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Love and Other Surprises




The early morning sun sifted through the closed drapes, but the two forms on the bed paid it no mind. Jamie was sleeping; the apartment was quiet; it was the weekend; and it was the perfect time for lovers to indulge and play.

The sweat stung her eyes, but Lil didn't care. She could feel the pinpricks in her back as it protested its position, but she didn't care about that either. It was the gray eyes that looked down at her that spurred her on, so she crunched the sheets between her fingers and held on.

The lithe young body barely touched the bed. Long legs were suspended over the capable shoulders of her lover, who had found it more alluring to sit up on her knees rather than lay, leaving Lil's head and upper shoulders as the only thing resting on the cool sheets. Strong elegant hands held on to slick upper thighs, keeping them parted just enough to let her mouth and tongue play. Lil's back arched further upward as an experienced tongue hit a particular sensitive spot.

"Unghh, yeah!" She rasped out through labored breathing.

Still, she didn't dare close her eyes even as pleasure made them heavy. Gray gazed back at her, revealing enjoyment, need, and desire. Blonde hair was damp with sweat and flowing juices. It was a testament to her labor as well as a matter of savoring the sweet, salty mix that was a result of it. In reply to Lil's constant quips and moans, Catt let a growl of delight tickle the back of her throat then exit her lips, "Mmmm." The reward was a louder whimper that made her own thighs contract.

Her talented tongue swirled around the distended nodule then stabbed at the raised hood with the tip of the probing muscle. It then traveled down the length of her lover's sex, exploring inner lips before sucking them gently. Curling the sides of her tongue, Catt plunged into the source of heat and wetness and heard the answering scream ring in her ears. She thrust inward deeply and pulled out to lick around the sensitive outside. The blonde woman couldn't decide if it was the taste, the feel, or the sound of her that was driving her mad. All in all, it aided the constant throb between her legs that grew in intensity with each passing second, and it made her effort to heighten the pleasure relentless.

She continued to surge inside the slick opening and tore her eyes away from deep blue to examine moist folds. Nether lips were puffy, red with arousal and the infusion of blood, and her proud clit peaked from under its tender hood, pulsing and growing before gray eyes. Electric tendrils wove their way through her body at the sight, settling heavily between her legs and causing a whimper of her own. The brunette was so close that Catt could feel it, taste it, and even see it. Thrusting a few more times, she decided to change tactics.

The busy tongue traveled back upward, leaving ravaged flesh in its wake and finally circled the enlarged clit once again. Covering it with her lips, Catt initiated a slight suction. Once the aroused flesh was in the warm cavern of her mouth, she pushed it gently against the edge of strong teeth and raked the hood before reverting back to an even stronger suction.

"Ah, fuck!"

Lil's world went black for a fraction of a second as pleasure stormed through every fiber of her being. However, she didn't dare miss this, so the dimness turned into a sparkling gray once more. Devoured. That was the only coherent word passing through her brain. She had to tell her; she had to let her know how good. . . "Yesssss, suck it!" She sobbed through gritted teeth. Catt obliged her.

Even through the haze of pleasure, the labored breathing, and breathy moans, Lil could hear a slight buzzing in the near distance. It was insistent, and it then turned into knocking. Her arousal deflated a fraction. Seeing that her lover was distracted, Catt looked down inquisitively. Lil closed her eyes because surely she was hearing things. Who on earth would come over this early? And didn't they realize all that racket could wake the baby? She heard it again and her head fell back against the pillow in exasperation. Her back screamed at the sudden inactivity, causing her to hiss out, "Someone's at the damn door!"

Catt tore her mouth away from its nest with a slurp. She licked away the moisture around her lips. "What?!"

The younger woman sighed and bucked slightly, trying to ease the pain. "I saiiiid that someone is at the fucking door!"

Catt looked from the delectable treat that she was eating to the blue eyes starring incredulously up at her. "You've got to be kidding me?!" That was when she heard it too, the knock then the buzz. "Aw, shit!" She gently unlatched the legs around her neck and removed them from her shoulders. Gray eyes studied her own naked, sweaty body then looked at Lil's. "You gonna go get it? I don't think whoever's there is going away."

Deep blue studied the ceiling. She could feel the slow blush working its way up her skin. She sighed again when her ears heated. Her legs felt like jelly and not even the firm kind. It was more runny like jelly tends to get when you leave it out too long. Glancing from under hooded eyelids, "Uhm, I don't think I can walk. Can you, uh, get it?" She could see gray eyes immediately light with mirth and smugness. "No! Don't even say it. Just go get the door!"

Catt chuckled. Bending over her prone lover, she kissed the red nose. "You're too much. Don't ever change." Waiting until she got a smile in return, she hopped off the bed, mindful of the smell of sex and arousal that wafted with her. 'Oh, well.' Grabbing a robe, she blew a kiss as she made her way out the bedroom door to the living room.

Jean looked at the closed door with a frown then glanced at the obviously new car in her daughter's driveway in confusion. 'Hmm, her car is there,' she looked at the old Honda, 'then who's car is that?' She poised her hand to knock again when the door was wrenched open. "Lil, who?" Turning she looked up into gray eyes. Her brow scrunched further down in total confusion.

Catt noticed the resemblance almost right off. 'Oh, shit!' Her mind worked overtime, trying to think of something, anything to keep this from turning out bad. Like old habit, the coolness reasserted itself. "Uh, may I help you?"

Jean took in the robed form. The woman was beautiful, except for those cold eyes. Blue eyes continued to study the woman in front of her, noticing the sweat dripping from the woman's forehead and the dampness of her hair. "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to interrupt your shower. Do I have the right apartment? Does Lil live here?"

Catt pursed her lips. 'There's no way out of this. She's gonna see Lil and know something's going on. Ah, damn sweetie I know you didn't want it like this. Things were going so good.' Sighing, the blonde answered, "Y-yes she is. I'll get her." Catt pulled the door open wider, allowing the woman to enter. "Have a seat. Be right back."

Ever astute, Jean sat on the couch and studied the apartment. It was different. Expensive looking paintings hung on the wall where movie posters used to be. A comfortable looking leather recliner huddled in the corner of the living room. There were fragile additions to the little knick knacks that adorned the shelves. She looked to the side to see what looked like a cherry wood cabinet that sported exorbitant looking china. The permanent scrunch seemed to have frozen her brow. 'Where did she get the money for all this. It doesn't even look like stuff that she would like.' Like a stray afterthought that her mind had finally registered, she screamed to herself, 'And who the hell was that woman over here this early in the morning?!'

Lil chuckled at the situation as she swung tired legs around to hang off the bed. Things were going so good between them. A playful rapport established itself once they had gotten passed the talking and the hiding. All of it seemed to have released a floodgate of passion. Lil smiled to herself, 'Hell, I've probably done things that would make Gab blush.'

The smile asserted itself physically thinking of the strong link that existed between her sister and Tara. 'I have that now. I have her now. Jamie loves her, and I. . .' She leaned back onto the bed and covered her face as another blush threatened. Screaming her happiness into her hands, she giggled at her own giddiness. Jumping up, she heard quick footsteps heading back toward the bedroom.

Catt pushed the door open then fell back heavily against it with her hands flat against the cool wood. She bit her lip and starred at her lover, knowing the panicked look that was glowing in her eyes. The smile fell from Lil's lips. "What's wrong? Are you okay?"

Pulling her hands up, the blonde pointed to the vicinity of the living room. "Uhm, you might want to put some clothes on. I think your mother is out there."

Deep blue widened in disbelief. Her mouth opened then closed then opened again. "WHAT!? Ohgodohgodohgod!" She ran around the room opening drawers and taking out clothes haphazardly. Lifting a foot, she attempted to pull on panties only to see the floor rushing up to meet her. "Ooof! Oww!" She turned over on her back and rubbed her chin as she slipped the underwear up her raised thighs.

Catt watched on in fascination.

Through the struggle with her clothes, the brunette continued to chatter. "Dammit! I didn't want her to find out this way!" She passed a hand through dark locks and caught a wiff something. "Oh God, we even smell like sex!"

Catt licked her lips and hoped the older woman didn't get too close to her face, knowing that something had probably dried on it and left its ashy remains.

"I can't believe this!" She looked up and asked her lover, "Can you believe this?" Distracted gray eyes stared back at her. She pointed an accusing finger. "Are you even listening to me?" The finger poked her in the chest. "This effects you too!" Poke. "So don't think you're gonna hide!" Poke. Poke. "I need you out there!" Poke. Poke. Poke.

Catt looked down at the probing finger and wondered if she was going to have a bruise. A dusky nipple stood at attention under the robe as a testament to the area of the poke. She continued to look, trying to hide the suddenly growing smirk.

Contracting her brow, Lil looked down to see what her lover was staring at. "Hey, I need. . ." The poking finger skirted a little to the left and met pebbly flesh, albeit clothed. "Wha—" The brunette's curious hands parted the robe to see nipples standing erect and waiting. Feeling the after effects of unspent passion, she traced the flesh with thumb and forefinger and watched it elongate even more. "Oh, my---" The fingers pulled slightly, and the action was rewarded with a hiss. Catt looked up, feeling the residual emotion too. Eyes met right before lips crushed each other in a searing kiss. They moaned simultaneously as tongues fought for entry. Lil threw her body into her lover's and groaned as nipples scrapped sensuously. The kiss deepened and continued until she heard the distinct sound of her mother's voice calling her name. "Lil?"

Tearing her mouth away, she replied breathlessly, "Coming mother!"

Gray eyes widened in an aroused haze right before a snort exited Catt's swollen lips. Lil glanced back into stormy eyes at the strange sound. She raised a dark eyebrow when the woman under her started to chuckle. Her own mouth twitched, recognizing the pun. After a few seconds, they both started to giggle silently. The younger woman laid her head against her lover's shoulders as the laughter subsided. The tension of the moment was broken for the time being. Lifting her head, she smiled before she brushed blonde bangs out of the way to kiss her forehead.



Backing away, Lil reached for her clothes. "Let's get dressed and we'll go out there together."

Catt grabbed the small hand into her own before Lil walked completely away.

"Hey, no matter what happens. I'm here for the long haul." Smiles were exchanged along with a few more kisses.

Feeling fidgety, Jean got up to walk around the living room. 'Something is going on here.' Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a door opening and closing. She watched as the two figures progressed down the hall, side by side. 'And I'm going to find out what it is.' Jean sat back on the couch waiting for her daughter to join her. To her surprise, Lil sat on the nearby loveseat, and the taller woman sat on the raised edge beside her. She looked from one to the other as whispers of speculation filled the back of her mind. 'I've got to know.' "Um, I haven't been here in a while. Just got back from Terre Haute, so I though that I would pay a visit. Didn't mean to wake you."

"It's okay mom. Is everything okay with Gab?"

Jean noticed the nervous lilt in her daughter's voice, and she wasn't going to ignore it. "They're getting there. I didn't come here to really talk about them. What's been going on with you lately? You've been acting a tad secretive." With a glance upward, she added, "Who is she and what's with the new car and new things?"

Lil stiffened, and instinctively, blindly she reached for a familiar hand. Wrapping around it, she squeezed the flesh and disregarded the shocked look on her mother's face. 'Good old mom. You've never been one to beat around the bush. Well, neither am I.' She looked up into stormy gray, searching and got a small nod and smile in return. It was enough. "Those are her things mom. Our things." She pulled the hand to her lips and gave it a quick kiss. "This is Caitlin, my partner."

Catt let the breath that she was holding loose in a gush. She had sounded so matter of fact, so confident that she couldn't help but smile down at her. Lil looked up, feeling a weight lift off her shoulders. It was freeing as well as relieving. Gray twinkled down at her in what looked like admiration, and the young woman beamed back, mouthing the words, "I love you."

Jean heard her heart thump in her ears and then she heard it stop. 'Did I just hear her right? She did say partner, and the woman was wearing a robe when she answered the door. I---ohmygodohmygodohmygod! I can't believe this!' Confusion and astonishment flooded her body, causing her hands to clench into fist and her mouth to drop. Then there was only numbness.

Blue and gray tore away from each other to look at the woman seated on the couch. Lil waited for the blow up, but none came. There was just this look of utter bafflement. Lovers glanced at each other once more when no sound exited the older woman's mouth. "Mom? Mom, are you okay?" Lil got up to kneel by her mother's side. "Mom, look at me." Similar blues clashed. "C'mon mom, talk to me."

Jean's mouth finally started to move as a jumble of words fell out. "I thought. . .how. . .are you sure?"

Lil turned to her lover, beckoning her with a hand to come join her. When the taller woman was at her side, she whispered, "Yes, mom we're sure."

Jean looked from one face to another, seeing the confidence shine in her daughter's eyes and concern glowing in formally cold gray as the looked down at her. Still not getting enough reaction from the seated woman, Lil whispered up to her lover. "Catt, will you go get mom some juice or something?"

"Yeah, Sparky will do."

Upon hearing the nickname, Jean's eyes widened in further shock as they followed the blonde's retreating back into the kitchen.

End of Part I

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