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~Giving In Gracefully~


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Lil loved her daughter, Jamie. She really did, but at this moment in time, the brunette understood why her mother didnít take Gabrielle and her on road trips. Kids became evil when they were locked up for more than a few minutes. Lil heard another, "VROOM, VROOM!", and Jamieís bottle flew past her head for the umpteenth time in thirty minutes to land on the mat beside her feet.

The commute from Gary to OíHare airport in Chicago took all of forty-five minutes on a good day, but today wasnít one of those. Traffic was back to back this afternoon, and she had barely even made it off the Borhman Highway. íThis is another thing you have to make up to me, Catt,í she said to herself with an evil grin. The car in front of her moved up, and she was able to drive a whole inch before stopping again. Of all the reasons for a road trip, at least this one had meat to it. Catt had been in Philly for a week, missing their first Valentineís Day. The flowers and sexy phone calls had helped, but they paled in comparison to sparkling gray eyes and silky blonde hair. The flowers made her heart ache, spurring her to buy a gift in return that would ensure that both Jamie and her would never be far from the blonde's heart.

Now, she was coming home. The brunette smiled at the word, home. It was such a little one, but it meant so much, after all that they had been through with the doubts and secrets and all they were going through now with Lilís parents. The four letter word meant everything. At home, there was just the three of them in a world where no one could interfere. The ringing of the phone meant nothing and neither did a knock on the door, for those were just temporary. Home is where she wanted them right now, but as she drove forward another inch, it began to look like they were not getting there anytime soon. Somewhat deflated by the delay, Lil leaned an elbow against the top of the door and rested her chin against her hand and stared at the forever deceptive Indiana sun, hanging low in the sky.


Dark blue eyes threatened to roll upward.

"Ba-ba, momma!"

Lil sighed and gave the traffic the once over before bending down to search for the bottle. Yep, it was still crawling along. With her forehead in an uncomfortable position against the steering wheel, she searched with her hands until deft fingers closed around a slimy, rubbery nipple. Not even bothering to look in front of her, Lil turned to her daughter who beamed lovingly at her from the car seat. "Well, hello to you too, sweetie." Chubby hands reached out for the bottle. Lil raised an eyebrow. "Are you smiling at me or this?" She held the bottle up, only to hear an excited coo. "Ahh, I see. I really should get you off these you know?" Chuckling, she swore Jamieís grin fell a little bit. Lil wiped the nipple off with a handy towel, and gave her daughter what she wanted. Turning back, she was surprised to see that the red Corsica in front of her had migrated forward more than a few feet. Feeling a little excited, Lil moved up too as the Corsica continued its trek. The driver suddenly hit his brakes, causing a curse to leave the brunetteís lips as her head jerked forward with the abrupt stop. She blew her horn in anger only to growl silently in mild exasperation when a, "BEEP, BEEP!" came from the backseat. ĎAaargh, Iím coming baby. Just hold on. Iím coming.í


Catt sat in the hard plastic chair with one hand against her forehead and the other with a white knuckled grip around a newspaper. The next man who walked up and asked her out for coffee was going to get swatted on the head with the rolled up print. The airport was loud, teeming with people, and getting on her nerves. Her gray power suit was wrinkled, and she felt the beginnings of a headache. Factoring in all of this, the blonde glanced hopefully at the entrance for the hundredth time, hoping to see a familiar face. Nothing. The week had been long, and each minute she was sitting here, it got longer. íI miss them so much.í Her smile was a flash of white as she recalled the last time sheíd really seen Lil and Jamie.

The bed had seemed like the perfect place to be on a rainy, cold morning. Her suitcases were safely tucked under the bed, while the three of them lay in it. Jamie laid between them before she crawled on top of the blonde.

"I think somehow she knows that youíre leaving." The bed rocked minutely as the brunette sit up on one elbow. Silently, she studied her lover and her child. Unable to help herself, Lil found herself leaning over the blonde, staring into gray eyes while her daughter pulled on pajama tops a few inches away. With delicate fingers, Lil wiped blonde bangs from the older womanís eyes. "And sheís going to miss you just like I will."

Upon looking into blue eyes, Catt felt cherished and important. She had yet to get used to the feeling and closed her eyes at the rush of emotion that started from her belly and worked its way up. Gray eyes opened, sparkling with things that she hadnít learned to say, but Lil still read them perfectly. Leaning down, the brunette placed a gentle kiss of understanding on her loverís forehead. "I love you, " she whispered.

"Love you more," was murmured back with quiet confidence. Lil gave her lover a toothy smile. "Weíve gotten kind of cheesy donít you think?"

The blonde chuckled. "Yes, but weíre not in the class of your sister and Tara quite yet."

"Thank God!"

They both watched in fascination as Jamie inched her way up until she was face to face with the blonde. "Well, hello there little one." Catt snickered as the child placed a sloppy wet kiss on her chin.

"Momma." she cooed and placed another kiss near the same spot as before. Cattís eyes widened in surprise.

"Did you hear. . ."

"Oh my God, yes I did! I wish I had a camcorder! Thatís my girl!"

Catt grinned and swallowed as a big ball of happy lodged itself in her stomach. She enjoyed its weight, and prayed that it would only get heavier. They talked, tussled, and laughed until the time came to get to the airport. With a brief kiss on the cheek, the blonde was on her way.

The whole week was made hectic by business but made better by the sound of the brunetteís voice over the telephone. They laughed, and Cattís libido soared at the sounds of moans and little whimpers when the talks got naughty. For the first time in years, Valentineís Day had left her feeling lonely. Sheíd poured her heart into a card with a dozen roses and an emotional phone call that had left them both wanting, aching.

The blonde looked around the airport and smiled to no one in particular as she fingered the camcorder in the unzipped carry on bag. íIíll make it up to you, Sparky. Promise.í Her fingers traveled to the inside of her coat, outlining the small box. Her smile got bigger.


Lil smiled as she peered at the sign on the side of the road: five more miles. "Weíre almost there sweetie," she said to her daughter as the bottle sailed by yet again. Still, she talked on. "I bet she canít wait to see us. Maybe we can have a nice dinner together, and later. . ." Her voice trailed off, and Lil bit her lip to keep a lecherous smile from forming. "Maybe Grandma can take you for the night." A frown tugged on her lips as she sighed. "Not without giving me a lecture, she wonít." Things had mellowed out since her motherís last infamous visit, but something was still amiss. She still hadnít told her father, and her mother was constantly asking a myriad of questions about how Jamie reacted to Catt and her being together. Jean had just called the other day asking the same questions as before, as if the answers would change.

"Well, does she act differently now that Caitlin is gone?"

"Mom, sheís not gone. Sheís just away for a few days, and of course she acts differently. Jamie misses her." The brunette could feel her irritation growing.

"Does she go to her? Play with her?"

Lil couldnít keep the exasperation out of her voice. "Damn it Mom! Is that what youíre so afraid of? That sheíll grow up like me? How do you explain Gabrielle and me then? We certainly didnít get it from you!"

There was a pause.

"Itís not that Lil. Itís a combination of things. How are people going to treat her growing up when they find out. . ."

"Oh, Mom, you donít have any faith in me do you? Donít you think weíre going to raise her to be strong, to come to us and other people that she loves when trouble comes?"

"Itís easier said than done."

Lil let out a bark of humorless laughter. "You donít trust me at all do you? Think about this. I can only teach her what I have learned, and whatever Iíve learned came from you." The conversation had ended abruptly after that with forced good-byes.

Back in the present, Lil pulled into a parking space and turned off the ignition. íI hope youíre thinking about it, Mom.í The brunette exhaled, disturbing curly bangs. íI canít think about this right now.í Lil got out of the car and headed for the backseat. "Come on kiddo. Letís go get your mom and take her home.

Feeling compelled to, Catt looked over at the entrance/exit again. First, she blinked to make sure she was seeing correctly. Then, her eyes widened as a lone, slender figure, carrying a baby, waved in her direction. Cattís movements were almost automatic. She zipped her bag, threw the paper down, and jumped up to head in Lilís direction intent on meeting her half way. With each step, the blondeís smile got bigger, broader, and she watched in heady fascination as the brunette broke into a light jog. Jamieís giggling met the execís ears, and she stopped as they both ended in her arms with a resounding, "Oof." Lil held onto her loverís neck with a vice like grip while Jamie, with a squeal, managed a good grip on several blonde strands.

She placed the tiniest of kisses on the blondeís neck before hesitantly stepping back and giving her lover the once over with eyes brimming with excitement. The brunette used a free, searching hand to touch sculpted cheek bones, push back wisps of blonde, and tug on the older womanís collar as if to make sure her lover was all there, as she breathlessly explained, "Um sorry weíre--so late. Traffic was a booger. Missed you so much. " Lil threw in another hug for good measure. Catt chuckled at the excited banter from mother and daughter. This is what it was all about, coming home. It was all that kept her going when pompous old men droned irritatingly on and on about their money and power, knowing that she had something wonderful, steady, and mind-blowing at home. With a smile firmly in place, she finally addressed the eager pair. "Hey you two. I guess someoneís happy to see me, huh?" She barely resisted the urge to chuckle as Jamie squealed yet again before shoving some strands of her hair into a wet mouth. "Well, I missed you too." She leaned in and placed a brief kiss on the childís forehead. Turning to her lover, she whispered, "You want one too?" Instead of an answer, Lil leaned forward and brushed her loverís lips with her own. Cattís eyes automatically closed with the soft, moist invasion, and her insides quaked at the gentleness. She sighed as the cherished feeling returned.

Lil broke the kiss with a crooked grin. After a week of dealing with her mother and the loneliness, all was right with the world. "Iíve been wanting to do that since the second after you left." Gray and blue got lost in each other as people passed by, and the minutes ticked on. This was the way to reconnect: touch, taste, and sight. The longer they stood there time healed itself, and the week apart became insignificant to the time spent together in the past, present, and the future. With a blink, Lil broke their connection and established another one as she grabbed her loverís free hand. "Címon letís get home."

Lil pushed the now unlocked door open with her hip with Jamie in tow and Catt behind her. "So, she learned some new sounds?" The blonde asked slightly exasperated.

"Uh-huh. You didnít like her little serenade?" The brunette sniggered. "Itís only fair that she do if for the other mommy too."

Catt squinted, giving her lover a warning look, which only made her laugh harder. "Cute, Sparky. Real cute." Lil continued to giggle as she sat Jamie down in the play area.

With her back still turned, the younger woman added, "Sorry, baby. I couldnít help myself. Why donít you go put your stuff up? When you come back, Iíll fix us a glass of wine, a little dinner, and you can tell me about your trip. How does that sound?" She turned her head slightly, waiting for an answer.

Catt observed the bent over form and decided she liked that position along with the picture it was presenting now. She envisioned long legs flexing and saw the slacks pull tight against the round, firm bottom. Unable to help herself, the exec tip-toed up behind her lover and engulfed her in a hug. Catt let out something close to a purr as she nuzzled dark, fragrant curls and hands encountered the warmth seeping from her loverís clothed torso. Lil let out an excited yelp. Then commented, "Mmm, I missed hearing that sound."

The blonde's smirk was slow and crooked. "What sound would that be, love?" She purred again close to Lil's ear.

"Oh yeah, that's the one." Her voice was husky, thick.

Going by sensual feeling alone, Lil slid her hands over her lover's and brought them up to her breasts. She guided them to a squeeze and whimpered when the appendages obliged. A deep rumble started from Catt's chest and came out as a languid moan. "I missed the feel of these. Not the same over the phone," the blonde added breathlessly while nibbling on a tempting earlobe.

The interlude was interrupted by a cheerful squeal of, "Momma!" They both jumped and let out a bark of laughter. "Think she's telling us to save that for later."

The exec agreed but couldn't hide the mirth in her voice, "Uh-huh. You think?"

Lil gave her lover a mock backhand against the stomach. "Anyways, which one of us do you think she was talking to?"

"Don't know." The blonde further wrinkled her suit as she bent down. "Hey little one. How ya doin?" Small but chunky arms reached out. "Momma!" Catt's heart stopped then burst into a million pieces as pride, love, and a million other emotions pummeled it. A flush heightened her features and a broad smile split her face. "C'mere sweetie. Momma's back now."

Lil absorbed the scene with emotion clogging her throat. Everything fit now. All the puzzle pieces that she tried to find places for came together in this woman. Complete. The word reverberated, making the various emotions escalate. Why couldn't her mother see that this woman completed both their lives? Her daughter flourished and grew what seemed like everyday. Why couldn't she see that? Lil turned as she covered her mouth with her hand, in an attempt to keep a sob from escaping.

Catt caught something anyway. Straightening up with Jamie in tow, she looked at the hunched back of her partner. "Sparky? What's wrong?" The blonde reached out a hand to touch and ended up turning the other woman around. "Aww, baby. What's wrong?" The sad look in the brunette's eyes was almost her undoing.

Feeling there was nothing to hide from the woman she loved, Lil let her fears and questions spill from her mouth. "I don't understand. Why does she accept Gab and not me? I'm so happy for the first time-- really happy." Catt reached out again, bringing the other woman within the circle of her arms. Jamie tugged on her mother's sweater, and as if sensing her mood, the child began to cry. The blonde shushed her with gentle sounds and rocking. She glanced down at the dark head against her chest. "Did she call or something?"

The answer was muffled but still understandable. "Yeah, day before yesterday. I just want. . ."

"I know. Just give it some time. There's a child involved here, and it's making her wary. Just give her time to see."

Lil wrapped her hands around the gray lapels and burrowed in deeper, letting the sound of her lover's heart beat calm her. "I'm sorry. I didn't want to bring this up. I just wanted to be with you, but seeing you two together made me think about all the things she was saying. She is so wrong Catt. So wrong. I just hope that I gave her something to think about last time we talked."

"Knowing you, hon, I'm sure you did." Catt chuckled in an attempt to lighten the mood. It did.

"Well, I didn't curse at her or anything. Not really." More laughter followed.

"You're something else, Sparky."

Instead of answering, Lil turned her head toward her daughter. Jamie reached out a tiny hand and pulled on her mother's nose. "I'm okay, sweetie. You can let go now." But, the little fingers found their way inside nostrils. "Gahh! Stop that Jamie!" The little girl giggled as Lil gently removed invading fingers.

Catt couldn't help herself. She threw back her head and laughed, heartily. These two brought some much into her life: love, compassion, and laugher. The latter had become just as important as the others. "Come on you two let's get something to eat. I'm starving here. Oh," the blonde pinched her lover's nose. "I've got something for you later."

The brunette smiled cryptically. "Got something for you too."

Dinner went by in a flash as chicken-rice casserole was consumed and chased by a half bottle of wine in an attempt to get where they were now, the bedroom. Bare feet rubbed as Catt recounted her dealings with some of her clients. Jamie played between them before finding her favorite spot on top of the blonde. The exec had long since disregarded her suit, laying comfortably in a silk camisole and tap pants. Lil settled for her normal sleeping and lounging attire of a t-shirt and shorts.

Catt rubbed Jamie's back as she spoke, "I swear, Sparky. You wouldn't think people that high up would be so incompetent. The people I work with here are much better, thank God."

Lil had her head propped up on one arm, glancing over at her lover. "Mmm, so it's fate that you found your way over here. No one needs that much stress on a constant basis."

"No, I don't. I could have ended up being a bear to you two, and that's the last thing I want."

"Oh, stop it. I've never seen you mean. Well, except for that one timeó"

"Lil, trust me on this. I didn't used to be a nice person at work or personally. I didn't care what I was feeling. I just never gave into it, until you. I guess you made it okay to feel."

The brunette leaned forward and kissed a soft cheek. "Well, I'm glad you let me in."

The blonde smiled as she felt the kiss. Going back to Lil's last statement, Catt turned to her lover and decided to comment on it. "I did everything but give into you gracefully, and I'm sorry you had to go through that."

A dark brow quirked, "I call it a necessary battle to get where we are now."

The exec's brow wrinkled. "Mmm, maybe." She paused, looking at the younger woman's expression. "You know. You've been hanging around Tara entirely too long. That eyebrow thing is hers."

Lil pouted. "Yeah, but it looks a lot cuter on me. On her, it just looks. . ."

"Rakish?" The blonde finished for her.

Lil laughed. "Yeah, but it fits her somehow. She can be quite intimidating when she wants to be."

A slow smile spread over the older woman's features, "If you say so. . .oof!" She felt the pillow graze her head and heard the delighted squeals of Jamie. The blonde chuckled as she pulled the pillow away. "I was just kidding!"

The pout was back, "I know that, but I thought you deserved that for picking with me!"

"Aww, sweetie. C'mere." Lil accepted the brief kiss of apology, and the whispered words of love.

They talked for what seemed like hours, until a dead weight on her chest made Catt look down at the little girl. She put an elegant finger to her lips then pointed downward. The blonde mouthed, "Sleep." Lil nodded as her lover slowly moved from the bed with her quarry. "Iíll go put her in bed," the exec whispered. They had, since Catt first moved in, put the child in the spare bedroom across the hall to keep curious eyes from adult activity. The adjustment had been strange and difficult, but Jamie got used to it before the both of them did.

As soon as the tall form disappeared from the bedroom, Lil turned and reached for the top drawer on the bedside chest. Hearing footsteps returning, she hid the small box under her pillow and glued a smile she hoped wasn't suspicious on her face. "Hey, alone at last."

Catt eyed her lover speculatively. She's up to something. "Uh-huh." A slow, sensual smile lit her face. "Whatever shall we do with ourselves?"

The brunette's brow lifted again. "Don't know, but I bet you have some ideas."

Gray eyes darkened, she let out lecherous chuckle. Her crawl upon the bed was slow and languorous.

Lil swallowed as the blonde made her way up her body. Blue eyes lowered almost imperceptibly, only to see inside the camisole where full breast could be seen clearly swaying with each movement. Cocking her head to the side brought into view turgid tips brushing against silk. The brunette felt her mouth water at the sight. The secondary response was the tip of a pink tongue wetting dry lips. Lil glanced upward at the feel of silky hair caressing her face and saw two stormy gray eyes peering back. "You like what you see?"

"Oh God, yes." Lil replied breathlessly. Gripping the covers under her, Catt leaned forward and brushed moist lips with the tip of her tongue. She moaned surprised when another wet member met her own. Arching her back, torsos met as did hips, as another whimper permeated the quiet. The blonde pulled back slowly and grinned at the sound of protest leaving her lover. "Shh, just wanna show you something." One long arm reached for the chest on her side of the bed. Opening the drawer, Catt pulled out the camcorder. "Just thought we could have other uses for this besides taping Jamie." She paused, looking into hooded blue eyes. "Are you game?"

Feeling slightly naughty, Lil gave her lover a sexy grin. "I am if you are." Moving back and getting up on her knees, the blonde whispered with a wicked smirk, "Good. Now, do something for me?" Now sitting up on her elbows, Lil allowed the grin to lengthen, and excitement oozed its way through her blood, heating it. "Anything."

Catt felt her breath catch then leave again at her lover's submission. In three words, she exerted her power in a heady rush. "Strip for me." The request, made in breathy urgence, somehow, for some reason, went straight to the brunette's groin. She moaned at the sudden loss of blood to her head and the tingling, now, between her legs. "Anything," she whispered. Long dark hair kissed the pillow behind the younger woman as she slowly sat up. Torturing them both, Catt inched backwards to the far end of the bed with her attention split between the playback on the camcorder screen and shining blue. "Come on baby. Don't be shy."

On shaky legs, Lil stood up on the mattress then put her hands out to steady herself. She peered at the blonde from under hooded eyes. She's loving this. With her mind now set, Lil began to move in a slow grind to imaginary music. Her arms swayed high above her head as hips swayed from side to side then up and down. The brunette closed her eyes in fantasized pleasure when her hands wound their way through thick, curly hair. She then moaned as her own appendages found their way from her neck to rapidly swelling breasts.

She palmed the perky mounds, feeling her own nipples straining hard against her fingers, and bit her bottom lip when each breast pulsated as the result of calculated squeezing to the rhythm of the music in her head. Lil drew blood from the bite as busy fingers pulled and plucked hardened, sensitive flesh. Seconds later hands found themselves grazing her abdomen. Catching the edges of the t-shirt, Lil pulled it up to bare flesh for the first time. Still swaying, she lifted the shirt over her head and threw it in the blonde's direction. Deft hands found their way back to now freely bouncing breasts, covering and mapping them.

Having caught the shirt, Catt brought it to her face and inhaled the scent. That in combination with the sight before her caused a moan to spill from full lips. "Beautiful," she whispered giving the brunette her undivided attention and ignoring the camcorder in her hands. The blonde took a deep breath, only to whimper when she realized that it was impossible. Her breath left her body in hungry gasps. The arch of her lover's neck, indention of collar bones, and the tight bud of nipples were flaunted with a shimmy, making the exec ache with the sudden rush of liquid between her legs. The blonde's stomach clenched as the rush turned into a faucet as a result of the next display. Gray eyes followed her lover's fingers inside the warm cavern of her own mouth.

Catt's moan was explosive as wet, skilled fingers covered berry like nipples with moisture, making them glisten before they disappeared between waiting lips. The brushing of silk against her own swollen breasts served as an extra torture. Her heart raced along with the blood shooting through veins landing in her throbbing center. The exec squeezed her thighs for relief and looked on riveted.

Blue eyes had opened long ago at the sound of her lover's first mew of pleasure. She watched as the blonde's chest heaved with each move her body made. Gray eyes burned her skin setting nerve ends on fire. Lil realized that the hands touching her had ceased to be her own some time ago. Each touch had become that of her lover, and her body responded to each one. With each sway and grind of her hips, engorged nether lips rubbed tantalizingly against the cotton of her brief shorts, clinging damply to slick thighs. The urge to cup her aching mound was strong, so she didn't resist. Breathing raggedly, Lil slid both hands between her legs and ground down hard against them. Long curly hair spilled down her naked back as she threw her head back in a sensual moan. Pleasure exploded between her legs, but it only served to intensify the need.

The growling purrs from her audience spurred Lil on as she tugged the plaid shorts down her hips. Now naked, she turned, exposing firm buttocks. Bending over and widening her stance, she continued to sway her hips back and forth and gave her lover an uncensored view of glistening pubic hair and swollen lips. It was only a peek. The brunette spun around subjecting the blonde to her naked front. The look of fierce desire in stormy gray was her undoing. In a desperate move intended to relieve the mounting ache, Lil plunged a hand between her legs and rubbed the sensitive nodule furiously with expert fingers. Immediately, she cried out in wild abandon, and instinctively brought the other hand to her breasts where nipples where tugged forcefully.

Catt watched in fascination. Never had she seen her lover this uninhibited. Excitement had turned into monumental arousal. The smell of it wafted up to her nose, causing her nostrils to flare. The sound of the brunette's fingers playing in her own wetness sent jolts of pleasure down her back to settle in her groin, making it feel alive and hungry.

She let the hunger take over.

A deep rumble in her chest exited as a growl. Feeling strangely motivated, the blonde exec got to her feet and made her way around the bed to end up face to face with firm cheeks puckered as a result of the owner's grueling work. Knowing that the brunette had not seen or heard her, Catt sat the camcorder down, still running, on the little desk by the bed. In a hurried motion, she divested herself of clothing.

Eager hands found their way around the brunette's waist. Lil yet out a yelp of surprise as she landed on the bed on her hands and knees. Then, she moaned as heat enveloped her body from behind. Molding her body to her lover's, Catt whimpered at the feel of sweaty flesh on flesh. Hands that were idle a second ago, found purchase on swaying breasts. As she had seen her lover do earlier, Catt pulled on the turgid tips, loving the way they swelled and hardened on her fingertips. Lil arched and pushed back into the body behind her, causing a moan to burst from the blonde's lips as tight, ripe flesh ground against her lap. As a result, she reciprocated the movement.

Lil gasped at the feel of hot, moist flesh against her buttocks. She jumped at the sound of her lover's husky voice so near her ear. "Do you like this? Me riding you like this?" Her tongued snaked out to flick an earlobe.

Lil's whole body was one pulsating heap of raw nerves, and she had barely been touched. The puff of air against her ear the heat of the body against hers simply multiplied things. She heard the questions from far away, and her stunted brain finally processed them. "Yes! Oh, yes!"

Knowing what her voice did to her lover, Catt pushed the envelope, wanting her as wild as she was before. "Do you like touching yourself?"

Lil whimpered. With just the sound of her voice, the brunette was dripping again. "Yesss!"

Feeling her own wetness triple and her stomach clench in pleasurable knots at a sudden thought, the exec pushed on. "Open for me. Touch yourself for me."

Lil's breath came in helpless pants. "Anything. . .for you."

The blonde backed away and moved a little to the left to allow her lover's legs to widen. She hunched her body over the brunette, desperate to keep contact.

Instead of keeping on hand planted on the bed, Lil reached out for the head board and garnered a good grip. She slid her hand down the line of her torso, past pubic hair, and parted swollen lips. Once she touched engorged flesh, the reaction was instantaneous. "Oh God. Oh God, yea!" Lil pulled at the head board as she threatened to topple over. It was too much, and she was so much wetter than before. She assaulted the nodule with firm, circular strokes. Each instance of pleasure made her rub harder, faster.

Catt sobbed at the sound of her, the smell of her, and her own ache had become intolerable. Her flesh throbbed and twitched, silently begging for release. Getting in place directly behind quivering buttocks, the blonde reached and spread her swollen lips. Her moan was loud and long as she mounted her lover's left cheek. Well lubricated, she humped against the obliging flesh. The blonde cried out as Lil pushed back against her, providing delicious friction.

With one knee on the bed and the other leg bent at an angle, Catt pulled the brunette into her, using a hand against her lover's waist and her shoulder as leverage. The room was alive with harsh breathing and sensuous moans. For the blonde, it wasn't enough. Something was missing. She wanted to feel it: Lil's insides pulsing around her, gripping and milking her in pleasure. Using the hand planted on her lover's waist, Catt let it trail down the back of a thigh and over the slick inside.

Lil squeezed her eyes shut, absorbing the feeling of the body behind her, on top of her. She felt the wet, pebbled flesh brushing against her, and her own efforts between her legs doubled. For a reason the brunette could not fathom, that act alone pushed her closer to the edge.

Maybe it was the fact that Catt was taking what she wanted, what she needed. Maybe it was the incoherent sounds coming from her lover's mouth, or maybe it was just the feel of the blonde's soppy sex dragging over her skin. Maybe it was a combination of them all. She didn't know or care as she continued to concentrate on the feelings shooting from various places in her pelvic area: the hand trailing up her thighs, the fingers caressing her center, and the moist heat behind her. Vulgar expletives fell from her lips as her lover's fingers rimmed her opening. Time stopped then sped up again with a vengeance when playful fingers finally entered her to the hilt. "Fuck, yea!" Lil backed into them, grinding and riding them as she was being ridden.

Catt threw back her head and yelled at the ceiling at the feel of moist heat encasing her hand. Her body hummed like a tightly drawn electrical wire. The words from Lil's mouth and the hungry moves of her body snapped the wire in two. The thrust of her hips became quick and hard as those of her fingers went deep and relentless. Pleasure piled thick and syrupy in her belly gravitating outward with each stroke. Lightening hit her spine helping things along. With what would be her last coherent words, she begged Lil, "Come with me." The head board banged against the wall as the bodies on the bed moved with furious abandon. Hearing her lover's plea was all the incentive needed, Lil pressed and stroked wet, wrinkled fingertips against her clitoris in quick succession, one, two, three more times then screamed as the vibrations of orgasm spread encompassing her whole sex and everything around it. Lil fell forward and the groaning blonde followed her with still gyrating hips.

Sometime later, Catt found strength enough to roll over. With limbs that felt like jelly, she wrapped an arm around her lover, who found her way on top of her. The blonde wiped the sweaty bangs out of her face and whispered in a raw voice. "Hey, I love you."

Lil burrowed further into her lover's chest before answering, "Mmm, love you too."

Deciding to take advantage of the situation, the blonde added, "Well, if you love me will you reach over and turn the camcorder off?"

A blue eye opened. She did not just say that! "Um, you didn't tape all of that did you."

A smirk turned up a corner of Catt's mouth. "Uh-huh."

The other blue eye opened, and they both widened in surprise. She wanted to raise her head but didn't have the energy. "It better not leave this house. Ever. Even if you have to go on another long trip."

Catt could feel the pout in her voice, but she couldn't help it. "Oh, come on! It will help me get through it."

Lil thought about that for a minute and decided, "Well, I'll think about it."

"Well, that's encouraging." The blonde paused. "So, are you going to turn it off?"

"Um, that would be no. I don't think I can move."

They both giggled.

"Well I got something else for you under my pillow, but I don't think I can move either," Catt added.

The giggles turned to laughter.

"You know. Great minds think alike cause that's where I'm hiding you gift." Lil told her lover.

"You first," they said simultaneously then dissolved into more peels of laughter.

"Okay, okay. I'll go first give me a minute." Lil rose up allowing the blonde freedom of movement. The exec turned on her side after searching fingers found their prize. She took it out of its box and stared at the diamond. Looking back over her shoulder with a smile, she murmured, "Okay. Close your eyes and hold out you hand. No, not that one silly. The other one." The exec took in the brunette's eager features and without another delay, slid the ring on the appropriate finger. Feeling suddenly shy, Catt whispered, "Um, happy Valentine's Day."

Lil opened her eyes and looked down at the rather large diamond laid in white gold. She blinked at it then screamed. "Oh my God! It's beautiful!"

The blonde grinned at the display. "Um, well I wanted to get you something that shows that I'm committed to you for as long as you want me. I hope you'll want me forever because I don't see my life without you."

Lil squealed again and wrapped her arms around her lover's neck in a crushing hug. "IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou!" She pulled away and kissed the blonde breathless. Breaking the kiss, Lil finished the sentence, "And you're not going anywhere. You're stuck with us missy." Blue eyes were bright and sparkling with happiness. "I want to show you that we will be there with you no matter where you are." She turned away for a second then back. "Can you turn around please and lift your hair up." Catt did as she was told. Giddy with excitement, Lil reached in front of her lover and wrapped the gold, hand carved locket with chain around her neck. With shaking fingers, she clasped the two ends together. Kissing the blonde head, she whispered, "Open it, and you'll see that we're always on your heart."

Catt looked down at the intricately carved piece of jewelry before taking it in between her fingertips. She opened the locket and gasped at the picture of a smiling Jamie and Lil staring back at her. Everything that mattered was right there in the palm of her hand. She turned around, allowing her lover to see the emotion shining in her eyes. Hot tears made a path down her cheeks. "I'll never be able to tell you how much you two mean to me."

Lil leaned forward. "Yes you will. I see it every time you look at us." With gentle lips, the brunette kissed away the tears then kissed each eyelid before finding her way to quivering lips. The kiss was one of understanding born in love. Lil mapped and devoured her lover's mouth like she had her heart, leaving the blonde aching for more.

"Mama ba-ba!"

Despite Jamie's cries, they moved apart slowly, grinning unabashedly at each other. Catt murmured, "I'll get her." The blonde grabbed a robe as she made her way to the door, and Lil sat up and watched from under hooded eyes. When Catt reached the door, the brunette added, "Oh, don't forget to turn the camcorder off when you come back."

Knowing that she had been had, the exec did the only thing that came to mind and stuck out her tongue. Lil fell back on the bed in a fit of giggles. She held her hand up and peered at the ring with a smile. "You are very, very wrong mother."

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