MercyAIWL: You could like, be active.

Itz drop top:     when was your last period GMP
MercyAIWL:     Lynn is the fucking shit
Ozzy952585:     lol
KingKozar:     have your tits got any bigger
KingKozar:     cause they is kinda hot

Sabre Dekker: AOL has led me to a very intriguing aticle on eating out pussy.
XxNauTiCaxX316: send me it sabre
Sabre Dekker: No, you'll have to find it by yourself.
XxNauTiCaxX316: COME ON
XxNauTiCaxX316: send me it please
Sabre Dekker: Nope.
XxNauTiCaxX316: dammit
XxNauTiCaxX316: i wanna read it
Sabre Dekker: I can send you the cocksucking article though.
Sabre Dekker: You'll probably get more use out of that.

Itz drop top:    you're the weak link of our team
NotoriosM:    I know

Tolonoguy: I remember the days when I refused to buy wrestling merchandise.
Tolonoguy: Now there's a lot of it coming out that's really good.
Sabre Dekker: Yes, like the Chyna Sports Bra.

MercyAIWL:     GMP is all the porn I need
MercyAIWL:     You should see him strud nude in the locker room though
MercyAIWL:     He can hump the air like no other
MercyAIWL:     all he's done is make some funny faces
MercyAIWL:     and gyrate
MercyAIWL:     He's probably nude right now.
MercyAIWL:     All i'm saying is what he does in the locker
MercyAIWL:     room
    He fucking humps the air with a Donatello mask on

Ozzy952585:     I'm Merc's Porn Queen

News and Rumors:
(Brian Russel doesn't like to do News & Rumors, so he gave me the honor of doing them. Just don't ask me for title shots though, I can't do that.)

It is rumored that Chaos Weaver is getting a new wardrobe for his "return" to AIWL. Also a celebrity is picking his clothes. Who could this be you ask? Calvin Klein? Tommy Hilfiger? No no, it's Stevie Wonder. Might I also let you know that Stevie Wonder is blind.

As Drop Top has lost some weight, it seems as GMP as gained some weight. A coincedence here? I think so. It is being rumored that after Drop Top's fat wasn't feeling loved, it went to GMP's body where it lives happily ever after.

After Skitzo lost the AIWL Platinum title at Bloodrush, the man went crazy. He tore apart his dressing room only to leave a video game of "Frogger". What did Prophet do after he lost? Hell he went home and his Mom made him some kabobs.

Vector lost his butter to Fatty McButterpants again. If this guy is so obsessed with butter, why doesn't he just go to the store and buy some?

Mary Kel Shannon brought home her newly won AIWL Platinum title and put it around the waist of her cow. Her cow got a little rowdy though, and started squirting milk all over it, which made Mary Kel upset. Don't worry folks she cleaned off the championship and it's back to normal.

With Misery bringing in Arkham for re-enforces against Sabre Dekker and John Graves, he still is outnumbered by John Graves alliance with Jimmy Horrorcore, Giant Baba, and El Patinador. Alot of the old Reckless Youths seem to not be doing much anymore, so could they be brought into this intense rivalry as well?   

(Send all Poll answers to

Last Week's Poll:
What do you think of the new Newsletter guy?

"Well he looks nothing like Buzz Lightyear, and his newsletters aren't in comparison"-Mercy

"Who the hell is Flex Holly?"- The Rock

This Week's Poll:
"What should the Psycho Thriller promo song be?"

(Send all answers to THAT MEANS YOU DROP TOP)

Last week's Question:
Incredibly difficult, so it's worth two points...

About a year ago, Joe Davola and I put out the AIWL 300, comprehensive rankings of the top 300 AIWL wrestlers of all time.  There were 300 wrestlers on that list of coruse, but some of those wrestlers were handled by the same person. many separate handlers were on the list?  I'll give it to you if you're within ten either way.

Answer: 208 (And on an interesting side note from RB, it had 45 guys handling more than one person,  163 only handling one guy, and 6 guys not being handled by anybody. )

Ha, nobody got it right or even came close to 10. Oh well.

This week's Question:
This is another hard one but is easy if you think about it.....Which wrestler currently on the AIWL Roster has NEVER wrestled on a House Show?

Trivia Rankings:
1. Ryan Byers (10)
1.Joe Davola (10)

2. MatTNT (8)

3. The Rock (6)
3. Mercy (6)

4. Misery (4)
4. Drop Top (4)

5. James Horrorcore (3)
5. ICON (3)

6. Will E. Bed (2)
6. Flex Holly (2)
6. Prophet (2)
6. Joe Armstrong (2)

7. Cocaine Cowboy (1)
7. Blade (1)
7. Slash McCoy (1)
7. Doorman (1)

Answer the most of the damn Trivia questions and receive a shiny Award at the end of the year just like Dean...and look at where he is now!

AIWL Interview:
(If you want to be interviewed, e-mail

No interview.

Jimmy Reviews Products:
(Done by the former World champion of this

Rants and Raves:

OnlineHost:     I   IedBetter4hx has entered the room.
IedBetter4hx:     I'm Gay.
    Gay gay gay gay gay
    GAY? YES!

i think my mom made some kabobs, awesome

Cr0ss0ver23: my RPs are slowly getting shorter and shorter...

Cr0ss0ver23:     i think my fridge is out of pepsi
Cr0ss0ver23:     which is much more serious than this world title match

Jim Horror Core:  Albert Fish, the granddaddy of the deranged, enjoyed implanting needles in his genitalia, stuffing his asshole with flaming alcohol balls, eating shit, killing children and making stews out of their remains.  

Flexholly:     Fuck, I finally sit down to watch King of the Hill and they have a Simpsons marathon
Flexholly:     After 3 years of not watching it I still have to wait one more week


Sabre Dekker:     Jesus... Why can't Vector be normal?
Sabre Dekker:     Why can't he jsut do like 8 good RPs instead of about 35 10 line RPs?

I just completed my first newsletter and I'm pretty satisfied. Good week to do a newsletter too. New World champ and I have to face him in a Tag title match Monday. And by the way, today The Superfriends became the longest reigning AIWL Tag team champions of all time. 73 days. 2/19/01- 5/2/01 and counting. This is the first newsletter done by me, Flex Holly, and I hope you enjoyed it. Good night everyone.