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R’ Place
(Our Place)



"Hello," Gabrielle said her voice raspy from sleep. She scratched her long red-blonde tresses and rubbed the sleep out of droopy green eyes.

What are you doing?"

"Ummmm, lets see I was outside eating grass from the yard like a rabid dog. What did you think I was doing? Sheesh, I was sleeping Shannon!

"I would have thought you’d be up writing." There was an audible sigh. "Anyway, I’m depressed, I think I'm in love with Wayne." Shannon replied.

"No, ran out of juice around midnight. Um, excuse me, and you’re WHAT! Well tell him man what are you wasting my time for?! Say are all gay men like this?"

"Like what?"

"Spoiled, pretentious, obnoxious, ummm indecisive maybe? Oh, and do they call their friends at 4am!!"

"Gab," the laughter was obvious in his voice, "you’re always so sweet to me, and I always seem to get a straight answer from you."

"Enny hoo, are you still going with us tonight?"

"Wouldn’t miss it for the world. I’m gonna meet you guys at ten right?"

"Yeah, right," Shannon laughed again, " I can’t believe it your first drag show and a gay bar!. Are you sure you’re straight girl? I wonder about you."

"Hell no, I’m about as crooked as you can get! Still, hey you never know if I find the right woman…" she left the comment hanging in the air.

"Well okay girl, you can go back to your grass now. I‘ll see ya tonight. Oh, one more thing, I'll tell him."

"Ya, you had better cause if you don’t I might unintentionally let it slip out –you know say like when I’m sneezing or eating….."

"Ooooooo, ok ok you’re a hard woman! Night Gab," he said softly.


With an amused look, Gabrielle peered at the now toneless phone. She had known Shannon since college at IU, and even then, he called her at weird hours of the morning wanting to talk about his problems. Fortunately, some things, like their friendship, never changed.


Gabrielle glanced out the bathroom window to gage the weather. While she loved living in Indiana, she knew in the winter it went from cold, colder, to just stay in the house. To make matters worse living in a city in the middle of the state, Terre Haute, didn't help much either. They seemed to get the caste offs in weather, in people, even in politicians. Still, she loved living in a city where the leaves turned the color of her hair and various other shades. For some reason, it settled her to see death and regeneration in an endless cycle. It was a perfect foil to the agrument that all things come to an end. She savored the idea. There was something poetic about it. Gabrielle sighed and looked back into the mirror, doing last minute adjustments. Her red-blonde hair lay loose and wild on her shoulders, and she checked her make up. She wiped an imaginary piece of lint off her creased khakis and green sweater, which were just enough to ward off the crisp late October weather.

"Understated and casual, just what I need. Don’t want too much attention from the ladies." She smiled at herself in the mirror. "Too much—ha, atleast I’m admitting that I want some at all. Funny thing this sexuality." She knew deep down she had been struggling with her sexual identity for sometime. It was time to stop lying and face up to facts. She tapped her chin, "What if I do meet someone?" Swallowing, "Well first time for everything I can’t hide forever. It may be a coming out party tonight, and I'm ready for whatever it brings." With one more deep breath, she grabbed her keys and walked quickly out the door to her car. Driving from one neighborhood to the next, it still struck a cord, even though she had lived here for years, when the scenary changed from practically street to street. It went from affluent with large houses, glittering in the moonlight with their impecable paint jobs and perfectly symmetrical grass to streets with houses that seemed to be weeping in pain where paint chips peeled, rafters sagged, and lawns were littered with garbage.

She whispered thanks that she lived somewhere in the middle. 'Some progress for a college town,' she thought to herself. By some some seemingly secret agreement, this is where the cast offs lived from blacks to Asian to Hispanics. Shaking her head, she whispered in the silent car, "Whoever said redlining was dead was cleary dissillusioned." She closed her eyes briefly wishing she had the money and the clout to change it all because giving to charity didn't seem to be working anymore. Taking a cleansing breath, she tried to lighten the mood as she drove up into the parking lot of the bar. Appropriately, it seemed as though the bar was located in this same area. The little red head smirked at the irony.


Gabrielle sat in her car in the parking lot grinning at herself in the mirror. She did a little dance in her head that went along with the mantra "Going to a gay bar yeah". She could tell from outside it was a small place with an upstairs. It looked like a cross between a barn a house if it was possible, and the paint had long since faded from white to a dusty beige. It had a huge logo with the name R' Place written across it. There were lights flashing in the windows, and the hypnotic, thrumming beat of club music was very audible.

She walked right into the smoky bar area where a pasty white man with a beard took her ten dollars and tried to card her. Now, she thought THAT was funny. The air was heavy with smoke, the sound of clanging glasses, and laughter. The bar area was surrounded with leather stools with both men and women sitting and waiting for their drinks, each other, and probably even life. There were other tables, small ones away from the bar that were sparsely populated with people holding their drinks precariously, laughing, and even starring at her, noticing a non-reg when they saw one. They were all dressed casually, which afforded her a silent victory for wearing the old stand by khakis. She walked up to the bar, and before she could say a word, "Are you Gabrielle?" the bartender said. Her mouth closed with an almost audible click of the jaw, and she nodded her head.

"They’re upstairs waiting on you." He pointed to the small winding staircase to the side. "Oh, hold on they told me to send you up with this." He shoved a pitcher of beer into her hands. Gabrielle gave her best infectious smirk, and the bartender smiled back.

"Thanks, I think," she said.

Upstairs was a different thing all together. The music pounded and her heart could not help but beat the same rhythm. Dance lights cascaded about the room, putting everyone in it's technicolor rainbow. In the middle of the room, a long runway extended almost half way out into the audience. Looking around with the benefit of the rainbow, she noticed reds were over on one side, blues on the other, and ahh she spotted her friends over there with the green. She saw Wayne’s blonde head bobbing to the music, and she could see Shannon’s darker one leaning toward him. She walked over oblivious of several sets of eyes following her compact figure. The pitcher sat down with a thump on the table.

Wayne smiled up at her, "Heyyyy gorgeous, thanks for the beer."

Gabrielle looked at him with shining eyes, "Your welcome, I put it on your tab!" His eyes shown with merriment, and he made an imaginary one in the air and a zero on the other side.

Gabrielle sat down feeling giddy, naughty, and a whole host of other emotions at the same time. Adrenaline pumped through her veins. She poured herself a beer—started to sip it but chugged it instead. Shannon and Wayne regarded her with wide eyes.

"What?!" she said accusingly to them both.

"Ohhhhhhh, Shannon exclaimed, "I’m glad you brought your own car. I’m wondering about you tonight!"

Gabrielle gave him a sly grin as Wayne cackled happily, "Gabs I got a feeling your gonna to be a bad girl tonight." All three of them laughed.

Wayne draped his arm over her shoulders, "Hey guess what your friend over here told me?"

"Hmmmm, he still wants you to get his name tattooed on your ass?", Gabrielle laughed.

He smacked his lips, "Noooo already did that—he told me the L word ooooooo!"

"Thats great Wayne," she smiled at them as Shannon leaned in for a kiss from his lover. Then she hung her head, "I’m glad you two found each other."

Wayne tapped her chin softly, "Hey gorgeous—you know that someone is waiting to find you. You’re too great a person to be alone, and hell I love ya!" He leaned in and kissed her on the cheek.

"Thanks guys." She felt the blush creeping up her ears.

"Tsk, oh my my my and she blushes sexy too—get this woman a man!" Gabrielle raised an eyebrow. "Or a woman," he said both eyebrows raised over baby blues.

Gabrielle smacked him on the arm. "Behave you!" Gabrielle poured herself another beer and downed it aware of amused eyes watching her across the table. "Gab, you’re gonna love the show. Some of these guys could fool you in a heartbeat!"

Just then the curtain opened on the stage and a tall, lithe figure stepped out. Long, impossibly long midnight hair cascaded down her back, and the flashing lights did nothing but accent the hollows and plains in the exotic face. The woman sported baggy black pants, and a white shirt cut off around her flat stomach. Her presence seemed to suck all the air out of the room. The woman scanned the room lazily. Suddenly, the regular lights came on and some announcement about a lost contact permeated the air. Gabrielle sucked in a breath and her beer stopped midway to her lips. All she could hear was the accelerating thump of her heart and the blood rushing through her veins. The most incredible blue eyes finally made it her way, and she gasped.

The woman was breathtaking. Gabrielle could see the clear, smooth olive skin, the play of muscles in the woman’s abdomen, and long, well shaped legs. She felt as if she was seeing an erotic work of art prance around in front of her. The dark woman walked with regal confidence. Her gaze seemed to stop on the red-head, and a knowing smile spread the gorgeous ruby coated lips. Gabrielle felt drops of coolness in her lap, and she almost jumped up when she realized her drink was about to spill. By the time she looked up again, the woman was moving quickly down the stairs. She closed her eyes and commanded her heart to slow down. She rubbed her sweaty palms on her pant leg and mentally bristled at the fact that some woman could turn her head that quickly, when she just admitted to herself what she really wanted. Gabrielle could feel concerned gazes, and she opened her eyes slowly. Shannon and Wayne looked at her worriedly.

Before they could say anything, "Wwho –was that one?"

"Oh, no you mean the woman that just walked by? One of the queens is her brother."

Gabrielle’s hands were visible shaking when she sat the mug back on the table. She closed her eyes again.

"Are you alright Gabs?"

"Yeah its just that—that woman I’ve never seen---God she was gorgeous." Gabrielle stammered.

Wayne and Shannon looked at each other and almost inaudible o’s came from their mouths. "Oh Ms. Thang is always here, her name is Tara," Shannon explained. "You seemed to have had quiet the reaction to her?"

"Umm yeah. I need—um where is the bathroom?"

"Downstairs." Wayne and Shannon said in unison.

"Kay." Gabrielle got up and walked quickly to the stairs.

"Well," Shannon said, "I think someone just got a wake up call."

Once downstairs it was as though she was walking through clear but deep water, moving slowly but able to see everything. The music faded in the background, and each step she took corresponded with the beat of her heart, making them seem jarringly audible. Slowly, Gabrielle made it over to the bar. Tara was standing there talking with the bartender. As if she felt eyes on her, the taller woman turned and looked directly at the small red head. She gave Gabrielle another dazzling smile, and got one just as dazzling and a little nervouse in return.

"Um excuse me? Where is the ladies room?" she asked the bartender, aware of Tara’s eyes on her.

"Its right through there." A rich velvet voice replied.

Gabrielle gulped. Tara’s voice reverberated through her making her blood hum and her heart pat. The shorter woman was so close to Tara that she could smell her. It was the smell of something wild, untamable, and it called to her. Gabrielle looked up in the process of saying thanks and became captured by eyes that looked through her. She felt naked and exposed and decided that the feeling was not so bad--no need to deny what was going on.

"Hi," Gabrielle said with a voice filled with unnamable emotion. She cleared her throat, "Um, hi and thanks."

"Your welcome" Tara purred. "Uh, I didn’t catch the name?"


Her smile seemed to get bigger with the stutter in Gabrielle’s voice.

"I’m Tara. Oh, and I’d better let you get to the bathroom!"

Gabrielle smiled sheepishly and made a beeline for the bathroom. Tara looked at Vince, the bartender, who was staring at her knowingly, "What!" she smiled. He just shook his head and grinned.

Tara sat down on one of the bar stools and ran her now sweaty hands over the smooth wood. She willed her heart to stop whispering Gabrielle’s name. If she closed her eyes, she could see the astute green eyes shining into hers and view the compact but shapely body in her mind’s eye. Her eyes snapped open as her breath caught. She knew she had never reacted to a woman that way especially when they just met, but something was going on--something unique, something special, something cliche. Tara took a deep breath and felt control skitter away in the wake of lust and intrigue.


Meanwhile in the bathroom, after peeing, Gabrielle leaned into the sink and looked at herself in the mirror. Her face was flushed and her eyes were twinkling. 'I should be scared,' she thought, 'having a reaction like that to a woman so soon!' Instead she just giggled and giggled. " Whoa, I must be drunk, but I only had two beers. Sheesh, that woman is intoxicating enough." Gabrielle felt compelled to know what was behind the blue eyes and sexy smile. She strengthened her resolve and opened the door, vowing to follow her heart if not her body. Half way out the door she noticed that Tara was standing there leaning against a table—maybe waiting for her? Gabrielle squealed and slammed the door shut. Tara looked at Vince surprisingly and then shot him a die look when he walked further down the bar laughing—loudly.

The nervous woman leaned heavily against the door. She cursed herself for the ever present streak of shyness. "Ohgod oh god! Okay Gabs, get it together girl. Come on. You can do this.!" She repeated it to herself over and over trying to gain courage. Finally, she opened the door. Tara stood there grinning at her. Gabrielle gave her a shaky smile with some crimson colored cheeks thrown in. The small woman started to laugh and Tara joined in.

"Um sorry bout that –I-I get a little nervous sometimes."

"It’s okay." Tara put her hand on Gabrielle’s shoulder and let it slide down into her smaller hand.

Eyes zeroed in on each other, revealing secrets, wants and desires. The moment was electric. Flesh burned and hummed like an uncontrollable fire in the making. Gabrielle gasped. The other patrons seemed to disappear. There stood only Tara and Gabrielle frozen in time, in the moment that signified a beginning –an inevitable beginning. The attraction between the two was palpable. The air around them seemed to crackle with energy, ready to devour them both and waiting for them to give in.

The moment was toned down when Tara smiled crookedly, "Gabrielle, um I have to get back to my brother, but can I see you later?"

The shorter woman simply nodded as the noise of the patrons filtered back in. "Okay I’ll follow you back up then."

Gabrielle nodded again and proceeded in front of her. Tara grabbed her hand and followed her. Gabby looked back into the eyes that seemed to beckon her not to break the contact. She licked her lips and gave Tara a reassuring smile. As they walked upstairs, Gabrielle kept glancing back into the eyes, into the face that had mesmerized her in a matter of minutes. Tara looked back at her hungrily with a predatory gleam that made the smaller woman shiver. The smaller woman had never been one for casual sex even when she was with men, but she wanted this woman--badly. Something deep inside told her that it would be anything but casual. When they reached the top of the stairs, Gabrielle stopped to look for Shannon and Wayne, making Tara stop close behind her—their bodies touching. Gabrielle whimpered and Tara let out a low growl near the strawberry blonde's ear at the feel of the contact. The reds, blues, and greens of the light captured them as did the sultry beat of the music. Tara’s arms slid magically around Gabrielle’s waist. "I got you," she said. Her voice raspy and her breathing harsh. "I gotta go, but I will see you in a little bit." She squeezed the small waist and walked away.

Gabrielle watched her through lidded eyes as she disappeared behind the curtain. Her body buzzing with excitement and anticipation of what was to come—whatever was to come. She walked mechanically back over to her table, and just as mechanically sat down. Wayne and Shannon looked at each other and then at her.

"Whoa girlfriend, you work fast! What was all that about," Shannon asked excitedly.

"She—we are gonna meet in a bit."

"Oh my god Gab, that deserves another beer and another first—your first cigarette!" Wayne laughed.

She accepted the lit cigarette and began puffing. "Damn, this first thing feels good."

"Uh, do you guys know anything about her?" Wayne answered, "She is a regular here as far as I know and she seems to be something of a loner. I never see her with anybody, just her brother. I hear a lot of the ladies in here talking about her, but from what they say her armor hasn’t a chink in it, noone can get through."

Gabrielle smiled in thanks and wondered why her and why now. She was jolted from her reverie as Wayne explained, "Well here comes another first, the show is starting."


Burlesque style music poured from the speakers as the DJ announced who was performing. When they got to the name Vanessa, Shannon leaned over and explained how she was Tara’s brother. Gabrielle hooted and whistled with the rest of the crowd as the first three queens performed in wild, tight, and unbelievable costumes.

"Oh my god Shannon! That is not a man! You can’t tell me that’s a man!"

As the queen stopped in front of their table wearing a bikini and a smile, dancing and lip syncing to a gritty R&B tune. Shannon laughed and shook his head, "Oh yeah they are! Just trust me on that one. Everything has been tucked and pushed—tis the magic that they possess!"

Gabrielle giggled loudly when the woman came and began to shake her rather shapely ass in her face. She grabbed a dollar off the table, grabbed hold of the bikini bottom and deposited it there. The queen turned around and gave the little woman a soft kiss on the lips. She laughed and clapped happily, having the time of her life. They announced the next performer as Vanessa. She came out in a very short, tight, and sinful little black dress, and Gabrielle noticed the resemblance in the flashing blue eyes. She watched hypnotized as Vanessa danced and pranced around to a Shania Twain tune. Her hips swaying, eyes twinkling, she seemed to control the room. She made her way to their table and stood tall and majestic in front of Gabrielle. Her smile was a flash of white as she wound her hands through her hair and gyrated her hips in smaller woman's face.

Vanessa leaned down and whispered, "She’ll be out in a minute."

Gabrielle eyes went wide and she blushed furiously. Vanessa smirked. In the spirit of the night of firsts and in surreal fashion, Gabrielle got up grabbed two bucks off the table and started dancing with her. Wayne and Shannon sat there wide eyed and slack jawed. Gabrielle gently grabbed Vanessa’s hips and started gyrating with her. She placed the two dollars in the performer’s cleavage. She whooped and whistled and Vanessa laughed.

The queen leaned in and said, " I like your style girl! Keep it up. It’s sure to keep my sister intrigued."

Gabrielle smirked in thanks and patted Vanessa on the ass as she sauntered off. She sat back down pleasantly winded. Wayne poured her another drink, and Shannon lit her a cigarette. They both silently got up, kneeled on the floor, and began bowing. Gabrielle laughed outright enjoying the attention and the stares of the other patrons.


Later, the DJ announced an intermission and opened the dance floor for ten minutes. Wayne got up pulling Gabrielle, with Shannon following close behind. They got to the dance floor and Wayne positioned himself in front while Shannon was at the back. Shannon giggled and said something about a ‘Gabrielle sandwich’. The three friends gyrated against each other laughing all the while.

Wayne turned around as he felt a tap on his shoulder. He stared into the most amazing blue eyes he had ever seen.

"What is it they say? Um can I cut in?" Tara muttered and smirked.

"Sure" he said "but I usually don’t dance with strange women, but if you’re game!"

That got a smoky laugh from Tara and earned Wayne a smack on the ass from Gabrielle.

"You will have to excuse him, Shannon said as he batted his eyes at Tara, " I dont let him out of his cage much."

"Oh my god will you two stop flirting with her –tch it’s shameless!"

Gabrielle whisked around and returned Tara’s smoky grin with a sexy one of her own. Then all of a sudden attacked by waves of shyness, she lowered her head, and said, "Hi" in a soft voice. Tara put her finger under Gabrielle’s chin and slowly lifted her face up to meet hers. "Hi, yourself. Ya wanna dance with me?"

It was then that Gabrielle wondered if she would ever say no to this woman for any reason. "Yes," she said breathlessly.

They moved effortlessly to the middle of the dancefloor. Tara snaked her hands around Gabrielle’s waist, as the smaller woman moved her arms around the taller, darker woman’s neck. The music was slow, throbbing and sexy. Gabrielle seemed to fit perfectly into Tara’s body. They began to move to the slow, pulsating beat with their bodies so close together a penny could not have gotten through. Tara squeezed Gabrielle around her waist as she began a slow, lethargic grind against the smaller woman’s body. Her hot breath caressed Gabrielle’s neck and ear.

"Gabrielle," the little woman’s body shook when she heard her name coming from that mouth with that voice. Tara felt it and pulled the woman tighter against her. "This is your first time here isn’t it? I would remember you." Gabrielle nodded and swallowed. Tara continued, "I-I don’t know what’s going on here but, I have never felt this connected to someone on sight. It-it scares me a little."

Gabrielle stared at the woman endearingly, who she figured was usually brimming with confidence, stutter as she talked to her.

" I know what you mean. This is definitely new for me in many MANY ways. I've never done this before--I-I mean with a woman."

"I understand, but still, I don’t wanna spoil this—I got a feeling about you, and I wanna take it slow. Okay?"

Gabrielle nodded her head and said softly, "Okay."

Listening to some little imp controlling her hormones, she leaned in and kissed the tall woman on the chin, and she heard and felt Tara’s breath whoosh out in reaction. The skin was soft as satin under her lips, and her mind went into a tailspin as she wondered what the rest of this woman would feel like under her lips. Unable to control herself, Tara’s hands slid over Gabrielle’s firm, shapely behind, cupping it in her hands. Gabrielle whimpered as her breath left her and her knees turned to jelly. Tara pulled her heavily against her body and started rubbing and gyrating her hips against the smaller woman in earnest. Legs were parted and in between each other in a tangle. Tara moaned harshly against Gabrielle’s ear as she kneaded the pliant flesh in her hands. Gabrielle could feel the wetness start between her legs, trickle down to her thighs as her now throbbing sex was rubbed against the harsh material of her pants and Tara’s thigh.

The moment was erotic in every sense of the word. Tara looked down into glistening pools of green, and she could see the desire so plainly written and open like a book. Her pale blue eyes glowed and slitted as she started to grind harder. A whispered, "Oh, god," was torn from Gabrielle’s lips. She could hear her whimpering with each instance of contact. God, she knew she had to stop—needed to stop –but her body her heart wouldn’t allow it. Blessfully for both of them, they were interrupted when the DJ told Tara "to get her sexy ass off the dancefloor, and let the real queens out." Tara could feel Gabrielle shivering against her when they finally stopped dancing. She gave them both a minute to compose themselves, grabbed the smaller woman’s hand, and walked over the table where her friends were sitting. So much for taking it slow.

When they got to the table, they sat starring as if reaching some great epiphany simultaneously. Gabrielle studied Tara’s lips as she turned over in her mind how much she wanted to taste them; how much she wanted to feel them—everywhere. She tried unsuccessfully to get her breathing under control. Still, the longer she looked the more erratic it became. On the other hand, Tara’s mind raced, and her will was tested. So, much she wanted to touch the soft skin she knew was underneath the clothes. There were visions-- Gabrielle writhing and moaning against her with the tips of her hair touching Tara’s face as the smaller woman reached intense orgasm. Shannon cleared his throat several times, but it wasn’t until Wayne joined in that the sexual haze around the women was finally broken, if only temporarily. Gabrielle turned and looked at them blankly, and then realization dawned.

She blushed furiously, "Oh, hi guys um sorry bout that." Her voice soft and thick with emotion.

Shannon smirked and replied, "Uh huh."

Wayne was unsuccessfully hiding his smile behind a mug of beer.

"Uh, you guys recognize Tara since your regs here, and Tara these are some good friends of mine –the short dark one is Shannon and the tall balding blonde one is Wayne." She smirked at her own little revenge on them. They gave Gabrielle a wry look, as Tara threw back her head laughing. "Nice to meet you," Tara interjected not even trying to hide the last traces of her smile. They both beamed at her.

Surprisingly, there were no awkward silences the group was very comfortable with each other. They talked and laughed over the music and through the rest of the show like old friends, for what seemed like hours. Shannon and Wayne even filled the new clique memeber on Gabrielle's night of firsts. The female couple sat impossibly close to each other with thighs touching and hands coming into frequent contact. This did not go unnoticed by the others across the table, who decided to do a little extra teasing.

"Say Tara, your brother is a great performer, and oh, what exactly do you do?"

Gabrielle looked at Wayne in horror.

Tara just grinned and replied, " I own my own motorcycle shop not far from here."

"Mmm hmm, and is this little shop lucrative?"

"I’m comfortable."

"And what are your intentions toward our fair one—"

All of a sudden, Shannon sneezed, "Aaaa –she wants you—choo."

Gabrielle almost spit out her beer; Wayne collapsed in peels of laughter; and Tara struggled with her own mirth. Gabrielle wondered if she should be over there with the reds as much as she had been that color tonight.

"Funny thing," Shannon mumbled as he wiped his hands, "what can come out of my mouth when sneezing or eating."

She ducked her head under her hands. Tara tapped her on the back to let her know it was okay. Finally, Gabrielle raised her head still hiding her eyes with her hands. Wayne was hiccuping as the last vestiges of laughter dissipated, as Shannon leaned over hugged and then kissed her on the cheek.

"You guys are priceless," Gabrielle giggled as the blush ended.

She looked at Tara and smiled nervously, and she got one in return. An announcement came over the PA system that the show was ending. All the queens returned on stage for a final curtain call. Gabrielle looked at her watch. It was 3am!!

"Well, I think that’s our cue to get outta here. We’re gonna go Gabs. Are you okay to drive?"

"Yeah Shannon, I only had three beers. I’m okay."

As they got up to leave both the men hugged Gabrielle tightly and mentioned to Tara how nice it was to meet her.

"Hey girl, I’ll give you a call sometime today, and good luck to you two."

"Kay Shan, and thanks again for the night out."

"Nice meeting you too," replied Tara.


The table was now occupied by the two women, who were rapidly becoming totally consumed with each other. A long comfortable silence lay between them as their fingers intertwined. Tara brought the smaller woman’s hand to her lips and kissed each digit, while maintaining contact with the green fire. Neither one of them had the courage to question the quick forming bond. They just didn’t want it to end.

Suddenly, the curtain opened and Tara’s brother came out minus the drag ensemble. He still had a presence about him that seemed to speak volumes.

"Hey girl, I got a late date, so you take my car to get home since you didn't bring yours, if that’s where you’re going," he cackled.

Tara shot him a look, and Gabrielle once again became her color for the night. He tossed Tara the keys.

"Okay, see ya later."

Tara looked at Gabrielle, "Can I walk you to your car?"

"Yeah, sure."

With her hand in the small of Gabrielle’s back, generating an unbelievable warmth, they slowly made it out to the rapidly clearing parking lot. Finally making it to the burgundy Accord, Gabrielle rummaged through her purse.

"Um, let me find some pen and paper to so I can give you my number."

"Hey, just tell me. I’ll remember it."

Gabrielle looked up into pale blue eyes, illuminated despite the darkness. Her mind screamed, and it probably showed in her eyes how much she wanted to feel those lips on her own.

"I -I um okay." She recited the number.

At the same time, Tara was going through a struggle of her own. Her hands itched to touch Gabrielle. She put them in her pockets. Still, another danger presented itself—those lips. She wanted so much to taste them. Tara’s eyes followed their movement as Gabrielle spoke. She watched as her pink tongue snaked out to moisten the fuller, sensual lower lip. How she envied that tongue. Tara looked up into Gabrielle’s eyes, and she saw it. She wanted it too. Silence stretched between them. Tara slowly removed her hands from her pockets, and brought them up to Gabrielle’s face. She caressed flushed cheeks. She slowly gently trailed fingertips over soft lips. Gabrielle whimpered in response. With that one small sound, Tara’s blood was set ablaze.

She leaned in and flicked Gabrielle’s lips with the tip of her tongue. The whimper changed to a cry. Their faces were so close that their breath intermingled. Tara brushed her lips across the smaller woman’s. Gabrielle’s body trembled in reaction. Never had she felt this--never with anyone. Fire shot through them like dry kindling. More, was all she could think. They touched foreheads trying to regain some semblance of control.

"So sweet," Tara muttered.

A car backfired making them both jump in reaction. Tara took a step backward, and both of their bodies protested the loss of contact.

Taking a deep breath, Tara spoke, "Um, I’d better go. I don’t wanna stop."

Gabrielle stared into her eyes with blind hunger then at her lips.

"Gab," she whimpered, "don’t look at me like that."

"Like what?"

"Like you wanna get under my skin. Like you wanna eat me alive."

Gabrielle hung her head trying desperately to grab hold of some control. "Kay."

Tara lifted the little woman’s head. "I’ll call you later today. That’s a promise."

Unable to resist, she traced soft lips once more with her finger. Gabrielle took it between her teeth, flicked her tongue over it, and sucked it suggestively. Tara moaned and Gabrielle let out a small growl. After a long moment, she was able to gather the strength to pull away. She smiled shakily into green eyes.

"Baby, we need to stop."

"I know."

"I’ll call okay?"

"I know."

One more overheated look passed between them. Tara turned and walked to her brother's old hatchback. Gabrielle stood there watching and wanting. As Tara got into her car, Gabrielle did the same. She started it and was in the process of pulling out, when she noticed Tara getting out, heading for the hood. She stopped and rolled down the window.

"Having problems?"

"Don’t know, she won’t start."

She checked under the hood. "Shit. I think the battery is dead. Do you have jumper cables?"

" No, but I gotta cell phone, so you can call Triple A, or I could give you a ride home." Gabrielle’s heart thudded with hope, fear, and anticipation.

"Ahhh, I live on the other side of town. It’s gonna be a thirty minute ride atleast, and it’s probably out of your way."

"Don’t worry about it. I want to."

"Alright, let me lock up." Gabrielle’s heart jumped in glee, and her stomach twisted with erotic possibilities.


They drove in a charged silence for the first few minutes. Finally, Gabrielle decided to break it. "A motorcycle shop huh?"

"Yeah, and I thought I heard Shannon say that you’re a writer."

"Yeah, but you first."

"Okay, it’s me, a couple of employees, and harleys . I fix them, restore ‘em, and sell ‘em. Oh, and I love doing it! It’s like a childhood dream come true, me and motorcycles. Listen to me, I could go on forever. What about you?"

"Oh, I’m a writer alright. I would say mystery/romance is what I do, and I make a decent living. No, bestsellers yet though."

"Anything I know?"

"Maybe, I write under a pin name, Sheryl Manson."

Oh, ohhhh that’s you. Yeah, I’ve read you. Love the strong female characters, and the way operate in the old boy network of law enforcement. Those three women detectives are great. They have a chemistry that comes off the page."


Gabrielle looked out of the corner of her eye at Tara’s profile. ‘God,’ she thought, ‘she’s so beautiful,’ and she shivered in remembrance of her taste and soft lips. "Almost there, take the next turn. Um, Gab?"

Unable to stop herself or the truth, Gabrielle replied, "God, I love it when you say my name." 'Aaargh, did I just say that aloud! Oh my God! What the hell is wrong with me?'

She mentally tried to tie her tongue. She could hear Tara suck in her breath. The air in the car crackled with sexual awareness. 'Um, well I didn't expect that reaction. I think I'll go with this to see where it leads. I'd be lying if I said I didn't want her.' Gabrielle was astounded that she could hold a conversation in her head and still be so aware of the woman beside her.

She could hear Tara swallow as she said, "Next house at the corner." They pulled up in the front and just sat there with the only sound being the humming engine. Gabrielle turned to look at Tara, and without warning, she was taken into strong arms and straddling firm thighs. Lips meet wildly and moistly. The hum of the engine did nothing to hide the twin moans of pleasure. The kiss was crushing and hungry; tongues fought for entry; and slid sensually over each other. Gabrielle’s hands wound their way into thick inky black tresses, as larger hands lifted the fabric of the smaller woman’s shirt to feel hot skin. Gabrielle whimpered into Tara’s mouth at the feelings of large, callused but soft hands cover her naked back. The whimper transformed into a high pitched sensual moan as hands dipped lower into her pants to cover the delectable flesh of her behind. Gabrielle began to grind her hips as the fleshy globes were kneaded and spread.

She searched for contact to ease the pulsing of her swollen clit. Her crotch was coated with wetness, making it feel as though she had nothing on, rubbing her heated center against Tara’s exposed stomach. Both women humped and gyrated against each other as their mounds touched enticingly. Slowly at first then more urgently. Tara palmed Gabrielle’s cheeks, squeezing them and pulling the smaller woman’s aching center down into her body with increasing quickness. Their bodies slapped and pounded into each other. Tara tore her lips from Gabrielle’s and attached them to her neck sucking and nipping at the rapid pulse. Gabrielle grunted and groaned loudly with each thrust. The windows were foggy from over heated bodies and harsh breathing. Tara reluctantly let go of her neck to watch her, and what she saw made her grind harder and faster. Gabrielle’s eyes were hooded and glowed a dark green with passion, her face was flushed, and full swollen lips were parted.

Tara thought she had never seen anything more beautiful. Their eyes locked, as their bodies strained to draw out every ounce of pleasure.

"Ohhhh, so good, " Gabrielle whispered through clenched teeth.

Tara’s hands spread Gabrielle’s cheeks wider, and with the thumb of one hand, she started to massage her tight anus.

Unlikely vulgarities spilled from Gabrielle’s mouth. "Unghhh, fuck!," she cried out as the move pushed her closer to the edge.

"Mmmm, say that again."

"Fu-ck meeee!"

Tara rubbed faster. Gabrielle began to see her own yellows, reds, greens, and blues behind her eyes. Her body was overwhelmed with sensations. Never had she been so wet. Never had she been so uninhibited. Never had she wanted to be that way with a woman, until she met this woman.

"Going t-to commmme!"

"That’s right baby, come for me!"

Tara was on fire, and she knew there was no going back. She wanted this woman too much. It all just felt so damn good-- touching her, encouraging her, fucking her. Each whimper Gabrielle made tore into her desire, leaving her hungry, exposed, and oh so close. With the tip of her thumb, Tara entered Gabrielle’s anal orifice. Gabrielle screamed as her body was besieged by convulsions and shakes when the orgasm took control. Tara growled almost howled really as she was pummeled by her own orgasm. Their bodies continued to rub softly against each other. Gabrielle whimpered against her neck. Nothing had ever been this perfect, felt this right, or this precious. Tara played with the wet hair at the nape of Gabrielle’s neck as breathing returned to normal and coherent speech became possible.

"Come in with me," Tara said hoarsely.


Somehow they got of the car and got up the walkway to Tara’s front door. There she stood shakily trying to put the key in the lock. It wasn’t easy with Gabrielle behind her running her small, soft hands under her shirt, over her back, then around to cup her breasts. Tara’s breath caught at the ferocity and boldness of the shorter woman. She thought she hadn’t done this before? She dropped the keys on the ground as those hands plucked at her hard nipples. And she considered taking her right there when Gabrielle whispered how she wanted to see her naked and moaning. Tara praised whatever god that was listening as she finally got the door open. They stepped into the darkness. The smaller woman breathing heavily the taller one with a pulsing body. The light switch was found, and eyes connected once again in need, in understanding, in desire.

Tara almost slammed Gabrielle against the wall as their lips met in a devouring kiss. Gabrielle moaned as Tara sucked her tongue. Their tongues thrust deeply in each other’s mouths, trying to taste, to memorize. They disconnected the kiss to hastily remove each other’s shirt and sweater, then cried out simultaneously as naked full breasts rubbed delectably together. It wasn’t enough. Tara tore at Gabrielle’s khakis, and the white whisp of underwear was ripped to shreds in a passionate display. They both fiddled with the catch on Tara’s pants. Tara slapped Gabrielle’s hands away as she finally go the catch undone. She removed them and her underwear in one fatal swoop. With a cry of triumph, Tara crushed her body back into Gabrielle’s. Finally, naked skin on naked skin. Their smooth muscled bodies rubbed and touched in places that encited moans, whimpers, and cries of pleasure to be torn from throats. Gabrielle wrapped her legs around Tara’s waist. Causing the taller woman to gasp, when she felt the wetness there.

"So wet."

"For you. Only you."

Tara cupped the smaller, firm breasts in her hands, loving the weight. She flicked each nipple with her thumb, causing Gabrielle to grind her wet center into her washboard stomach.

"Ohhh god, yess!"

With a look of total concentration, Tara began to tweak and pull the nipples. She watched them as they grew impossibly larger, harder. Gabrielle threw back her head against the wall "Plleasssse!" she whimpered and moaned as she felt herself get wetter, slicker, hotter. Tara leaned down and sucked a plump nipple into her warm, wet mouth. She circled it with her tongue, and opened her mouth wider, sucking the entire breast into her mouth. Gabrielle screamed, and her vision dimmed. Tara treated the other breast equally. Gabrielle murmured incoherently—past the point of arousal, nearing meltdown. Her thighs were coated with her wetness, and her clit throbbed uncontrollably. She ground down harder on the now slick abdomen.

Tara legs shook. She couldn’t remember ever being so turned on by giving another woman pleasure. She could feel her own juices dripping down her thighs in comparison with the sweet juices coating her stomach. She had to have her; she had to taste her; she had to be inside her. On unsteady legs, Tara moved them over to the couch. Able to gather enough strength, she lay Gabrielle down gently.

"Touch me," Gabrielle whispered.

"Want more. Wanna taste you. Wanna be inside," Tara replied brokenly.

Gabrielle whimpered as Tara settled her weight on top of her. She sat up and straddled her abdomen.

"Feel me. Feel what you do to me." Tara spread her wetness across Gabrielle’s stomach.

Gabrielle moaned and arched into her, causing the dark woman to cry out. "I can’t wait baby. I need—you."

Tara turned away from her lover. She looked back over her shoulder. "Together," she whispered. Tara positioned her body so that she was on all fours. Her wet mound was positioned tantalizingly over Gabrielle’s waiting mouth. She could feel her hot breath so close to her sensitive lips. She spread Gabrielle’s creamy thighs, and breathed in the aroma of her arousal. She spread engorged lips, and completely lost all thought as she felt a hot tongue lapping at her own folds. Gabrielle licked and lapped at the creaminess, and she moaned at the sweet, salty flavor. Tara hips bucked hard, and Gabrielle grabbed and held on with adrenaline induced strength.

The smaller woman instinctively sucked at Tara’s opening drawing out more juices. With a strangled cry, Tara plunged in herself. Dipping and swirling her tongue at a quickening pace. There was no pretense and no time for slowness. It was all fire. She latched on to Gabrielle’s clit with her lips, creating a suction. Gabrielle cried out and searched for her new lover’s swollen nodule. She found it, flicked it with her tongue, wrapped her lips around it, and pulled on it—hard. Intense pleasure gushed through Tara’s body, and she could feel the orgasm coming from far away. She plunged two fingers into Gabrielle’s opening and began pumping furiously. Gabrielle’s hips flew off the couch, grinding her center into Tara’s face. The room was alive with sounds of sucking, licking, lapping and constant groaning. Gabrielle panted, cried, and screamed her pleasure into Tara’s vibrating clit. Tara felt the flush of incredible wetness and the grasping muscles around her fingers, signifying her new lover's release.

While she felt it coming, Tara’s own orgasm took her by surprise. She tore her mouth away from Gabrielle’s core. She could feel her eyes roll back into her head.

"Unghhhhhhh, Gabriellllle Ohhhh!" Her body was assaulted by an orgasm that made her knees and arms give out. She jerked forward one last time, but it was enough to send Gabrielle over the edge into bliss.

"Ahhhh, ohgodohgod!!"

Their bodies shattered together. Tara collapsed on top of Gabrielle.

Incoherent whines and whimpers came from the women, and then nothing but oblivion. Long minutes later, the two women sat up staring, touching and softly kissing each other.

"I can’t believe this is happening."

"Me either. Quite the beginning don’t ya think? Oh, and hey you can add it to your list of first, and last. Cause your mine now."

"I know."

The End? No way, see what happens after in Part II.

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