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Totally aware of the stares aimed her way Lily still moved fluidly through the throng of women. They parted for her as if awed by her presence. The music pulsed loud but not deafening around them and strobbing lights outlined the cache of gyrating bodies. In a strange but perfect sympatico, each step she took corresponded with the pounding techno beat of the the music. The mixture of flashing lights glinted off short, sleek blonde tresses, making them look almost white. The rainbow like cascade, illuminated soft, cherub like features graced with a devilish smirk that destroyed the promised innocence of her face. While Lily Simoneaux's stature was short, her body was lean but deceptively muscular. The short, sleeveless, backless red dress afforded each onlooker a view of perfectly formed legs, arms, and shoulders that screamed to be touched. A simple gold chain followed the flowing lines of her creamy neck. Small gold hoops hung from small, shell-like ears, and a plain gold watch completed the ensemble.

She adjusted the matching bag on her shoulder, and discreetly, green eyes scanned the crowd, taking in the stares and the whispers that she could not hear. Her insides curled with excitement. So, this is New Orleans' real night life. This is what I've missed sitting at home living in my own little fantasy world. No more. I've been celibate for too long. It's time for it to become reality. Lily slid her hand down the front of her dress, relishing the naughty feeling that over took her as soon as she put it on. The professional, responsible woman had disappeared, and out came the wreckless one. God, this feels good. She licked glistening red lips and seductively strolled her way toward the bar. This was dangerous. Lily knew it, and she savored every moment. It was the ideal place to find the perfect woman to touch, to teach, and to make her feel. No longer would the woman in her dreams be faceless. The dreams were done. It was time for action.

Swallowing down the sudden nervous energy, Lily manuvered herself upon an empty stool and leaned toward the bar. Miracously one of several bartenders appeared, wearing a tight fitting t-shirt with the words Cat's Meow written across in bold red letters. She stood tall, lanky with skin the color and consistency of smooth caramel. Long braids tumbled down her back and over her shoulders, lending to the exotic look, but Lily's eyes were drawn to the letters better yet rivited to the twin points of hard flesh that were perfectly outlined. Her stomach knotted pleasurably. God, you'd think I've never seen a woman before. The bartender waved a hand in front of Lily's face. Her eyes widened as the woman's breasts shifted with the gesture. Through it all, she even noticed a name tag that said Shawn.

"Lady! Do you want to order a drink or not!" The bartender screamed over the music.

Lily jumped in surprise and glanced up to catch the bartender's eyes. Shawn glared back at her knowingly. A hard red flush seeped into the blonde's face. "Um, I'll have a.. .slippery nipple," Lily croaked.

Shawn threw her head back and laughed. "You got it lady."

Knee deep in her own embarassment, Lily could not help but crack a smile. She glanced to her left to see two women in the far corner whispering and staring. One of them smiled seductively in Lily's direction while the other pushed at her back as if egging her on. Lily turned back to the bar to see her drink in front of her. She took a deep breath, brought it to her lips and waited. Here goes nothing. I can do this. Just need to take charge just like I do at work. Lily sipped the buttery concoction and nearly gagged as the stench of aftershave, cigarettes and an unwashed body surrounded her. Her eyes promptly began to water. Please tell me that is not her! A tap on her shoulder almost made her jump. Oh yeah, that's her. Lily spun around and was greeted with the smell head on, along with her greasy appearance. She held her breath and gave the woman a warbly smile. Stinky smiled back at her revealing rows of the yellowest teeth she had ever seen.

Stinky winked and leaned in closer. "Hey, haven't seen you here before, cher." The slight accent sounded garbled and fake. It turned Lily off even more.


Stinky's smile faltered. "No what?"

"No to everything." I know what I want, and that's definitely not it.

"Aww, come on sweetie. I could show you. . ." Stinky leaned in even closer.

Lily coughed and held up her hand in a stopping gesture. I guess I'm gonna have to be firm with her. "No! Not even if you took a bath!" Somewhere around her, she could hear chuckles of amusement.

Stinky snarled, "You little bitch. I didn't want your ass anyway."

Lily snarled back. "Then why are you still here!" The chuckles turned into outright laughter.

Red faced and angry, Stinky peered around her aware of the laughter surrounding them. She stomped off mumbling, ". . . not all that anyway."

Lily sighed in exasperation and turned toward the bar once more to see that another slippery nipple had appeared. She glanced at Shawn in confusion.

"You're gonna fit in here really well, lil' bit. Welcome to Cat's Meow. Those two drinks are on me," Shawn uttered, laughing all the while.

Surprised by the gesture, Lily was even more flummoxed as she glanced at the women closest to her. Some held up their drinks in silent toast, while others grinned in her direction. Whoa, I think I like this place.


Time wore on, and the seats around Lily were vacated and filled again with new patrons. Lily sighed. "I had no idea women could be such asses," she murmured to herself. I've been approached I don't know how many times, and there wasn't a peach in the bunch. Eager to start on her fourth drink, Lily held out her glass as Shawn breezed by. She leaned forward as the new glass slid toward her. "Is it always like this?!"

Shawn shrugged. "What you think are slim pickings maybe someone else's gold mine."

"I can understand that, but I want what I want. You know what I mean?"

"Yeah, you don't settle," Shawn interpreted.

"No, not anymore. Not in anything. It's gotten me far. I don't think that should change just because I'm here."

"Well, hold on late crowds comin' in soon. I guarantee you at least one who will turn your head." A slow smile spread over Shawn's features.

Lily looked on suspiciously. "Uh huh. I hope you're right or no tip for you!"

"Oh really?!" Shawn wiped her hands on a nearby towel. Then, thrust one over the bar. "Bet? Nice big tip."

Lily grinned and covered the bartender's hand with her own. "You're on."

The minutes ticked by slowly, turning into an hour. Lily's slippery nipples turned into bottled water. The urgency in her bladder made Lily slide off the stool and search for the bathroom. When she was finally able to get past the line, her eyes widened at what she saw. The bathroom was huge and plush. It was stark white with the furniture being the only splashes of color. Long black, leather couches lined against the walls while sparse paintings hung on them. Still, her eyes grew to the size of saucers at the other sights that greeted her. Women galore. Some just sat, laughed and conversated while others prefered activities that involved lips, tongues and hands. Soft, needy moans could be heard mixing with the den of voices and laughter. Lily covered the flat plane of her stomach with a shaky hand, hoping to contain the sudden fluttering. Hungry eyes followed her every move. She licked her lips and gasped at the tightening in her stomach. Am I a total perv or what? It's like I'm in a porn movie or something. Reluctantly, Lily tore her eyes away and headed for what looked like an available stall.

With the welcome tinkling sound, Lily whimpered at the release of pressure. It mingled with a high keening of a woman in mid-climax. Her sex clenched in empathy. God, I've got to get out of here before I end up joining in. So this is what celibacy gets you complete and total horniness. Good thing I do have some morals. Lily chuckled at the irony in the statement. A few scant minutes later, she washed her hands quickly not even bothering to glance in the mirror, knowing her features were flushed with impending arousal. Lily hurried out, keeping her eyes and ears to herself as much as possible.

As she neared the bar, Lily scowled to see that her seat had been taken. Fed up with the night as it was so far, she sauntered up toward the bar anyway intent on getting her stool back. From the other side and not too far away, Shawn waved at her with a shit eating grin firmly plastered on her face. Lily rolled her eyes in irritation and turned her attention back to the women who stole her space. All she could see of her were wide shoulders and incredibly long black hair that glinted a shiny blue in the ever changing lights. The midnight tresses stood out against the start whiteness of her tshirt. Hmm, interesting. I wonder if it is as soft as it looks. No sooner had the thought processed did it become an action. Lily reached out and wound her fingers through dark strands, releasing a smell that reminded her of sunshine and summer. The woman jerked as if burned and quickly turned around.

Lily snatched her hand away. I can't believe I just did that! She glanced down at the offending appendage then back up at the mystery woman. Lily gasped. The music, the loud voices, the people around her all disappeared as she got lost in eyes so intense that the color had abandoned them, leaving in its place chips of hot ice. Involuntarily, Lily took a step back as she caressed the sharp planes of the woman's face with shocked eyes. A slow, sexy grin graced the woman's features that served to discombobulate Lily even more. In that one instant, all the bravado she entered the Cat's Meow left her. Now, there was only a woman in awe. The dark haired woman turned away momentarily and leaned toward the bar as Shawn grabbed her and whispered in her ear. She let out a bark a laughter. Then, focused her attention once more on Lily. She titled forward, bringing with her a deliciously spicy scent.

"Hey. My name's Alex Francios I hear you've been looking for me?"

Lily blinked and vehemently willed her heart to stop slamming against her chest. It didn't work. The woman's voice was smoky, deep and very cajun, sounding as if she sang when she talked.Ohhh my.

"You're not gonna tell me your name, cher? I'm not just gonna call you baby all night." The woman added cockily.

Now hold on a minute here! Who does she think she is? Just because she looks good doesn't mean she can act like a total asshole. Slowly but surely snapped out of it. "How about you not call me anything?" Lily smiled saucily and turned away.

She had barely moved an inch before a hand clamped over her shoulder. Indignant, Lily spun around wanting to meet her assailant eye to eye. She found herself looking upward a ways into burning blue. Lily jerked her arm but didn't budge. Alex stood tall, and leanly muscled. The legs encased in tight black jeans seemed to go on forever. Perfection. Lily refused to let her mouth water, but it did anyway. What have I gotten myself into?

"I'm part owner of this place. I decide who comes, and tonight I decided who stays. I don't know why you're fighting it. You want to, cher. I can see it." Alex buried her nose in the blonde's neck. "I can smell it."

Lily shivered and jerked her head away. Blue and green met in a standoff of momumental proportion. Lily couldn't lie to herself. She felt her body tingle at the rich, comanding tone of Alex's voice. The woman exuded power and heat. Lily found herself drawn to it. I want this. With a hushed whisper that was just loud enough for Alex to hear. Lily gave in. "Lily." She swallowed down the sudden lump in her throat. "My name is Lily."

Blue eyes softened and pulled her in even more. Alex stepped impossibly closer. Lily whimpered as her stomach clenched almost painfully, releasing growing arousal. "Dance with me, Lily."

Lily nodded mutely and allowed the bar owner to lead her toward the sea of bodies gyrating to the throbbing beat. Alex pulled the blonde close and peered around the room into the disappointed faces. She had chosen who she wanted to be with tonight. She sighed as small hands caressed her back and shoulders. Tonight it was on, definitely. This one had fire and she was going to make it burn. "You're new here. New to this," Alex whispered hotly in a coveniently close ear. She felt the blonde's body shudder against her as hands that had been previously around her waist, moved to palm the fleshy globes of her behind.

A 'yes' sneaked out somewhere between a moan and a gasp. As if her hips had a mind of their own, they began undulating without Lily's permission. Her mouth fell opened and her eyes widened in surprise at what she felt. Seeing the expression, Alex smirked and allowed the blonde the room she needed. They both peered down between her legs. Alex almost laughed at the blonde's comical expression. "It's not what you think. I'm all woman."

"Then what. . ." Enlightenment struck Lily. Ohhh. Heat flooded her body, turning liquid as it reached her crotch. An audible gasp escaped her throat as arousal flushed her face a bright red.

Alex saw understanding dawn on the blonde's face. "You want this. Touch it."

Lily tore her gaze away and looked around. A strategically placed hand under her chin brought her back to where she was needed. "Don't worry about them, cher. It's just us here." Alex grasped one of the blonde's hands. "Touch it."

Their eyes met, and Alex's hand fell away. Feeling bold, needy and with curious fingertips, Lily followed the curve of the phallus down the club owner's inner right thigh. Lily stepped closer until they were a hair's breath apart. There's no turning back now. This is what I wanted. "I want it." The admission was freedom. A deep pulsating ache started in her belly and slid down into her sex. Hungry, it clenched at the empty air. The need to be filled began to build.

Alex groaned and pulled the blonde back into her body. The club owner bent at the knee, ensuring that Lily's gyrating hips met her own. Grabbing the blonde's ass, Alex lead Lily into a hard grind over her right thigh. Lily cried out as the hidden shaft of the dildo grazed her sensitive core. She dug her nails into the brunette's shoulders and rode her thigh with abandon. To onlookers, they were simply two people dancing, caught in the heat, in the moment. The people around them did not exist. All there was . . . was this pleasure; this chance; this need.

Incredibly surprised and turned on by the display, Alex decided to add fuel to the fire. "Feel it?" She whispered in the blonde's ear.

Lily's moan was loud and long. "Yess."

"You're gonna be so wet. I'm gonna slide right into you."

"God!" Lily's hips picked up speed as images flooded her mind. Pleasure shot up and down her spine like lightning. She opened to it. Welcomed it. Each pump of her hips sent an electric jolt through her now throbbing clit, pummeling it with wave upon wave of pleasure. Lily cried out hoarsely. Drowining in it.

Alex threw her head back and moaned as her hips bucked and undulated uncontrollably. When she came down again, she peered at full, parted lips that were moist and waiting. She speared out her tongue tasting them with just the tip.

"If I let you, you'd come right here. Wouldn't you, cher?!" The thought alone caused Alex to crush the blonde against her, controlling each thrust of her hips.

"Oh God yes! Please?!" Lily worked her hips frantically, but it was to no use. Alex had complete control.

Alex growled and covered Lily's mouth with her own. Tongues met in a wet dance. Lips sucked, nipped, devoured and asked for more. Alex tore her mouth away. "Do it!" She practically yelled before engaging into more tongue play. The club owner guided the blonde's hips into a hard grind, and she swallowed the resulting moans and whimpers trying to escape Lily's throat.

Without pause, without warning, orgasm flooded Lily with its sweetness. Her body convulsed and she nearly screamed into the brunette's mouth. Her hips bucked in an attempt to milk every ounce of ecstacy. She came down slowly only to find the need bigger than before. Intense kisses turned soft and comforting before Alex broke it completely.

Aroused beyond measure, the club owner looked into hooded, dialated green eyes and saw what she wanted, the need for more. Without a word, she grasped the blonde's thigh. Getting the hint, Lily wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist. The crowd parted like the Red Sea as they moved purposely toward the back. Knowing her office was too far away for this type of urgency, Alex moved toward the bathroom. She peered at her companion to see apprehension. The dance floor was much different. "Don't worry. I'll take care of everything."

Alex kicked open the bathroom door and boomed menacingly, "Everybody get the fuck out! Now!" People scattered as if there was a fire. Many were half dressed and dazed. The room was cleared in a matter of minutes. With an audible click, Alex locked the door behind them.

With renewed urgency, Alex stumbled toward the couch. Hands and lips were everywhere groping, licking, sucking, caressing. The leather groaned as Alex flopped down on the couch with the added weight on top of her. The club owner fumbled with the red dress exposing pert breasts to the air as well as to her tongue. She flicked the wet muscle over the berry like nipple repeatedly only to do the same to the other. She opened her mouth wide sucking the flesh deep inside.

Lily thrashed, moaned and pulled the brunette into her chest as her hips started the relentless pounding once more. Large, soft hands snaked under her dress, burning her with their touch. A sudden rip caused her to cry out as cool air met wet, sodden flesh. Her sex dripped with arousal. Agile fingers sluiced through it, collecting the moisture and rubbing it over her aching clit. She jumped at the sudden flush of pleasure but sobbed when fingers eased into her all the way to the hilt. Lily wrapped her arms around the brunette and buried her face in her neck.

Alex hissed as wet, heat surrounded her fingers. She burrowed deep, stretching Lily until the inner walls throbbed and contracted around her. Slowly, she slid in and out groaning at each entry. Wetness dribbled over her fingers into her palm. "You're so wet. I knew you would be."

Lily whimpered as she met the thrusting fingers with her own amourous hips. She bit into the club owner's neck, sucking at the flesh to feed her own growing need. Still, it wasn't enough. "Please," she begged.

Alex moaned as she retracted her fingers. She knew what the blonde wanted. It's what they all wanted; just simply to be fucked by someone who knows how. Without making Lily move too much, Alex fumbled out of her jeans. She let them fall to the floor, but not before she snatched a condom to cover the sleek black surface of the phallus. The black latex blended almost perfectly with its mate. Lily looked on in fascination. She reached out to touch, wrapping her hand completely around it. From hilt to head she caressed it. The lubricant from the condom made the slide easy. Alex growled at the display and at the fact that each stroke downward caused the contraption to brush against sensitive, aroused flesh. After a few more times, Alex stilled the blonde's hand and met her eyes. "C'mere."

Lily gasped then whimpered as she scoot upward in the club owner's lap. The head of the phallus slid into her. Their gaze held as Lily slowly eased the rest inside. "Oh fuck!" She cried at the fullness and depth. It stretched her, making her tingle all the way down to her fingertips. Still, she was determined to take it all, and she did.

"That's it. Easy." Alex whispered as she saw the ecstasy spread across the blonde's features. Lily stilled, letting her body get used to the intrusion. Inner muscles grasped the phallus, causing her to moan even as she was forced to wait. After a long minute, she was unable to take it anymore. Slowly, Lily began to pump her hips. Alex did the same. They met in a perfect rhythm. The air was alive with the sound of low moans and wet flesh meeting equally wet flesh. The sounds and scent were all part of an erotic symphony that serenaded them and spurred them on.

"Oh God, you feel so .. .good." Lily moaned. With each thrust, Alex seemed to go deeper. She threw her head back and angled her hips, allowing the club owner to go deeper still. Lily nearly screamed as the phallus hit a sensitive spot inside. She slammed her hips down, grinding them, needing to prolong the pleasure.

Alex groaned. Her hips sped up considerably, pummeling the area she found. The wet click of flesh turned into a hard smack. Alex gritted her teeth, as the blonde met her thrust for thrust, causing her own sex to sing. The brunette palmed Lily's ass guiding her as their bodies pounded into each other. Her mouth latched on to a bouncing breast, sucking it in deep until she could feel the nipple at the back of her throat.

With each plunge of the phallus, Lily could feel herself being torn apart and remade again. The intensity of it made each moan a near scream. Every ounce of energy, every instance of pleasure was concentrated there between her legs. Still, she rode harder, loving the smell of raw, wet sex and the sound of their sweaty bodies slamming into each other. "Oh yeah, fuck me! Fuck me!" The words left her mouth without her knowledge. White hot liquid heat flooded her, signaling a release that wrung her dry. She screamed, clawing into the brunette's shoulder as violent shudders racked her body.

Alex witnessed it all with an experienced eye and quivering loins. One then two more thrusts and she was lost, growling as her own climax rushed to meet her in thick, billowing waves. She arched off the couch, her body strung like a bow and her hips pumped uncontrollably as she rode out the storm of sensation.

Long minutes later, Lily opened her eyes to find blue eyes watching her appreciatively. She smiled slightly and cleared her throat. "Um, I. . ." God what does a person usually say after the best sex ever?

"That was incredible," Alex murmured.

Good choice. "Yeah, it was." Lily wiggled her hips and gasped. "Um, could you. . ." She pointed down.

"Sure, hold still I don't want to hurt you."

Lily sighed.


"Oh yeah." Okay now comes the million dollar question. "I guess this is it, huh?"

Dark brows bunched in contemplation. "It doesn't have to be. I'm always around after 11 o'clock just ask for me at the bar, and if neither one of us is busy. . ."

Oh my. "That sounds like the makings of a plan to me. I'll keep that in mind." I could definately get used to this.

"You do that." Alex chuckled. "I guess I'd better reopen the bathroom. There's probably a lot of angry people outside."

"Oh, didn't think about that. I probably should leave anyway. I have to work in the morning." Lily stood up and started righting her clothes. The ruined underwear fell from between her legs. I think I'll keep them as a momento just in case this doesn't happen again. She kneeled down to pick them up.

"Don't go," Alex whispered.

Lily's head snapped upward. "What did you say?"

"Don't go. The night is still young. We could go to my office have a few drinks, talk, and . . .stuff."

Ohh that sounds like an even better plan. "Sounds good to me."

A few minutes later they walked back into the throng of people. Lily glanced at the bar and smiled. She grabbed Alex's hand and stood on tip toe to speak into her ear. "I need to go to the bar first. I owe someone a big tip!"

Alex nodded, and the grin on Lily's face widened. So this is reality. Never thought my first time would be like this, but it has to be one for the story books. Fantasy is shit compared to this.


Shawn shook her head as she watched the couple walk away. She shoved the fifty dollar bill into her pocket and turned toward the row of bottles to fill her next drink order.

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