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This is the fourth and by no means the last in the Rí Place series. It is imperative that you have read the preceding stories: Rí Place, Silent Lucidity, and Out on a limb to understand what is going on. I enjoy these characters immensely as do you. In this story, (its a long one guys and plenty happens) Gabrielle finally takes Tara to dinner with her folks. Our couple learn more about each other as individuals as well as each others past, including past loves. Lilian questions her sexuality and is egged on when a woman from Taraís past appears. This causes feelings of jealousy and some insecurity, and we see a side of Gabrielle never seen before. This visitor reeks havoc with Lilian and tries to do so with our couple. Things are forever changed. One more thing. There is no equivalent of 'Look out Pt.' in Gary that I am aware of--just made up.

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Part I

I will be the one
to hold you downóKiss you so hard
Iíll take your breath away and after I
wash away the tearsóJust close your eyesÖÖ..
Possession--- Sarah M.

Tara took a deep breathe and blew it out with force, disturbing her bangs. She looked over at Gabrielle who was shifting and fidgeting in the driverís seat. Gabrielle looked back at her with a raised eyebrow, as she chewed on the sides of her fingers.

"Welcome to Gary. What do you think?" asked the smaller woman.

"Moment of truth baby. Moment of something anyway. As for the city, it looks like every other one in Indiana that I've seen."

"Well at least it should be interesting. You scared?"

"Nah, not really. Just wondering how I should greet them. Mom and dad is that too much?" Tara replied.

The strawberry blonde giggled as she pictured jaws dropping and scraping the floor.

"You? Scared I mean, Red?"

"Nope not really. Iím anxious actually. They took the first step so thatís gotta be good right?"

"Riiiiight." ĎWhew! Gabrielleís parentís house' was all she could think.

They sat in the dark car parked in the long driveway, working up nerve, patience and a plethora of other things the quiet night surrounded them making thoughts reverberate loudly in their heads. Gabrielle gulped. ĎOkay, it canít get any worse than Thanksgiving. They kicked me out for Godís sake. Unh, huh, who am I trying to kid?í She bit the inside of her lip. ĎAt least Taraís here. It makes it safer.í Swallowing again, she pried the fingers away that were squeezing her heart, creating the beginning of panic. When it pumped free and strong again, she breathed deeply, and somehow she knew they could face anything as long as it was together. Besides Lil was going to be there and that should make things even more interesting with the dramatic flair her sister possessed.

Tara drummed long fingers on the door. ĎUgh, I hope I can get through this. I hope she can get through this. If it turns ugly again, they better not hurt her. I donít care if I have to tell the both of them off.í Tara grit her teeth remembering the nightmares and restless nights of not too long ago. A surge of protectiveness flowed through her body. Her eyes closed to slits , and the pale blue orbs glittered in the darkened car. She balled her hands into fists, readying herself for a mental or physical fight if need be. Totally in tuned with her lover, Gabrielle sensed her struggle. She grasped the larger hand into her smaller one, rubbing the outside of it until it opened. Gazing deep into azure, she tried to convey assurance and draw on strength simultaneously as she held the hand. Fingers laced automatically into a lovers embrace. Gabrielle smirked affectionately and got one in return. Tara raised a soft hand to her lips.

"I love you too, Red." Taking a calming breath. "Well shall we dance?"

"Oh, yeah letís do this."

Unbeknownest to the couple in the car, they were observed through a semi dark window by a mother wringing her hands trying to figure out what to say; a father who just wanted things to be okay and get back to normal; and a wickedly smiling Lilian who just knew those two were going to kiss and scandalize her prudent parents. Lil whispered, "Oh, shit!" as she saw them getting out of the car. She looked at both her parents and almost pushed them out of the way to get to the living room in an attempt to appear as though she wasnít spying. Jean walked briskly to the kitchen, grabbing on to the side of the wall to steady herself as she sped around the corner. Stu shook his cigarette lighter in exasperation as he took a hurried seat in a plush leather chair, next to his other daughter. He shook the lighter more and flicked it, trying to light the cigarette that suddenly appeared between his lips as part of his attempt to look casual.

As the door creaked open and Gabrielleís voice echoed through, Father and daughter glanced at each other and simultaneously said, "In here!" Lilian pursed her lips and smiled crookedly at her father, who gave her a stern look in return. The pair entered the living room one almost dwarfed by the other but equal nonetheless. Taraís hand was warming in the small of her loverís back, and it wasnít going to move. She made up her mind on the way here to touch Gabrielle often to assure the both of them. Sisterís smiled outright at each other then Gabrielle peered steadily at her father until he offered a tremulous smile and just as tremulous open arms. She sighed in those arms. It had been a long time in between hugs. She squeezed his stocky body. ĎThis was definitely a step in the right direction.' Tara studied her lover with kindness and understanding shining in her eyes. She then glanced over at Lilian who smiled, "Hey blue eyes, you look like your feeling better." Dark blue eyes scrutinized fading cuts and bruises. Tara sauntered over for a hug, and whispered in Lilís ear,

"Thanks to your sis."

Lil patter her back and cleared her throat.

"Címon let me introduce you. Dad? This is Tara. Tara, Stewart Howard."

Tara swallowed reflexively and looked him in the eyes aware of her lover next to him gazing at her hopefully.

"Um, hello Mr. Howard."

She reached out a hand, glaring at him challengingly. With a blank mask firmly on his face, he shook the offered hand.

"So, youíre the one my little girl says she loves."

Tara nodded her head.

"Itís a two way street Mr. Howard. I love her more everyday, if its possible." She looked down at the grinning and blushing strawberry blonde with a sparkle in her eye.

He in turn nodded his head and exhibited a ghost of a smile.

"Itís hard for me to understand, Tara, this relationship, but" his voice trembled in unnamed emotion, "sheís my daughter after all and nothing is worth losing her for. Lil over there made me see that. She told me to weigh things to decide which was more important, holding on the an archaic belief or holding on to my daughter. But I-Iím going to need some time, but Iíll get there if you two give me a chance?"

Gabrielle wiped blindly at her eyes as she stared at her father in amazement. "Oh daddy! Thank you. Thank you." She hugged him again burying her face in the bristly neck, sniffing in the smell of tobacco and after shave that was so familiar. Unable to help herself, Tara slid a hand over the top of red-gold tresses. She looked up to see Mr. Howard flinch at the action, but she ignored it. Gabrielle tore herself away from her father and latched onto Tara, sobbing quietly and happily into her neck.

All the while, Jean stood alone in the kitchen holding on to the sink with a white knuckled grip. What her daughter was doing was wrong according to what she was taught. How could she as a woman and as a mother turn away from what she learned, what was instilled in her by parents, priests, family, and the cannons of religion? Her mind swam as did her soul, pulled in different directions. The effects of it left her dizzy, and she sat down heavily in a nearby chair. Like a mantra, she whispered to herself, "Gabrielle is what matters." She repeated it over and over again, hoping to make herself believe it. Smoothing her slightly quivering hands over her dark, cropped, and curled head sprinkled sparingly with gray, she took a deep breath then brushed a hand down the front of her blue silk dress, brushing away lint both imagined and real. Steeling herself against negative thoughts, the woman got up and walked slowly to the living room, where several voices could be heard.

Searching the room, "Hey Lil, whereís Lil bit?" Tara asked being always on the look out for the energetic girl.

"Oh, sheís at her fatherís this weekend."

Tara tried to hide the frown, which drew a smile from Lil. "Buuut, Iíll tell you what. I can call him and have him put her on the phone. I bet sheíll recognize your voice."

Tara nodded enthusiastically drawing a chuckle from her now composed lover. "Youíre something else with her. Nothing but a big kid," she said, making her lover blush visibly. Lil walked over to the phone making the promised call. Stu observed the exchange in silence and wondered, thinking there was more to her than the challenging stare and blue eyes.

Lil tapped Tara on the shoulder, "Sorry, he said sheís sleeping."

Tara sighed, "Well, okay."

They all turned when they heard a discreet Ďahemí come from the vicinity of the entryway. Gabrielle glanced from Tara to her father then back at her mother.

"Um, hi mom. Wondered where you were."

Jean pointed toward the kitchen. "Just finishing up in there."

She examined her daughter with an appraising eye. "You look good Gabby. How you been?" Gabrielle stared at her mother unflinchingly.

"Better now mom. Taraís been taking good care of me."

For the second time, the older woman studied her guest. Jean held her breath as she took in the fine patrician features, capped off by gentle silver-blue eyes and inky black hair. The woman was much taller than her daughter, making her seem like a little girl in comparison. But she saw it and felt it The energy that crackled around them, the attraction. It was hard to miss. She saw the happy glow on Gabrielleís face. The sparkling eyes and flushed skin and couldnít remember the last time she looked like that. The older woman glanced back up at Tara and took a step toward offering a hand.

"My goodness youíre a tall one."

The woman cocked her head to the side and smirked shakily but crookedly. The other occupants of the room laughed softly. Tara released a breath that she wasnít aware of holding. Relief or something akin to it flowed through her body. Her heart infused with warmth as she dared to hope that things would turn out okay. Taking in the older womanís expression, a light bulb went off in her head.

"Ahh, thatís where she gets that look from." It was the perfect icebreaker.

The comment earned her a slap on the arm from her lover as well as a more genuine smile from her loverís mother.

"I must say itís nice to meet you. Iím uh sorry about the last time you were here. I just needed some time, and I still do to get used to this. Itís kinda hard to watch your little girl grow up one way and find out she went another, but I know I must accept it to accept her. Itís gonna take me some time is all. I love her anyway. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Mrs. Howard. I think I do."

Gabrielle touched her motherís arm. "Mom, I love you too.

She smiled and squeezed a hand so much like her own but older. Younger eyes spoke to older ones sending a silent thank you.

Jean glared down at her husband sitting in his chair. "Well donít just sit there. Get these girls something to drink, while I set the table." He gazed up at his wife affectionately.

"Okay ladies what will it be?"

"Gin and tonic for me dad. For Tara too." She threw a smirk the taller womanís way. Blue eyes twinkled back at her.

"Ew, that stuff is nasty. For me something sweet. How about a sex on the beach?" Lilian deadpanned.

Stu stopped to examine his younger daughter then rolled his eyes toward the celing.

"A white wine you say? Coming right up."

Lil smacked her lips and observed her snickering sister and Tara. A fine sliver of fear forced its way into her jovial mood, making her lose the smile. She had to talk to Gabrielle alone. So much had been brewing inside her for the past few months. So many questions. Maybe it was just curiosity. She remembered admiring Taraís naked body not too long ago. Then again maybe not. Refusing to ponder the countless incidents the past few months, she tried vehemently to snap her mind shut, but to know avail. She wasnít kidding when she asked Gabrielle what it was like to be with another woman. Lilian laughed derisively at herself and thought, Ď well if I am that would be another argument for genetics.í Still, the dark haired woman was unable to figure out why this was happening now. Maybe it was because Gabrielle put a name to the feelings she had been having. Guilt laid on her shoulders becoming a heavy burden with just the simple fact of not telling her sister what was going on. There was a reason for it. Fear. Fear on her part that if it was said aloud things would go from abstract to concrete with the snap of a finger. The young woman made a decision to hide behind a semi-genuine smile and laugh hoping to have the intestinal fortitude to talk to her sister later.

They drank in companionable silence until dinner was announced. Three people sat at the table their minds heavy with racing thoughts and two sat filled with hope. The dinner was quiet except for the clanging of plates and the clinking of silverware. That was until someone decided to break it.

"So, Tara do you mind if I asked what you do?"

Tara swallowed the remaining piece of roast beef before she answered. "I own a bikeóer motorcycle shop. I fix them and sell them."

Stuís eyes lit up. "Oh really? I used to ride in my younger days."

The conversation went on in depth for long minutes. Gabrielle smiled at the excited flush on Taraís face, knowing she loved talking about her work. She looked across the table at her sister who seemed to be far away at the moment. Her forehead crinkled in concentration under strawberry blonde bangs, trying to guess what was wrong, and vowing to talk to her later. She gazed over at her mother who raised her eyes to the ceiling and shook her head as she listened to her husband pontificate about his Ďyounger days.í Both their eyes sparkled with mirth. Later, much later the conversation ending, Tara looked over at mother and daughters who were talking quietly.

"Mrs. Howard?"

Slightly turning away from the daughter, Jean raised an eyebrow expectantly.

"Uh, I see where Red gets it from. Youíre a great cook."

Both of Jeanís eyebrows rose. "Uhmm, Red?" She swung her eyes over to Gabrielle who was blushing furiously. The blushing woman looked up and gave her lover a mock stern glare.


"Oh sorry. My nickname for her."

Lil giggled openly then did it behind a napkin when Gabrielle shot daggers with her eyes.

Jean pursed her lips, "Ah, I see." She decided to play along with the game. "Red? Would you like to help your mother clear the table?"

Tara bit back her laughter and peered over her glass at Lil who guffawed.

"Oh geez!" Gabrielle turned a brighter red.

Her father stood up, "Anyone want an after dinner drink? What about you Red?"

Tara couldnít help it. She burst out laughing at the look of sheer exasperation on her loverís face. "Aaaaargh, you people are awful!" Still, she smiled crookedly feeling happiness bubble up inside causing her to feel giddy and light. Gabrielle knew it was going well she couldnít have wished it better. "I love you guys, and thanks I needed this." Lil smiled brightly, while mother and father acknowledged the moment with slight nods and deceptively watery eyes.

The table was cleared, and the occupants of the house ended up once again in the living room. They all chatted amiably, and after a while, Lil got up to look out the window. The fear was back grasping at her heart. Ď Maybe if I just ignore it. Itíll go away. Yeah right.í She took a deep breath her body filling with anxiety, causing her to down her drink in one gulp. Feeling her palms turning clammy, she wiped them on her pants and noticed them visibly shaking.

"Lil are you okay?" Her sisterís voice whispered from close behind.

íNow! Go on tell her you need to talk. Tell her! You canít keep this inside,í her conscious screamed.

"Uh yeah Iím fine. Just missing Jamie I guess."

"Uh huh." Gabrielle said unconvinced. "Are you sure? You seemed sorta far away at dinner."

"Yeah Gabs, Iím fine itís nothing."

"Okay, If you say so." She rubbed the dark haired womanís back to give her comfort. "Iím here regardless."

Gabrielle left her brooding sister at the window sitting down once again. "Hey mom? I was thinking about showing Tara around. I donít know how much longer weíre gonna be here tonight so?"

"Okay hun. Are you two sure you want to leave tonight?"

Tara chimed in thinking of the possibility of not sharing a bed, "Yeah Mrs. Howard I gotta work in the morning. I wanna at least be back in the early morning hours. I can sleep on the way home."

"Well if you girls are sure?" Tara nodded her head.

"Hey," Stu interjected, "what are you two doing for Christmas?"

"Donít have exact plans yet dad."

"Feel free to come here but no pressure."

"Kay, itís a thought, but I was hoping that Lil would bring Jamie and spend some of her vacation with us." Gabrielle heard a muffled Ďsureí come from the vicinity of the window. She also noticed the desolate look in her motherís eyes with the mention of the word us,but decided not to bring it up. She looked down at her watch.

"Well, itís 7 oíclock right now. I could show you around about an hour or so and we could be back home by 1am." She looked up at Tara.

"Okay sounds good to me."

"Hey mom, weíll come back to say a quick good bye before we leave okay?"

"Sure thing sweetie. See you two later." Tara waved shyly as the walked out the door.

Gabrielle sat stock still in the driverís seat then almost squealed with delight, drawing a chuckle from the woman beside her.

"I canít believe it T! I was hoping they would come around. But, I saw the look on their faces when you touched me and I said Lil was coming to stay with us. I guess they really do have a little ways to go, but this was a big step."

Tara nodded her head. "Yeah Red they seemed to be trying really hard. You did good baby, and Iím glad things worked out."

She reached over and brought her lover within her embrace. "You were very lucky that they were willing to go this far." She squeezed tenderly and kissed the top of the silky red head.

"Thanks for being there." Gabrielle mumbled.

"No place in the world Iíd rather be."

After a few seconds of silence. "Gabrielle?"

The smaller woman shivered, loving to hear her name said so endearingly so full of longing. Happiness strummed through her body. "Yeah?"

"I love you Gabrielle."

The happy woman whimpered audibly. Nothing could be more perfect; more endearing; more laden with love that Tara saying her name. "I know." The smaller woman whispered huskily. Tara held her for a few more minutes then deposited another kiss on top of her head before letting go. Gabrielle turned gazing into the bewitching blue then at lips that marked her body, her soul. She brushed them softly with her thumb outlining them sensually as moisture gathered on her finger. The erotic act was rewarded with a shaky intake of breath. Carefully, deliberately Gabrielle leaned in and brushed warm lips with her own. Their lips clung moistly, enticingly as if they had a mind of their own. Eyes closed and breaths were held. Gabrielleís body quaked under the onslaught as thick syrupy heat invaded her limbs and pooled in her groin, causing her to whimper into the sweet lips that held hers. She touched small fingertips to her loverís flushed throat, beckoning her to open. Tara did with a whimper of her own as tongues slid and battled, moistly. She was irrevocably lost. There was no car, no driveway, no parentís house. Just lips that owned and branded her. Small hands wound their way into dark tresses, trying to belay her need. Larger hands caressed a strong back, trying to belay her need for skin. Gabrielle thrust her tongue inside with slow, erotic, but confident strokes, murmuring her delight and pulling a cry from Tara that she drank in like nectar. The windows of the car fogged with the growing heat on the inside.

Finally, giving her lover what she wanted, Tara deepened the kiss. Lips were crushed and nipped brusingly. It should have hurt, but it only fed the fire that burned between them, around them. They were brought back rudely to reality when Gabrielle accidentally leaned into the horn in her attempt to move and straddle her lover. Both women jumped and tore their mouths away. Breathing was ragged and uneven. The smaller woman protested with a whimper. She glanced up at Tara with eyes that spoke volumes. "I wanna be inside you, under your skin," they said. She had seen that look before at the beginning and numerous times afterward, but it still affected her. Tara tore her eyes away and rubbed shaking hands down her pants leg. Her body screamed. Her libido raged to take her, knowing there would be no resistance. But, they had to compose themselves.

"Gabri-Red, please donít look at me like that. We need to stop."

Gabrielleís hands held the steering wheel in a punishing grip. Her breath whooshed out.

"God, I know. I just needó"

She looked up at Tara , whimpered then pulled her gaze back to the steering column. They sat there for what seemed like an eternity in silence trying to get breathing back to normal, trying to compose themselves. Neither was able to speak, knowing it would only start the fire again. It had been two weeks and two days since they made love due to Taraís injuries, but they got the go ahead to get life back to Ďnormalí that day. It had been a long dry spell. Finally composed, Gabrielle took a few deep breaths.

"Okay, Iíll show you my high school and some old hang outs and even tell you stories behind them. Shouldnít take long." Tara nodded and offered a shaky smile.

They drove in a now comfortable silence through the cold, still night. The first stop was the high school. It appeared to be like any other school. A big red building with several smaller red buildings around, dimmed in the street lights, but it came to life with Gabrielleís description. The smaller woman pointed and spoke in animated fashion. She showed Tara the Ďin crowd hang outí by a big oak tree that had seen better days.

"My group usually hung out over there." She pointed to a ragged picnic table illuminated in the poor light.

"And what group did you belong to, Red?"

Gabrielle smiled at the memories and the laughs. "Uh, the geeks of course!"

"No way! Never would have imagined that one." Tara smirked knowingly, earning a smack on her arm from her lover.

"Anyways, despite being ridiculed, we had some great times. They made high school bearable for me." She paused as they drove past another spot. "Ooooo," she stopped pointed toward another knarled tree under a street lamp, "over there is where I had my first kiss!"

Tara raised an eyebrow. "Oh really?" The tall woman opened the door and ran toward the unsuspecting tree. Gabrielle looked on completely startled. "Címon Red!" She turned off the car and walked briskly toward her lover.

"Youíre nuts T! What are you doing out here?" she laughed her breath a puff of white smoke. Gabrielle turned her back and leaned into the still solid bark.

"This baby."

Tara leaned her body heavily into Gabrielleís and kissed her with such force the smaller womanís legs buckled. Pulling her up, Tara urged her to wrap shaky legs about her waist. The tall, dark woman opened her mouth over her loverís and speared her tongue inside just tasting the moan that was ripped from her throat. Before engaging its mate to play, she ran her larger tongue over teeth and gums. Finally, flicking back and forth over her loverís tongue before sucking it deep into the cavern of her mouth, causing the smaller woman to whimper raggedly and undulate her hips in passionate response. Small hands buried themselves in black tresses, pulling Tara tighter into the hot embrace as if she was trying to get inside her skin. The kiss went on becoming more wild, more wet, and more uncontrolled. Gabrielle was falling higher and higher reaching for some unreachable plateau. She couldnít think. She couldnít breath. She could only feel, and she would do anything to increase the pleasure. Her body was on fire from the inside, spreading outward quickly scorching her skin. In one instant, she felt her nipples harden, her heart contract, her stomach twist with desire, and her clit hum in immediate arousal. It was in a word-- mindblowing.

Gabrielle moaned harshly into her loverís mouth. It seemed so long ago since Tara had kissed her like this. She needed this. They needed this. Never had one kiss been so arousing, so all encompassing. As it continued to spiral out of control, Gabrielle gyrated her hips faster seeking relief from the pounding and pulsing inside. She cried out in abject frustration, cursing herself for not wearing a skirt, despite the cold. Tara fed on the power while giving in at the same time. It was a heady mix. Her body strained as pleasure permeated her muscles making them pliant. She shivered against the smaller woman, loving the kiss, loving the taste, loving the woman. Tara moaned at the increase cadence of the hips humping against her abdomen, wishing she could feel the wetness she knew was there for she could feel her own making her thighs slick and trembly. She palmed the well rounded, firm globes of her loverís behind through the jeans, pulling her into her body, trying futilely to compound the friction. From now on when Gabrielle came home and saw this tree, this little patch of land, she would possess a different memoryóthey would possess a different memory of a more heated, more erotic, more adult kiss. Tara whimpered deep in her own frustration then growled low in her throat, enciting a series of tremors to pass through her lover. Knowing they had to stop, it was a sound of disappointment as much as a sound of arousal.

With surprising strength, Tara wrenched her mouth away as Gabrielle howled in protest. Their breath was audible as it was visible in the cold air. Tara gazed into her loverís face to see green eyes dilated and dark with arousal, skin flushed, and lips red and swollen. "Beautiful," she whispered. Knowing that the taller woman was trying to end the madness, Gabrielle ground down hard with her hips, causing them both to moan harshly.

"Oh, God T please donít stop. I need---take me!" She pleaded her voice husky with want.

Tara hissed as she felt renewed wetness trickle down her thighs at the spoken words. The hiss turned into a whimper as she leaned in their foreheads touching.

"We canít Red. Look where we are." Her voice was throaty and deep with emotion. "God knows I want to but we canít baby." Gabrielle closed her eyes her ache becoming almost a physical pain. She wanted to say Ďso!í But, Tara was right. Opening her eyes, she looked around wondering if they had been anyoneís entertainment. Taking a few calming breaths, she tried to put a cap on her raging hormones. Then she had the weirdest thought.

"You know it just occurred to me that some dirty old man for a janitor was probably watching us through binoculars wishing he had some viagra."

Taraís eyes widened as she glanced around. Their eyes met again and the laughter ensued. Their bodies shook as they laughed, trying to release some of the raw sexual tension they had just experienced. Tara deposited Gabrielle back on the ground and kissed her on the nose. "Youíre something else Red." The statement received a toothy grin in response as they walked slowly back to the car, energy still crackling around them. Gabrielle glanced at her watch. "Oh good we got plenty of time for one more stop," she said cryptically, getting a raised eyebrow in lieu of words of acknowledgement.

Back in the moving car, Gabrielle split her attention between the road and Tara.

"Hey what brought that on back there?" She motioned with her hand.

"What on?"

"You know that kiss."

"Oh, do I need a reason to kiss you?" Tara smirked.

"Well no, but I got a feelingó"

Oook, I wanted to give you a new memory for that tree."

Gabrielle smiled and flushed all over again. "Oh, Iíll say you succeeded rather well."

"Mmm hmm."

"Oh okay weíre here. Welcome to my townís version of look out point."

Tara looked around. It seemed to be some property with a pond in the middle. Still, the light from the moon and stars provided a romantic illumination enough to make it sensual. Yep, it was..."You brought me to a make out spot?" Tara looked around noticing several cars with huddled figures, even one with feet hanging out the window. "People still do this?" She laughed.

"What are you laughing about? Weíve had sex in this car twice!"

"Oh yeah I didnít forget. So?" Tara wriggled her eyebrows suggestively.

Gabrielle giggled. "No, no was hoping we could talk for now. We could do that later weíve waited this long."

"Yeah okay. Say Red, you seem familiar with this place. Been here before have we?"

"Welll yeah. Had my share of boyfriends in high school. Came up here around four times I think. Never felt like doing anything more than kissing though, didnít feel much period, but when I felt like it was time to lose my virginity I just did it you know? Didnít feel anything then either." She laughed bitterly. "Always dated boys I was sure my father would like, just to keep the peace."

Tara stared at her through the dim lighting in surprise. "Really Red? Never figured you for the type to come out here. Learn something new everyday, and I think you broke the mold when you brought me home to meet dadólike those boys I ainít."

"That is the truth. But, its kinda weird really. There is a lot I donít know about you, but I know you . I feel so comfortable like weíve been together forever. So, familiar."

"Yeah, I know what you mean. Felt it when I first met you. Ask me what you wanna know about meóanything."

"Kay." She was quiet for a minute. "Um did you used to come to places like this when you were younger?"

Tara cleared her throat. "Iíve never been with a man Red."

Gabrielleís eyes widened in surprise. "Um oh, uh with girls then?"

"No, they were much bolder than that. They took me home to their own bed."

"Oooh my. Guess you really do learn something new."

"Does that bother you?"

"No, no it doesnít just surprised is all plus I have you now. Um, do you mind if I ask how many womenóyou know?"

Tara looked at her thoughtfully. "Well, I can count them on two hands including you. They were all caring and intense except the oneís in high school were mainly exploration."

"Ah, I guess I am kinda jealous now. They probably knew what they were doing. Did you learn all those things you do to me from them?"

"They donít even compare to you Red. You know the saying class by yourself? That applies to you. I never felt with them what I do for you. You make me feel like its okay to lose control to show you all of me."

"Oh yeah, I know what you mean. Will it sound strange if I tell you that you were the first person to make me feel?"

"No, it doesnít cuz I feel the same way sorta like canít hide much from each other?"

Gabrielle nodded her head in agreement. "Uh, T? So you were never in love before me?"

"Came close once a few years ago when I met Caitlin. She was older and I donít know was just drawn to her. I was cocky back then because I knew my looks could get me what I wanted from women. I thought I could use that to get her. So, I went after heróhard. It took some time for me to realize thatís what she wanted. It was part of the game she played. She talked pretty and sweet telling me she had never felt that way all kinds of bullshit." Tara brushed a stray hair back behind her ear and reached for Gabrielleís hand. "By the time we had sex I was so hooked that I was like a damned puppy, and she enjoyed every minute of it. I told her I was falling in love, and she just laughed in my face saying something about little girls not knowing the deal. Come to find out, she had someone all along so I was just someone to play with. It hurt me badóreal bad. Took me a long time to open up again good thing or I wouldnít have met you huh?"

Gabrielle squeezed her loverís hand and watched her through the semi-darkness as she told the story. She sounded so nonchalant about it. Like it was no big deal. She felt anger toward this Caitlin that someone could do that to this woman who has such a good heart. Gabrielle hoped she never met heróit conjured up images of her smacking the undoubtedly beautiful woman on the head. Tara studied her lover, wondering what she was thinking. She had surprised herself being able to tell that particular story without the pain even the name used to elicit.

"Does it still hurt?" Gabrielle asked out of the blue.

Nope. I donít feel anything. To be angry or hurt would give her too much creditótoo much power over me."

"Ahh, gotcha. Hope I never meet her. I got this urge to beat her ass."

Tara threw back her head and laughed. "Jake was right in calling you Miss Firecracker."

"He called me what!? Ew, I donít think I like that name. Iím gonna talk to him about that."

Tara tried to hide her giggle unsuccessfully, getting a glare from her lover. She made popping, sizzling sounds just to add to Gabrielleís annoyed state. As the last vestiges of laughter left Tara, she revealed, "Ya know I think Jake is why I like kids so much. I know you were probably wondering. I pretty much raised Jake when we were younger. Heís like six years younger than me. Mom was never around much, then she disappeared when he turned 18. So, heís been with me ever since."

"Damn, you had a lot of responsibility. I donít know what I wouldíve done if I had to raise Lil, she was a holy terror growing up. Speaking of which, somethings wrong with her I know it. She was too quiet, for her anyway."

"Yeah, I noticed that too. Maybe weíll find out when she comes over in a couple of days?"

"I guess. Hey, what do you wanna do for Christmas? Itís our first holiday togetherónot that far off either."

"I know already got your gifts." Tara smiled broadly.

"Oh really and you never asked me what I wanted."

"Oh, I know baby. I pay attention."

"Mmm hmm. Anyways, I was thinking of having dinner just us along with Jake, Lil and Shan and Wayne if they want to come. What do you think?"

"Eh, sounds like a plan to me."

"God, I canít wait. Itís gonna be great!"

Tara grinned. The little womanís enthusiasm was contagious. Gabrielle burrowed further under her sweater and zipped her jacket.

"Damn, itís a little chilly in here." She peered out of the corner of her eye slyly. Green met blue. "Yeah, let me guess. You wanna cuddle."

Gabrielle pursed her lips. "Well if you insist. Letís get in the back seat."

Tara smirked and raised her eyes to the starry skies. The woman really was incorrigible, but it wasnít like she was complainingónot a lot anyway. Gabrielle sat pretty much in the muscular lap with her arms draped around the strong cords of Taraís neck.

"Mmmm, your always so warm. How do you do that?"

"Hmm, donít know magic I guess." She said with a toothy grin.

"Yeah, riiiight."

Gabrielle buried her face into the exposed neck, breathing in the spicy, sweet scent that was all Tara. With just the tip of her tongue, she tasted the skin and felt more than she saw Taraís hard swallow.

"Mmmm, good. You always taste good. Everywhere."

"Red," she said breathlessly. "Donít start something we canít finish. Weíve had enough fires to put out for today. Geez woman Iím yours when we get home no matter what time."

"But Taraaaaa! Just one little kiss I promise." Her lips pouted and she wore an innocent look. Tara looked back not believing a second of it, but she knew she wasnít going to resist.

"Okay just one, and no tongue either you know what that does to me."

"Uh, huh." Gabrielle licked her lips to moisten them and leaned in. Tara found herself watching said tongue and wishedóĎoh Lordy.í Moist, soft, wet lips met hers in the gentlest of caresses. Gabrielle brushed her mouth across full, sensuous lips. The kisses were as soft as silk; light as a cloud, but they settled in the tall womanís groin with a thud. Tara whimpered and clung to her loverís lips trying to draw out more. Gabrielle wouldnít give. Cupping the sides of Taraís face in her hands, she brushed and lifted, brushed and lifted, making her lover growl in frustration. There was also a poignant need to take over and intensify the touch but the embrace was too sweet to change. They took possession of another memoryóone of tenderness and love. The kiss went on for several minutes and near the end of it, the car was suddenly illuminated by bright light.

"Hey what are you kids doing out here!" Said a man in a copís uniform equipped with a flashlight.

Gabrielle jumped up and hit her head on the roof of the car. "Shit! Ow, ow, ow!"

"Oooo are you okay Red?" Tara asked rubbing her head near the vicinity of the thud.

"Hey who is that?" The officer exclaimed. "Oh my God! Gabrielle?"

Gabrielleís eyes widened as she glanced at her lover, who shrugged in response. "Yeah itís meówho?" She squinted into the light seeing the beer belly and making out the chubby face. "Oh, good grief. Hello Leonard," she said in a flat voice. Tara mouthed, "Whoís Leonard?" Gabrielle shushed her quiet.

"Well, well little Gabrielle long time no see and you havenít changed a bit. Who are you in there with?"

Gabrielle whispered out of the corner of her mouth to no one in particular, "Boy but he has!"

He shined the flashlight into the car, revealing pale blue eyes and long jet black hair. "Oh my God! Is that a woman?"

Gabrielle sighed and rolled her eyes. "Yes Leonard, itís a woman."

"So, so youíre one of them lesbos?"

"Itís l-e-s-b-i-a-n Leonard, and yes I am. Now, get that frippin light outta my face!"

Not lowering the flashlight at all. "Oh wow, wait till I tell Barbara. Sheís gonna flip!"

"Barbara? Whoís Barbara?" Tara mouthed. Gabrielle shot daggers at her lover, who smiled crookedly back at her.

"This is NOT funny!" The smaller woman whispered. "Oh yeah it is. Youíre the one who wanted to cuddle." Tara whispered back. "Is he an old boyfriend?"

"Hell no! And stop laughing!", which only mad her laugh harder.

"Well, Iím gonna have to tell you to leave along with the rest of the kiddies."

"We were getting ready to go back to my parentís anyway." The strawberry blonde said through clenched teeth.

"Your parents know!"

Tara was biting her lip as tears threatened.

"Uh, yeah would you like to call, make sure we get home okay? Wouldnít wanna get grounded or anything."

Tara almost howled.

"Um, no Iím sure you uh ladies will be fine. Listen, I gotta go break up other---well you know." He shook his head and walked away, hoping not to see anything like that again tonight.

Gabrielle sighed through clenched teeth. "God that man is more dense than in high school! Fitting that they made him a cop!"

Tara just let it all out almost crying with laughter. Gabrielle crawled into the front seat, while the laughing woman got out and back in the old fashioned way. With her lover still laughing, Gabrielle started the car. She tapped the steering wheel lightly with her fingers and glanced back over at Tara. The smaller womanís lips quivered then formed into a smile, which turned into a chuckle. Within seconds, they were both laughing, loudly. After several minutes, Gabrielle hiccuped and took a deep breath, wiping her eyes. "Well, that was special."

"Oh yeah, bet he didnít need viagra." They chuckled again. Gabrielle looked down at her watch, "Damn itís 8:30. We can be outta here by nine if we hurry."

"A little anxious are we?"

"Oh yeah I am."

"Letís go say bye to your folks then."

They made it back to the Howard house in record time to find its occupants in the den watching TV. Lil laid casually on the couch, looking as though she was fighting sleep. Stu and Jean were sitting side by side in two deep leather wingback chairs.

"Hey everybody. Sorry weíre late kinda got side tracked."

Gabrielle could see Lilís smirk from across the room and shot her a glare in warning, not to say a word. "Uh anyway, Mom and Dad I wanna thank you for tonight. I know it was hard, and we still have a ways to go. But, this was important to me Ėto us." She put her hands in her pockets not knowing what else to do with them.

"The only thing we can do is try Gabby." Her father responded. "Itís gonna be hard but weíre willing to take that journey now." Gabrielle leaned down kissing her fatherís cheek and taking her motherís hand at the same time.

"We want whatís best for you. We want you to be happy, and I can see that she makes you that way," Jean interjected and nodded toward Tara. Tara walked up tentatively behind her lover. Jean glanced up at her and cleared her throat.

"Tara, all we ask of you is to look after her and please donít hurt her. Despite her appearing all tough, sheís more fragile than she gives herself credit for."

Tara smiled weakly in acknowledgement. "I know Mrs. Howard. I know she is."

Tara left parents and daughter alone and made her way over to the reclining Lil. "Hmmm, youíve been quiet tonight." Lil shrugged. "Something you want to talk about? You can come to me. We are friends ya know."

"Iím aware of that T. I-I just got some stuff on my mind. There is no need to burden you. Iíll see you in a couple of days, Jamie in tow." She smiled crookedly, her smile not reaching the dark blue of her eyes. Tara nodded and noticed. "Okay, if youíre sure?"

"Yeah, I am." Tara gave her a departing hug followed by Gabrielle, who had materialized behind her lover.

"Okay kiddo. See you and the rugrat in two days."

"Alright Gab, see you soon." Lil swallowed and watched her chance to alleviate her problems die with them walking out the door. She knew she didnít have the courage to bring it up again, settling to deal with it on her own.

Within an hour into the drive home, Gabrielle noticed Tara nodding off. "Hey you. Donít stay awake on my account. Iíll turn the radio on and itíll keep me going."

"You sure?" Tara groaned and stretched.

"Yeah go ahead."

"Mmm okay." Tara said in a sleepy purr.

Gabrielle flipped the radio on low to a rock station, who happened to be playing a Melissa Etheridge tune. She looked up in surprise when she heard Tara humming. Then she gaped amazed as she began to singóreally well.

"And they donít understand what they donít see. And they look through you and look pass meóOooo you and I dancing slow. We got nowhere to go." Tara tapered off and turned to look at her gaping lover. "What?!"

"Oh my God you can sing?!"

"Uh, huh."

"Damn T, you sound really good. You never cease to amaze me." She thought to herself, ĎYou have to start singing me to sleep. That voice would make butter melt.í

The sleepy woman chuckled. "Hope not. Never wanna bore ya."

Gabrielle pat her love on the thigh. "No chance of that happening. Not one in hell. Now you get some sleep. Iíll wake you when weíre almost there." Tara leaned over and kissed the smaller woman gently on the cheek in response before getting more comfortable in the passenger seat.

A few hours later, Gabrielle began getting drowsy herself and thanked God they were a step away from her place. She looked at the dash board, showing almost 2am. Hiding a yawn, she rubbed up and down Taraís thigh to wake her.

"Mmm, huh?"

"Weíre almost there another fifteen minutes or so."

Tara yawned and stretched like a large black panther. "Mmm, okay Red thanks." She glanced over at Gabrielle. "You look tired. You doing okay?"

"Yeah, I am just a little. I guess it was all that food and the mental strain of the whole evening."

"Yeah I know." She rubbed her loverís shoulder.

"Great, here we go. Shall I assume youíre staying here tonight?" Gabrielle asked batting her eyelashes coquetishly.

Tara chuckled. "Oh Yeah, no way I could make it home right now." As an after thought Tara added to herself, ĎPlus, we have some catching up to do.í

Home never seemed as sweet until oneís been away from it for a while. Gabrielle looked around turning on lights with a little smile on her face, while Tara headed to the bathroom. She heard the shower come on and decided to fix them some cocoa to ward away the chill and the kinks of travelling. Still in the kitchen, she didnít hear Tara prowl up behind her, on noiseless wet feet, until it was too late. The taller woman swooped down on her lover like prey. Standing directly behind her and in swift hot motions, she molded her still wet body to Gabrielle and reached around and cupped full breast into her large hands, swallowing them, kneading them, and like a suction, her mouth attached itself to the strong cords of her neck. Gabrielle made a sound in the back of her throat that was surprise, need and arousal. The huntress shuddered loving the reaction, feeding of it like a animal of aggression would feed on fear. With a smack, she released her loverís neck to move up and whisper hotly in her ear, licking the ridge just for good measure.

"I love those sounds you make. Do you know why?" Gabrielleís head shook no. "Oh, come on love you know why. Because they make me so fucking wet," she whispered huskily.

Gabrielle whimpered and her body trembled in response. Her breathing rasped out in a moan when long, sure fingers plucked at her nipples encased in the sweater. In a flurry of movement, Tara stretched the material of the sweater over her loverís shoulder, revealing creamy flesh. She wanted to make Gabrielle ache like she did; she wanted her to feel this ache, physically, like she did. Like the cunning huntress she was, Tara had her prey cornered and helpless, and God help her she was hungry. She sucked and bit into the flesh as though she was trying to imprint the taste, the texture. The smaller woman cried out as arousal thick and flowing like honey raced through her body settling between her legs. Grabbing the counter for support, she threw her head back to rest against a shoulder. The animal could have her.

"T, Oh God," she muttered her breathing erratic.

Tara stretched the material on the other side in a brutal show of power, revealing more of what she wanted. The strawberry blonde braced herself expecting to feel the gut wrenching electricity that her loverís teeth had caused before, but what she got made her moan just as harshly, and electricity arced up her spine just the same. In a change of tactics, the animal in Tara went from hunger to worship and back again. She licked along the ridges of her loverís shoulder, twirling her tongue leaving wet trails, and planting searing open mouth kisses on the warm skin, making gooseflesh rise. Heady with power and arousal, and with a flick of her wrists, she pulled the garment down, imprisoning her loverís arms, but exposing full breasts with nipples plump and ripe like exotic berries. The hunger had returned in full force. Trapping her prey again, she would possess what she wanted what belonged to her with every kiss, touch, lick and nip.

"You like this donít you? This game. It makes you hot, makes you wet?"

Gabrielle nodded her head in acknowledgement. It wasnít enough for Tara. She palmed the breasts, rolling the flat of her hands over the hard tips, making them more engorged and spark with enjoyment. Knowing her lover needed more, she pulled the tips with firm pressure, elongating them till pleasure was sizzling in the smaller womanís chest and groin. Gabrielle gasped, biting her lip in sheer bliss.

"Answer me or Iíll stop Gabrielle." Tara said her voice thick and velvety with controlled need.

The woman shuddered hard and cried out at hearing her name uttered with such desire, such lust and went just a little more mad in acute arousal.

"Oh, God yes. Please donít stop. Please," she sobbed.

As a reward, Tara flicked her tongue inside a sensitive ear and over the lobe eliciting quiet murmurs of pleasure and intense shivers. Her loverís voice alone was arousing and saying her name was even more so, but that in combination with the incredible things she was doing with her hands, her mouth, Gabrielle wanted to weep. Her body felt like molten lead, heavy, pliant, flowing. Her head swam from the lack of blood, which had settled between her legs, where it felt as though puddles of moisture had pooled. Her panties soaked and brushed against the neglected nodule, creating a friction that was by no means enough to satiate her growing hunger. Her jeans felt tight and rubbed against her, over sensitive skin, making new fires, being just another texture touching her in their erotic play. She couldnít see, hear, or feel anything but Tara, and it was the way she wanted it.

Taraís body hummed with wave after wave of power induced arousal. No one commanded her loverís body like she did. No one ever would. ĎSheís mine,í she thought, Ďand I will make her believe it just like I do.í Deeming them unimportant, she did not wipe away the beads of perspiration that were formally just water an eon ago. A testimony to the thick juices dripping down her powerful thighs and the passion just as thick running through her veins. More. She wanted more. More skin to taste, to feel, to devour. With a growl, she tore the flimsy sweater in two as her hands finally encased the warm, soft skin of a muscled abdomen. Gabrielle cried out at the sudden whoosh of air caressing her torso. Then she emitted a low keening sound as hot hands caressed her belly. Her breathing stopped as the shaking began when tips of hard, full breasts branded her back, leaving scorching trails of pleasure. She knew then that Tara was naked, gloriously so. Letting go of the counter, Gabrielle needed something more limber more tangible to be her anchor. She needed Tara. Reaching back, trying to grab hold of a naked waist, thighs, or anything. She sighed as she made contact with a soft, muscled cheek as part of the lower body pressing against her. She sank short nails into the flesh and held on.

Tara moaned in reaction, the power play momentarily forgotten, need becoming paramount. Tara spread her legs further apart releasing the muskiness of her arousal into the air, and commenced undulating her hips against her loverís thigh. Her engorged lips rubbed tantalizingly over the soft, worn material of the blue jeans, stimulating the neglected clit. Tara pinched and pulled coral tipped breast, adding to both their pleasure. The friction was astounding. Gabrielle whimpered, loving what was happening to Tara, loving her power over her. The smaller woman increased her grip, digging in deeper. Tara whimpered her breathing raspy in her loverís ear.

"Unghh, fuck you feel so good Red, so good." Her hips bucked a few more times before she willed herself into a shaky control. Shifting her hands down slowly, trembling, she dipped them into the hem of the jeans, caressing soft skin at her loverís waist.

"When Iím through with you Red. Your gonna come and come hard."

A gasp and a quiet moan were the only responses. Tara released the catch and the zipper, spreading her hands wide on each hip, she slowly pushed the material down, panties in tow. Gabrielle quivered and then cried out as the air hit her overheated thighs and wet mound. She was beyond ready. She ached, her stomach twisted with insides pulsating with need. She clenched her teeth to keep from begging. Tara had done her job. With her foot, Tara pulled the clothes the rest of the way down her loverís legs to pool at her feet, and Gabrielle stepped wide to free herself of them. With her back molded to her lover and in the span of a heartbeat, Tara plunged into Gabrielle from behind with expert precision and without so much as a word. The woman just simply screamed. Her body lunged forward only saved from harm by the firm hand encasing a hip.

Gabrielle sobbed as she arched her hips, trying to move with her lover. Her body was liquid fire and she wanted it doused quickly. Endeavoring to do just that, the smaller woman tried to slam her hips into the long fingered hand, striving to accelerate the pace to no avail. With that one strong hand, Tara guided and controlled her hips, moving them at a pace that was slow and maddening. When one finger retreated, Tara added another and another until there were three. She thrust deep and slow touching everything, caressing slick inner walls. It was so warm, so wet there with each instance of pulsating suction her clit screamed in cruel empathy. She watched her fingers disappear into their soppy moist home. She watched the drops of sweat run down her loverís back. She watched her body twitch and shake with each thrust. She watched it all completely and totally enthralled by the site alone. Her own legs quivered, and her own arousal raged. Her own heart threatened to beat out of her chest. Yet she continued to thrust slowly, deeply. She listened as Gabrielle sobbed and moaned in delight, creating a maelstrom in her blood, making it boil.

Tara moaned at being inside, touching her heart, commanding her body. They both sang the most erotic of all songs. One of pure pleasure. Bent over her, Tara continued to rub the hard tips of her breast up and down Gabrielleís back compounding her pleasure, compounding her own mind blowing arousal. Slow built to quick but just as deep. Tara released her hip, letting Gabrielle set her own pace, and began rubbing, pinching and pulling, the hanging, swaying nipples. The little woman hummed at being so utterly filled; her whimpers sounding like that of a wild, wounded animal, high pitched and guttural. Her hips smacked back against the obliging fingers at the pace she wanted hot, deep, and hard. The sounds, oh God, the sounds made her reel adding to it bringing her closer to the precipice. Her own cries of pleasure, Taraís deep throaty moans and the light, wet smacking of her body against her loverís hand were a symphony by themselves. Tara knew Gabrielle was close from the copious juices covering her hand the jerk of her body.

"Gabrielle?" A moan in response. "Gabrielle, play with your tits for me." Tara whispered rawly. The command somehow getting to her muddled brain, she pinched and pulled her own nipples murmuring at the waves of enjoyment that shot through her body. With her other hand now free, Tara trailed it sensuously over her loverís hip bone then down further, parting swollen, coated lips and stroked Gabrielleís exposed clit in quick, firm circles. They both moaned loudly, harshly. One as she felt muscles clench and pulsate around her fingers. The other because her whole sex throbbed with gratification. This felt so good, so right. Fucking her, making love to her, being inside her. Taraís head swam as her body racked with need. The intensity level was soul shattering. She increased the pace of her fingers. Both hands moved together swiftly, simultaneously, until they were almost pounding. She wanted to feel Gabrielleís orgasm because she caused it. She owned it and only the most exquisite one would do.

All went quiet except for her own breathing and the constant slapping of wet flesh. And then it happened. Gabrielle close her yes as color burst forth blinding her. It started from her groin moving quickly like searing flashes of burning light through her thighs and stomach, up and won to her legs and arms and shooting through her fingertips and toes. Her mouth opened to release a cry that ended with a name, "Tara!", piercing her own ears and the before mentioned quiet. Every muscle in her body contracted making hr convulse and shake uncontrollably with pleasure so acute in another woman it could have been painful. Tara stilled her fingers inside, feeling the muscles grasping, sucking, and only when they stopped did she remove them with a wet slurp, her fingers trembling.

"You belong to me. Donít you?" The taller woman whispered hotly.

"Yesss, yours," was the breathless response. Gabrielleís legs gave out, and she sunk in slow motion to the floor, caught by weak hands. Sheíd forgotten how to speak, how to think, how to breath. Tara held her then laid them both on the floor, cuddling the shaking woman close, whispering endearments and kissing her brow. She clenched her teeth at her own arousal, making her hands shake and thighs quiver. She wanted exquisite and thatís what she got. Surprisingly, she didnít come with her lover, only increasing her arousal to fever pitch. Bringing glistening fingers to her lips, she licked them cleans and whimpered quietly waiting for coherence to return. Gabrielleís body vibrated and heaved for long minutes as pleasure slowly worked its way through. Her breathing turned from harsh and shallow to deep and normal. Slightly turning her head, she looked at Tara, who stared back with frightening intensity. "Youóincredible," she whispered with a raw throat. She kissed the intense brow and stretched her body shuddering at another aftershock.

Tara waited patiently. The smaller woman turned back to her returning the stare with equal intensity.

"You want to come for me donít you?"

" Pleaseóyess," Tara croaked.

Just like that the huntress became the hunted.

Gabrielle grasped the back of her loverís neck and engaged her in a kiss that was totally carnal. Tongues flicked, slid, and toyed moistly. She sucked her loverís larger tongue into her mouth, steadily increasing the pressure, eliciting a hearty groan and a shudder. They lay side by side, facing each other, drinking from each other. Smaller, shorter legs tangled with longer ones and a muscled thigh moved closer an closer to the dark womanís wet, achy mound. At the first touch, Tara wrenched her mouth away and growled.

"You like that donít you?"

"Oooh, yess!"

Not wanting to tease her woman, Gabrielle rolled onto her back and whispered, "Show me how much." Tara whimpered audibly. Her arms shook as she pressed her body into Gabrielleís. While the cold floor was at her back, the body on top of her was hot, providing erotic contrast. She parted her legs wide over an obliging thigh and gasped at the contact of warm, soft skin. Biting her lip, she looked to Gabrielle, as if asking permission. The smaller woman nodded her head and brought her thigh into full contact with Taraís soppy sex. In one of her last coherent acts, Tara snaked a hand in between them, parting swollen lips so her clit could brush rawly against the thigh. She moaned and began rotating her hips slowly. Looking into the jade green eyes, she lowered herself until they were breast to breast and wrapped her arms around her, under her, causing nipples to rake across each other with each movement. Tara buried her face into her loveís neck, opening her mouth hotly on the fragrant skin. She groaned again as her hips picked up speed. So wet, so swollen, so ready was she that the friction created threatened to short her brain.

Not being able to hold back, each thrust drew out a whimper, a harsh moan, or a muffled cry. Her hips moved like large pistons and sweat poured from her body. The speed of the pistons increased incredibly when tow small hands cupped the soft, fleshy globes of her bottom, egging her on, multiplying the delicious friction tenfold. Gabrielle was astonished by the wetness she felt. She felt humbled by the reaction. Tara slid on her thigh and the smaller woman could feel the hard pebble of her loverís clit pulse and slide against her skin. Small, soft hands sensed the sweat and the slick juices pooling in between ass cheeks.

"Youíre so wet for meóso slick, so hot." She heard and felt Tara whimper as her hips moved jerkily and out of control. She recognized her own body come impossibly to life with the constant scrape of nipple on nipple and the wet slide of her lover on her thigh. It was too hot; too intense; too erotic for her not to respond. Renewed wetness slicked her thighs. Wiggling down a bit, she came into contact with a firm thigh and began gyrating her hips against it. Tara groaned realizing the implications, and moved her thigh up firmly wedging it between parted legs and parted lips.

"Unghh, fuck T! Harder!"

Pounding together with force, their bodies screeched on the waxed floor. The exchange was too intense to last for long. Gabrielle dug in deeper into Taraís buttocks and bit into her shoulder. They grunted sensuously as their sweating bodies smacked into each other at breakneck speed. One, two, three, four, more hard thrusts and Taraís body began to shake. She bit into the skin of her loverís neck almost drawing blood, groaning low and deep as orgasm tore through her body taking a little more away with each wave like water on the shore, leaving her exposed, raw, and vulnerable. She sobbed as the convulsions refused to stop, making her body jerk and spasm. Behind closed eyes, Gabrielle saw piercing red and white light as her body was consumed by flames that licked at her skinóat her insides, breaking her, making her again into anything it wanted. The air in the kitchen was thick with the smell of sex and the whimpers of satiated lovers, clinging to each other on the floor, barely moving, just touching and kissing when the energy emerged and in total awe of what had transpired. They had possessed each other thoroughly---mind, body and soul. It was a celebration of life and love and a reconnection for loverís who almost lost their way.

The cocoa sat on the counter cooling like the bodies sprawled on the floor. They laid there for what seemed like an eternity whispering words of love and promises of the future as strength returned. The floor was beginning to get cold. Gabrielle shivered as she yawned, looking at Tara through drowsy eyes.

"I donít think itís ever been like that between us T."

"Me either. I think it was something we both needed. The smaller woman nodded her head and shivered again. The shiver didnít escape the always aware pale blue eyes. She stretched and went with the urge to yawn herself. "Címon Red off to bed."

"Uh, I donít think I can move."

Tara smirked.

"Ahh, donít look so proud of yourself. I remember the sounds you were making my little monkey."

The taller woman chuckled now on her feet. She squatted back down lifting Gabrielle as if she were lighter than air. "Whoa, its high up here!!" She giggled and kissed her loverís jutting chin. Tara and her quarry padded slowly into the bedroom. The taller woman deposited her fragile load at the foot of the bed, while she pulled back the comforter. She bent back down in front of the strawberry blonde who cheerfully latched onto her body around herólegs wrapped around waist and arms wound around her neck. Tara gently placed the woman in the middle of the bed, earning a nuzzle for the tenderness. Sleepily, she crawled in after her, molding her body to the small back and branding her stomach with a large palm. They fell into a deep contented sleep as the night began to lighten.

Part II

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