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Copyright © January 2001

(The lyrics to the song featured in this story were borrowed from Monifah. They are featured in her song , “Touch It.”)

Chapter I

I close my eyes and lean back in the chair, releasing a breath that disturbs my bangs. For right now, I’m ignoring the chatter and laughter of the other women around me. I know that I need to get out my jeans and sweater, but the grinding beat of the music is all I hear. It’s the only thing that releases me—the music, the dance. For what seems like an eternity, I have total control of the stage and the audience that surrounds it, whether they are male or female.

In the daytime, I go to class to study sociology. In the afternoon, I’m a waitress. At night, I dance. Not just any kind of dance, it’s of the erotic variety without clothes. Don’t think I’m old enough to do that? I’m twenty two and a second year senior. That’s old enough. There are no harsh words from a boss who doesn’t understand. There are no pinches or pawing unless I want it. Here, in the music, the dance, and with that pole in the middle of the stage, I find freedom.

I’m not doing this because I was abused as a child. In fact, if my mother knew, she’d kill me, but thank God she’s back in Ohio, while I’m halfway across the country. Anyhow, I’m not paying my way through college. I have a scholarship that takes care of tuition, and before it even becomes an option to you, let me say that I have the utmost respect for myself and all women. I do this because I want to. I do it because this stinkin society doesn’t allow women control over anything. To most of the men that run this world, we are just bodies that birth children and fuck their brains out when they need it. You think that’s harsh? Think about it. I learned it in school, in sociology class.

On the stage, it’s where I take back my body and use it against them, making almost everybody in that audience weak puppies. No, no I don’t hate men. I just hate what society has pumped into them as well as us. It’s plain and simple.

I glance around the dressing room, where all of us have been herded in here like cattle by the big guy outside. It’s posh, frilly, pink and filled with all the preconceived notions that there are about us. We all have our own little section to store and put on make up, costumes, and street clothes.

Exploitation you think? Nah, it’s a case of you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. The Big guy needs us and vice versa. You see, strippers come a dime a dozen, but dancers, the ones who feel it, revel in it, only come along once in a blue moon. I’d like to think that I’m the latter. I’m not gonna tell you how I picked The Grind out of all the other shit holes in town. It isn’t important. I’m just gonna show you a night in my life.

I am jostled from my ‘relaxation’ by the sound of clapping, loud laughter, and my name being called.

“Willow! You gotta come look at this girl!”

Yep, that’s my name Willow Campbell, and no, I don’t look a thing like that girl that plays on that Buffy show. So, don’t ask.

I swivel around in the chair, eyeing the very naked, perky redhead. Her name, if you can believe it, is Red. Regardless of that, I can’t help myself. This is who I am. I like pushing the envelope, throwing people off kilter, and I know she’ll be easy because she is relatively new. It’s a neat little thing to control people’s emotions like that. I feel the corner of my mouth move up in a sexy smirk, then in a slow perusal as similar to a caress as I can get it, I study her from head to toe.

“Anything else you want me to see, Red?” I watch the blush start from her chest and creep up to her neck. I scored, but she tries to play it off by rolling her eyes. I continue smirking but follow her lead as she points toward the other women.

“Not me! Silk’s back!”

I raise a brow. It’s the look of a smart ass, but I’m just kidding. I like all these girls, all eight of them. They are really my only friends because they get to see who I believe is the real me. That person during the day is just a cover. At night, I become the real Willow.

I hear Red sigh. “Don’tcha wanna see how she turned out?”

Silk’s been out for over six weeks. I’ve talked to her a couple of times, but haven’t had the chance to visit. Don’t think she wanted me to anyway. She was in a lot of pain. A patron had her breasts done along with some liposuction around the hips. I don’t go for that kind of thing. There’s no substitute for a good diet and exercise. Sounds cliché I know.

Can’t you just see me in one of those milk ads in magazines? All five feet four inches of me, sporting a milk mustache, naked except for a g-string, straddling some animal skin, and saying, “Milk does the body good.” What? You can’t see it? Neither can I, but I digress. Still, I have to admit that I’m a little curious. I’ve never touched fake breasts before. At least, I don’t think I have.

I get up and move toward the crowd of semi naked women. Some are only wearing half a costume. Patrice is the only one decked out in her full vampire gear. I tell you, that girl makes me want to get bitten. The rest of them look like half an amazon, half a French maid and so on. They’re standing around Silk like she’s an exhibit or something. The little group parts for me. For some reason, they all look up to me. Silk told me once that it’s because nothing rattles me. I guess that’s an admirable quality to have.

Some of the girls grin at me and the others whisper, wondering what I’m gonna do. They all know that Silk and me used to be lovers. It’s no big secret. We parted as friends and have been that way ever since. Still, a girl gets lonely sometimes, and who better to call then someone you know?

Anyway, I step in front of her, and she looks down at me smiling with those big hazel eyes. I think she’s the most beautiful woman that I’ve ever seen. She stands tall and curvy in all the right places. Perfection. There was no need for the surgery, but she’s getting older. With no formal education, she thinks this is all she can do. I’ve been trying to tell her different, but she hasn’t been listening. A woman needs something to fall back on.

Her skin is the color of whipped cappuccino, but I know for sure that it’s sweeter. Her hair, every inch of it real, dangles down her back in the smallest and most intricate of braids. Slashing cheek bones, a determined chin, and full, soft lips make her a beautiful woman, but the smile that’s on her face now makes her an extraordinarily beautiful one. My lips twitch in acknowledgement. She knows that I’m always up to something. I don’t want to disappoint.

With the gentleness of butterfly wings, I use fingertips to trail from her collarbone to the tops of full breasts. She sucks in a breath, and my smile becomes wider. I trace around the raisin colored nipples, watching with interest as they harden and come to attention. “Cold in here?” I ask. I ignore the chuckles from the peanut gallery behind me.

“You know better.” She answers breathlessly.

Silk’s breath starts to come a little faster, but she knows that I’ll only go so far. My fingers stop when I get to the underside of her breasts and the fading scars. I graze them and look up at her sadly. "You were beautiful then, and you are now.” She bites her lip and nods down at me with gratitude shining in her eyes. My own green ones twinkle as I lean in to place a soft kiss in the valley between her breasts. My hands trail down her sides as I kneel. I come face to face with the pitch black downy hair between her legs. I can smell her. Her body remembers me well. I smirk up at her in recognition. Silk chuckles, “You’re bad.”

“Uh-huh.” I resist the urge to bury my nose between her legs. Instead, my hands flutter over the curve of her hips, and I hear her suck in another deep breath. She’s gonna wow the crowd tonight with the way I’m making her feel. Her hips are slimmer, but as homage to her as a friend and sometime lover, I kiss the outside of both thighs before I stand back up. I glance behind me to see wide and rolling eyes, along with amused grins aimed toward us. I smile shyly, and they laugh because they know the shyness is an act.

The crowd disperses as the rest of the girls go back to their cubicles to finish getting ready. I turn back to Silk. She raises a hand to my face, cupping a cheek then moves my forever messy bangs away from my eyes. “Thanks Will.” Her eyes shine merrily.

I give her a toothy grin then a serious look. “Anytime. You know that.”

She grasps my shoulder and squeezes. “You’d better go get dressed. Help me when you’re done?”

“Sure. No prob. Do my hair the way I like?”

“The big corn rows?”

“Yeah, see you in a little bit.” She nods and turns around to walk away. I can’t help but watch. Glad she didn’t have work done on her ass. It’s so perfect makes you wanna cry.

I’m back in my little area, applying more make up than I would ever wear on the street, but it looks damned good. It’s the costume that takes a little time. I use large silk scarves, seven of them. Some of them are dark, some light, and some are see through. The blue and red one cover my breasts. I tie them in a soft knot behind my back. They have a lot to hold up. Let’s just say that I’ll never need implants.

The purple one goes under those two and covers the rest of my torso, hiding six pack abs that I’m more than proud of. The next three are the tricky ones. They hide my g-string. A yellow scarf goes around my waist, providing a base for the dark green and orange ones to hang and cover the back and front. The white one has two long golden strings that can be tied together at the back of my head. This one goes around my face, covering my nose and lips. Don’t ask how I came up with this ensemble. A little bird told me. I look in the mirror one last time to make sure everything is in place. It’s time to get my hair done.

I walk up behind Silk, and she turns, seeing me in the mirror. She stands tall decked out in black leather and lace outfit complete with sword. It doesn’t look like she needs much help right now. When she puts on the lone ranger like mask, you can almost forget who she is. In her old act, she was an African princess. She got this new one from some show she likes on TV, Queen of something. All I know is, you’d have to be inhuman if the whole package she represents didn’t make you tremble.

She pats the stool with a hand, and I jump up careful not to pull anything. Her hands run through my short hair. It used to be long, but I like it better this way. It’s sexier. Silk even said so. Before long, I see and feel her working away, parting my hair, fashioning sections into fat braids, and leaving the back hanging freely. I watch her face and the play of her hands in the mirror. I think I may need a friend tonight. She catches me and smiles knowingly. Her voice is husky. “You busy tonight?”

I grin back. “Got a little reading to do, but don’t let that keep you from coming over.”

“ ‘Round oneish?”

“Yeah, sounds good.” Silk nods as she finishes the last section of my hair.

“There. Looks good.” She rubs my back. “I’m gonna go make sure Sam doesn’t mess up my music.”

I grab her arm when she turns away, making her look back. “Wear the costume?” I ask. I do love leather, and I would love to make her lose control while she wears it.

She chuckles and walks away. I take that as a yes.

I look toward the opening and closing dressing room door. Some girls have already gotten their call. I just have to hang back and wait for mine. I hope the tips are good tonight. I’ve been wanting a new computer. Maybe a lap dance or three will get it for me. The rent and bills are paid. So this money tonight is mad money.

Chapter 2

I decide to venture out to the hallway. I hate the sounds my heels make against the floor, but I love the way the silk scarves feel against my body when I walk. It’s like the lightest of touches. Anyway, sometimes I get restless and just have to move. I run into the Big Guy. He’s a middle aged guy and nice enough. He’s short, pudgy, and losing his hair. He has this scratchy voice that reminds me of sandpaper. BG always smells of those cigars he smokes along with semi-expensive cologne.

He gives me a toothy smile when he sees me. “Hey, Wills. We got a nice crowd out there tonight. You should rack up. There’s a table full of frat boys about 2 o’clock, even got a few women in the mix.”

I grin back at him and tweak his large nose. “Thanks BG.”

He nods. “Just be careful of those frat kids. If they start pawing at you and you don’t want it just give me and Jake a holler. We’ll be watching.”

See, he really is a sweetie. He doesn’t grope the girls or proposition us, and on the nights when tips are light, he pays us out of pocket. I think he views us as his kids or something. “Great. Hey, could you make sure Sam plays the right music tonight? What’s been up with him lately? Last night, I went on to Red’s music.”

He nods profusely. “I know. I heard, but go easy on him. His wife left him. I heard she caught him in bed with one of the girls from the Cat Club.”

My eyes widen. “Ooh, you hear all the gossip don’tcha BG? What else you hear?” His laugh is gruff but all around pleasant. I’m not the nosey sort. I just like to talk to him. Some of the other girls aren’t so patient with him. I think I try to make up for that.

We venture all the way up the hall until we are behind the curtains that lead out to the stage. As he continues to talk loudly, because of the music, I peek through the curtain. Sure enough, I spot a table full of clean cut college boys. Some of them even look familiar. This should be fun. Maybe if they talk to their buddies in class, I’ll get more business. You’d think I’ d care that they could spread this all over school, but I don’t. They don’t know me, and they probably never will. So any speculation about me will just be that.

I watch Red twirl and slide down the pole as if it’s an extension of her body. The girl is good, but not as good as me. That’s not arrogance speaking just confidence. Don’t get them confused. I’m up next and that’s good because I was starting to get anxious.

I smile at BG as he leaves to go check on Sam, and I take several deep breaths, letting the excitement course through my veins. It’s like a pounding throughout my entire body. It makes me want to move just to excise it. Red’s music fades, and she makes her way back through the curtain with dollar bills teeming from between the strap of her g-string. She smirks at me. “You’re gonna tear ‘em up tonight girl. Go for it.”

Did I mention that I like her? If I didn’t, I’m telling you now. I shake the kinks out of my body as Sam announces me.

“Ladies and Gentlemen are you ready for a treat tonight?” The crowd goes wild. I have to smile. “Good because I’m gonna give you one. She won’t weep for you, but she will give you something you’ll never forget. Give a Grind like welcome to Willow and her dance of the seven veils!”

I let out a final breath. A slow smile takes over my face as I walk out on stage to the beat of the music. The crowd goes wild again, drowning out the rap portion of the song. I already own and control them. I grab the pole and twirl around so fast that I leave the ground, but that move is misleading. I dance the same way I like to make love, starting off slow and intense until it builds to a point where you’re crying out for me to go faster, deeper, and harder. Then, when I’m finished, you still want more. I remove the first scarf. It’s the one around my face.

The music and the lyrics spur me on. I love this song. It’s an old one, but it fits me somehow. I bend my knees slightly and gyrate my pelvis from left to right before moving into a slow grind.

Do you really wanna touch it Do you really wanna mess with me tonight Oh, and if you know how I like it Would you call my name and give it to me right

My hands move in a sensual caress over my breasts down my stomach, then between my legs where I cup myself and make my expression seem like I’m beyond enjoyment. I turn around, bend over, and lift the scarf covering my behind, giving them all a peek. With a hand, I trace from the small of my back all the way down, parting my cheeks then make them quiver with a life of their own.

Could you just put that thing on me So I can just freak on you And you could just freak on me And I’m gon’ give it to you all night long I’m ma show your body what your lips are doing wrong Ooh

My whole body moves with my hips in a continuous fluid wave. I make my way as close to the edge of the stage as possible. It’s time for the real show. The college boys and some older men are lined up to meet me. A bold one steps out, and I give him first dibs. Wiggling my butt in his face, I grab his hand, making him grasp the scarf in the back. He pulls and the crowd cheers. I feel hands slide money into the top of my g-string along with a few gropes.

I spin around and grasp the hand of a second guy, who just happens to be one of those familiar looking college guys. His eyes are dazed with either lust or arousal. His hands go around my gyrating hips, and he tries to pull me to him. With a quick change of tactics, I lift the scarf covering the front and throw it over his head. I feel him shudder. He’s probably where he wants to be, between my legs.

A rather large hand covers my torso, and I allow him to rip that one away, exposing my abs. I push the guy between my legs away, but I drag him up on stage. He gets behind me, grinding his hips into me. His hands slide up my back, and I urge him with a nod. With a couple of tugs, my breasts are free and swaying slightly. He wraps the scarves around his own neck and tries to cover my breasts with his hands, but I slap him away and send the crowd a chagrined look which makes them laugh. College boy finally leaves the stage, and again, I return to the edge looking for the lucky bastard that gets to take the last to veils away.

I don’t have to look far. A burly man latches on to the scarf around my waist. I spin, and it comes loose. Coming back around to face him, I take the scarf from his hands and wrap it around his neck as my body continues to undulate right in front of him. His face is red, and I lean in to kiss him on the nose for good measure. He tries to hold on, but I push him back. I don’t think he was expecting that much strength from a woman. I am naked now, except for the green g-string. Money is thrown on the stage, shoved in my hands, and put in my underwear. I have to take a minute to give most of it to Jake.

Do you really wanna touch it Do you really wanna fuck with me tonight Oh, and if you know how I like it Would you call my name and give it to me right

I walk back up to the pole and latch onto it, thrusting against it with my legs splayed. Bending down a little, I lean way back until I can see the crowd. Righting myself, I suck a finger into my mouth then run it from my neck, around nipples to my belly button. Using both hands, I smooth them over naked breasts, cupping and mushing them together.

I study the crowd, discreetly. I see eyes filled with lust and arousal. For now, they are helpless, and what they are feeling is dependent upon what I do. It’s a heady power to have. Only a few feet away, I glance toward the well lit bar, where most of the women that come here hang out if the place is full. I see the same things in their faces, except for one. My breath catches and I almost miss a step. In one face, I see only curiosity and then nothing. It throws me completely because it’s a look I’m unfamiliar with.

I can tell from here that she’s tall. Dark hair falls down her back, stopping in the middle, meshing with the darkness of the leather jacket she’s wearing. She turns away. I assume to go back to her drink, but her expression stays with me. For some reason, it angers me. I don’t understand it. Good thing the song is over. I turn, heedless to the applause and throw the curtain back in irritation in my need to get away. Somebody else can pick up the scarves that are left.

BG tries to talk to me, but I wave him away with a hand. I push my way into the dressing room, ignoring the gasps of surprise and startlement. I grab a t-shirt out of my drawer and pull it on before throwing myself in the chair. Why the hell come here and stay if you’re not having a good time? A sinking feeling starts to gnaw at my gut. Maybe she was. Maybe it’s me she doesn’t like. But, that’s ridiculous. Everyone likes me! Okay, that is a little arrogance talking.

I don’t like this. Why should I care what one woman thinks? I tug at the ends of the t-shirt and sigh. I don’t know but I have to find out what’s going on. Maybe I can get her to be my first customer. A little private dance might change her tune. The more I think about it. The better it sounds. I look up to see Red coming toward me.

“Wills? Everything okay?”

I look at her. I must have something in my eyes because hers widen. “Yeah, it will be.” I get up without another word, and she moves out of my way.

I wrestle out of the t-shirt and throw it on a nearby stool as I head for the door. It’s time to go back to work.

I plop into a seat at the bar totally aware of the stares I’m getting. I pick the chair right beside the brunette, hoping my nakedness will throw her off. She gives me a short glance then turns away again.

Timmy, the bartender, comes down my way. “Great show, Wills!”

“Thanks Timmy. Appreciate it. Uh, can you give me a jack and coke?”

He turns to move back down the bar when the brunette’s hand snakes out to stop him. “It’s on me.” Her voice is rough but smooth at the same time.

He glances toward me, and I look back in confusion. Who is this woman and why is she doing this? “It’s already on the house, “ He says.

Her arm moves back to the bar, and she’s silent once again. I don’t let that deter me. I have to get something out of her.

“You having a good time?” I turn on the bar stool, hoping she’ll look my way. I want to see her.

She shrugs.

Oookay. “Um, I haven’t seen you around here before. You new?”


To my exasperation, she still doesn’t glance my way. Utterly perturbed, I do the only thing I can think of. I get nasty. I reach out to grab her arm. “You don’t talk much do you, or are you just plain rude?” There’s an edge to my voice.

She finally turns, and my breath leaves me completely. I was wrong Silk is the second most beautiful woman I’ve even seen. This woman is the first. Her eyes are the first thing that catches me. They are the most fascinating blue I think I have ever seen. They’re the color you’d expect the coldest ice to be.

They are set in a face that could cut you it’s so sharp with slashing cheekbones and chiseled chin. Her lips are full but not overly so, and they look so soft. Makes you want to touch them and see for yourself. Long, luxurious, jet black hair frames her face and bangs that are just a little too long almost completely covers her forehead and brows. Only, I can see one is raised high in a look that I realize is akin the expression I saw up on stage. She peers down at my hand, and more than a little flustered, I take it away.

“Um, sorry.” My heart is slamming against my chest. I don’t know if it’s excitement or apprehension causing this. I think it’s both. I have to know what’s going on inside this woman. Pale blue bore into me, and I can’t turn away. Everything disappears around me—the music, the chatter, and the applause.

“Why did you come over here, Willow?”

The way she says my name, it’s like a caress, drawing the syllables out as if they could go on forever. Still unable to look away, I feel around in front of me, and sure enough my drink is there. I don’t even know when Timmy brought it. I brink it to my lips and murmur, “Uh, drink.”

Her eyes narrow. “Liar.”

I almost choke on the drink. What does this woman see? Too much.

She leans closer, and I am enveloped in unbelievable heat. I feel my breath leave me again.

“You don't strike me as a liar, Willow.”

I find myself wanting to scoot closer. I don’t even know this woman, and with the way she’s affecting me, I feel off my game. Part of me doesn’t like it. It’s never happened before. I have to ask her.

“Who are you?” She smirks, and as a result her eyes deepen in color. It is amazing to watch. Did I cause that to happen?

“My friends call me Ronnie. Who are you?”

Okay, now I’m confused. She already knows my name. “I’m Willow. You already know that. It was me up there on stage. They announced me and everything.” I say in an attempt to be facetious.

Ronnie chuckles. It’s sexy, throaty, and sends chills down my spine. With her chin, she points toward the stage. “That wasn’t you up there not really. What you did up there was all calculated. Each step, each move, it was all totally controlled. You didn’t feel a thing.”

I resent the statement immediately. Yes, I like to control the crowd, but I feel the music. I feel everything. I mean, don’t I? I thought I did. My eyes narrow and I prepare to deny the statement.

“Do you feel anything?”

The question slams into me like a blow. Do I? Or has everything become a manipulation? I felt something earlier. Anger toward her, but was that a result of her not fitting into my little scheme? Right now, I feel attraction, but I have to admit that it’s something that I haven’t felt in a while not since Silk. I don’t know how to answer the question. “I-I, um. . .”

“It’s a shame for such a beautiful woman. You should feel it —passion, need, pleasure, and the pain that goes with it all.” Her gaze encompasses my body.

I can feel and see her eyes smolder as they study me. This time, I can’t stop myself. I scoot closer. She smells so good sort of spicy and soft at the same time. The look in her eyes tell me that she feels the same thing that I am right now. Heat.

Ronnie reaches out a hand and cups my cheek. Her touch is electric, and I lean into it. I should be running from this, but I can’t it feels too good. It’s been a long time since I felt good. Her thumb moves and begins to stroke my lips. I open my mouth automatically to taste her skin with a flick of my tongue. I see her chest heave in reaction. Oh yeah, she is into this.

“Let me help you. I. . can make you feel everything again. Dance for me.” Her voice is husky, deep. For some reason, she leaves me speechless and leaves my stomach in pleasurable knots. I turn to place a kiss on her palm before I grab her hand and get up. Without a word, I lead her to the back where the booths are.

Already, we’ve crossed some lines in the way we touched, but I don’t care. I want this. The room is dimly lit, but I’m able to hear and see her take off her jacket and sit down with a crunch on the imitation leather. My breath is coming fast, but so is hers. The throbbing beat of the music provides us an additional backdrop.

I stand with my back to her, trying to compose myself, still trying to regain some control. Ronnie doesn’t let me. Her large hands splay over the curve of my almost naked hips. It feels like fire is shooting through her fingertips. My skin burns. I can’t help myself as a groan escapes. “God. . .” She loves it. I hear her breathing become more ragged or is that mine?

“No, don’t try and control it. Let go.” Her voice is deeper, sexier. I shiver.

With her hands, she guides me. My hips move from left to right in a slow circle. After a minute and to my disappointment, her hands fall away, but I am moving on my own now. Each movement makes my skin feel tighter, makes my breathing heavier, and makes my blood pump faster. I feel the swelling and wetness between my legs. It’s all a part of me now. I throw my head back, hands up, and moan.

“Yesss, that’s it. Let it go.”

I turn around to face her, and the arousal that darkens her eyes and makes her face flush urges me on. I watch as she wets her lips and continues to concentrate hungrily on my body.

I take a step closer, wanting her to be encompassed by the rawness that I am feeling. Placing a bent knee on the seat and the other between her legs, I lean forward and push my breasts into her face. Ronnie’s groan is loud and deep, and her hands clasp behind my naked back, pulling me to her. My hips continue to gyrate against her torso. The hard points of her breasts through her shirt, rubbing against my stomach.

Her hands snake down and grasp my buttocks, squeezing and kneading them. She parts the cheeks and goes under the g-string, fingering sensitive flesh. “Fuck!” My hips buck hard against her, but before I know it, she’s gone again. I whimper in protest.

I pull back slightly to look down at her, but it is a short glance. She grasps the back of my neck, pulling me down to her to meet wet lips no doubt. Ronnie crushes my lips to hers. We both moan loud and harshly at the contact. Her mouth opens wide, letting me in without hesitation. I spear deep, tasting the sweetness of amaretto. Our tongues battle and swirl with each other. She sucks on my tongue and my hips begin to move against her in the same rhythm.

The need to breathe tears me away from her with a whimper, but the rest of my body refuses to be still, neither do her hands. Ronnie reaches around the cup my breasts, palming them with infinite care. I see her head descending, but for some reason I don’t realize what she’s doing until the flick of her tongue. It starts out slowly at first, softly, and as I could feel my nipple getting harder, I could feel the rough texture of her tongue moving rapidly, vehemently over it. I cry out, and I hear her groan not far after.

After long minutes, she looks up at me with eyes like blue fire. “You. . . feel it don’t you? Now. . feel me.” She reaches down to unzip the fly of her jeans, revealing no underwear and dark, curly hair. Ronnie doesn’t have to ask me to touch. I’m eager to do so. I capture her lips again and cup her sex. She moans into my mouth. The heat there is beyond scorching, like liquid fire against my hand. I didn’t know a woman could be this wet for me. My mouth watered at the smell of her. She’s making me sweat. I throb. Everything does, making me want to rub up against her. I sense my own arousal, mingling with hers.

Impatience takes hold of me, and I try to force her jeans the rest of the way down her legs. I would have to move, and she would have to help. I don’t think either one of us want to, but I have to. I raise up on shaky legs, and she rustles the jeans the rest of the way down. I glance at her to see her shoes in the way, so wanting and needing need to help, I turn and bend to grab a foot.

I cry out suddenly at the feel of lips on my backside. Eager hands tug at the strings of my underwear. She’s as anxious as I am. I try to turn toward her, but she won’t let me. Somehow, she wrestles out of her pants. The g-string whispers down my legs, exposing me to the air and her gaze, both making my wetness double. With my back still to her, Ronnie pulls me down, slowly, placing my backside right against her soppy sex. It is exquisite, the feel of it—wet, silky flesh---against me.

Her legs are spread wide, and I do the same with mine, hooking them around hers. I am pressed against her so tightly that I am treated to the indentation of swollen lips and sharp nipples poking my back through her t-shirt. Almost immediately, she groans hoarsely and starts to grind against me. I push back against her. I was wrong before. This is the exquisite feeling. As she gyrates against me, one of her large hands cover my breasts, stroking taut nipples, pulling on them. I moan in reaction. Her other hand moves down my stomach. She cups my sex then with talented fingers parts the lips wide, exposing my raised clit to the air. “Oh God!” My hips lift in reaction, separating me from her for a second, but our bodies meet again with a wet smack.

Her moans are guttural and husky against my ear. I want to come right now. It’s all just too much. I had no idea I could affect someone this way, or they could do the same for me. A finger slides into my wetness, avoiding where I need it most, to play near my opening. They are relentless in their search. I don’t mind at all. My stomach clenches in painful pleasure. Her hot mouth covers my neck then nips at my ear again.

“Feel it. Touch yourself.”

It is a good idea because I can’t take much more before I scream my head off. I reach up for her, and she finds me. Ronnie’s mouth close over my fingers, sucking them in deep. My clit jumps in reaction, and I realize it needs immediate attention. God, I am so wet. I'm dripping down all the way to my crack. I take my fingers from her mouth and slide them between my legs. My body bucks, and I whimper at the first touch. It’s so big, so hard, and so sensitive. My caresses are slow, but I can’t stand it. I have to have more. As if reading my mind, Ronnie plunges into me. I scream as my body nearly lifts into the air.

“Yesss, so wet. . .hot,” she whispers in my ear. “Rub it for me.” I could come alone by the things she’s saying.

She pounds into me, making my blood and body sing. Sweat flies off our bodies. I can’t keep quiet, and neither can she. God, I love the way she sounds full of little whimpers and keening noises. I rub vigorously and she grinds into me harder, faster. Sparks shoot through my body all the way to my fingertips. My thighs shake, and my stomach clenches pushing my own pleasure as high as it can go. I can’t breath. I only want to feel. Her body jerks uncontrollably, smearing me with her juices.

Ronnie bites down hard on my shoulder, muffling a scream. I hear it anyway, and I love it. Her body erupts in shivers and spasms. She bucks against me, unable to stop. Her juices run all over me, hot and sticky. As a result of her orgasm, Ronnie’s fingers already deep inside me hook and spear suddenly deeper.

Still broken and shivering, she speaks. “Come. Let go. . .come.”

Warmth pools in my belly and turns molten, traveling everywhere at once. I feel as though I’m going to explode, and I want to all over her. It's right there in front of me. I grab it, and she speaks again, begging me. I come. I explode. I scream, and I come again.

I can’t stop shaking. I can’t stop feeling. She won’t stop touching me. The pleasure seems like it lasts forever. Finally, the pumping stops, and we sit there barely breathing, barely moving. As coherence returns, I realize that I have never been taken higher. I realize that she is right. Everything has been calculated, manipulated, and because I was so blind to it, I couldn’t see what I had become, just a plain old stripper and an over controlled individual.

She stirs beside me, and mumbles slightly. I smile and turn in her lap so that I could stroke a cheek. Pale eyes open and her smile is bright, beautiful.


I chuckle. “Hi yourself. You doin okay?”

Ronnie nods. “Uh huh, how bout you?”

My grin is big. “Oh, I’d say I’m doing a lot better.”

“Mmm, good.”

I watch her. I want her, and I realize that I can’t let the one woman who can see through me and get under my skin get away. Not until I see where this can go. “What happens now?”

Her eyes turn serious then gentle, and she pushes away a damp tendril of hair that escaped from a braid. “I can pay you and end this right here.” She pauses. “Or we could see if there’s more than this between us.” She waves a hand over our naked bodies.

“Is this where the pleasure, passion and pain thing comes in?” I ask, knowing that for the moment, I wanted to feel it all.

“Yeah,” she responds with a smile.

“Then let’s go for it.”

Ronnie laughs and pulls me down for a kiss. A loud knock startles us both. Irritated, I call out, “What?!”

“It’s Silk just wanted to make sure you were okay. Red said you seemed a little off.”

I snort. A little off. That is the understatement of the year. Either way, I need to talk to her. I glance toward Ronnie. “Can I meet you outside? I need to take care of something.” I reach down for my g-string.

When I lift back up, she taps my nose. “Yeah, you can meet me.”

“Okay, which is your car. How will I recognize it?”

She laughs hard, and I stare at her in confusion. “What?”

“You won’t have any problems picking me out. Go ahead. Do what you have to do.”

I give her a quick kiss and pull up the g-string before going to the door. I open it just far enough to slip through, but I know the smell of sex did too. I close it quickly and look at Silk expectantly. Her hands are crossed over her chest.

“What are you up to Ms. Thang?”

I chuckle. “It’s not what you think. . .well it is, but not that way. She, um. . .whoa.” I can feel my face flush.

“It’s like that is it?”

I look at her for a long minute, hoping I don't see jealousy or bitterness. It wasn’t there. I smile at her. “Yeah, it is for right now anyway.” We start to walk in the direction of the dressing rooms.

“Good for you.” A smirk forms on her face. “So, I guess tonight is out?”

Silk rolls her eyes at the glimmer I know she can see in my eyes. “She might be into threesomes. I’ll have to ask.”


“You love it.”

“Yeah, yeah.”

We stop just outside the dressing room door.

“But you know no matter what happens, I’ll still be here.”

I stand on tip toe and place a kiss on her cheek. She’s some special woman. “Thank you for that.”

I rush to get dressed, and now I’m standing right outside the entrance looking into the still full parking lot with mad money tucked safely in my pocket. No one seemed to be out here. I flash of disappointment assails me, and I turn to go back inside. A loud roar stops me. It is getting closer, and I turn to see where it’s coming from. Kicking up the dust in the lot is an approaching motorcycle. I cover my ears at the loud, intruding sound.

It slows as it gets closer to me then comes to a stop. My eyes widen as I recognize the jacket. Ronnie reaches for her helmet, shaking long sable locks loose with a flip of her head. My stomach clenches at the sight. “Whoa.” To her and to the fact that--that is a big bike.

The light behind me allows me to see her grin. “Told ya.” She reaches around as if searching for something then throws me a helmet. “You’re not scared are you?” She holds out her hand. “Come on. Take a chance.”

I have learned tonight that it’s okay to lose control. I had too much of it. It had it’s fingers everywhere. It’s okay to let go. It’s okay to feel everything all the pleasure that life has to offer. Tonight, I opened my eyes. I met the REAL me—the passionate, intense Willow. I don’t want to turn back now. I take her hand and climb in back of her. She waits for me to put on the helmet.

“Hold on tight.”

I lean into her burying my face in the back of her neck, absorbing the smell of leather and spice as we drive off. Did I mention that I love leather? Yeah? I thought I did. Well, tonight wasn’t typical by any means. I don’t think many nights will be from now on. I’ll let you know the next time we talk.

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