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Foot Fetish


Copyright (c) 2001

I've been stopping by this shoe store every day for the past two weeks just to see her, and I don't even shop at Pay Less.  I'm more of a Prada girl myself.   I just happened to be in the mall, and lo' and behold, I saw her.  Her name tag said, Sarah, and  I hide in ladies aisle size 9, when I'm a size 7, just to peek at Sarah while she tinkers at the cash register. Every once in a while her eyes raise to mine, and she smiles at me quizzically.   Those green eyes twinkle and she gets this little crinkle in her nose.  I love that, but she's has to think I'm nuts. Mind you, I'm not in the habit of stalking women.  I've never needed to.  No, no that's not arrogance talking.  It's just the plain old truth.  Women tell me,  "Andrea, it's the dark hair that hangs down my back and the aloof ice blue eyes."  Yeah, Andrea is my name,and no, I'm not kidding.  That was a direct quote from Sherrie I think her name was, but I digress.

Anyway, I was shopping for a new blouse, and I did see something I liked.  What can I say?  Her skin is the color of the lightest cream and it looks twice as smooth, and a mane of beautiful blonde hair falls straight over  her shoulders.  She has eyes the color of whiskey, mixed with the flecks of green, and by god just as smoky as the most expensive bourbon .  Her mouth, her smile. . . I won't even go into.  Word's can't describe.  Her body would make any artists even the bad one's weep.  Oh God, I am so bad at waxing poetic so you just have to excuse me.  Oh, and don't worry.  I don't sound this corny when talking to the ladies my natural charm just shines through.  Still, what I said maybe corny, but I guarantee you that it's true.

I haven't approached her, and don't ask me why.  I'm usually more bold about these things, but she seems so unattainable like the high school prom queen everyone wish they had. Yeah, that fits.  Still, I find myself fantasizing about her at work.  I think that I've slobbered over my phone a time or two.  I've almost been caught a time or two with my hand up my skirt. Damn the need for administrative assistants anyway.  Get this, I even find myself peeking at her from around the corner of an aisle like some little kid.  It's the ultimate fantasy really. A beautiful woman selling my most favorite thing to buy, shoes.  It's a dream come true.  I read somewhere that it's healthy to fantasize.  Well, I'm as healthy as a horse. 

I'm going to approach her soon when I get the nerve but until then I think that I'll just watch and wait for an opening.  In fact, I'm standing here now behind the size 9's, glancing at her as discreetly as possible.  She becomes fuzzy, and I feel my mind wander.  Oh yeah, I feel a day dream/fantasy coming on.  Hope it's the same one that I've been having.  It's so hot.  You'll see.

The door jangles behind me as I enter the store.  I give Sarah aquick smile as I make my way to the horde of shoes.  Heading for thesize 9's, I hear another jingle and the finality of a lock sliding into place.  I don't dare look back.

Swallowing, I sit down on the little stool in the middle of the isle.  Making myself comfortable, I bend over to remove my choice of footwear today, a sleek pair of Prada pumps.  Prada has no place here.  I peer up at the cheap leather knock offs lining the aisles, but some how it does not matter.  The sound of a voice clearing makes my head jerk upward.

"Ahem, Can I help you?"

My insides curl at the sound of her voice.  I simply nod.  Before I know it, she's kneeling between my legs reaching for the foot I just set free.  She grasps it softly by the heel and pulls it toward her.  Her eyes meet mine, and I'm drunk as soon as our gaze connects.

Without turning away, deft fingertips trace my stocking encased foot sending sparks up my thighs. 

"Size 7 right?"

I nod again totally mesmerized.  She bites her lip and smiles sexily, making her nose crinkle along with the little lines around her eyes.  It's contagious.  I grin back.   "You know, I get many beautiful women in here, but I don't think none of them look at me like you do.  You definitely see something that you like.  Don't you?"  Her voice is husky, and green eyes twinkle in amusement.

I offer her a shy smile and reach out to trace the curve of her cheek with a shaky finger.   "Oh, yeah."  Sarah turns her head toward it and nips at the appendage before soothing it with a tongue that slid out of her mouth like it was dying to taste me.  That curl in my belly just increased along with my breathing. 

Sarah pulls away and glances down at my foot before meeting my gaze again.  Gentle hands travel up my thigh, making the muscles quiver.   They travel past the knee high stocking to the garter holding it in place.  A pale brow rises in surprise as she unleashes the catch.  "An old fashioned girl.  I like that."   She removes the silk covering slowly. So slowly that it feels like a caress.  I bite off a moan.  The stocking dangles from my toes then hits the carpeted floor without a sound.   

Sarah does not waste any time.  Soft fingers pass over my naked arch.  I gasp at the sudden pull at my groin.  Her eyes narrow as she catches this.  "You know, the nerves in the bottom of the foot lead to all parts of your body."

I nod. I know this. I have a thing for feet myself, a big thing.   She takes my foot in both hands and begins to massage.  I feel her fingers press inward on the sole of my foot.  I nearly jump off of the stool as an incredible tingling encompasses my breasts. 

My nipples grow impossibly hard, and I whimper as they rub against the fabric of my bra.  "God!"

She chuckles, "All ready?  I've barely started."  I let out a long groan as she presses the spot again.  Unable to help myself, I palm my own breasts, feeling the heaviness.  My thumbs brush over distended tips, sending sparks to my sex, causing my hips to jerk forward with each pass.

My breath comes out raspy as I near a deeper stage of arousal.  Sarah's hand moves to another spot, and immediately liquid heat floods my belly as everything between my legs throbs and pulsates.  "Fuck!"  I cry out.

She presses harder, and I let out a long keening sound.  I know for a fact that if she keeps this up.  I'm gonna come, right here, right now.  All of a sudden, her touch abandons me, and  I groan in frustration.  She grabs my heel again and leans in.  With wide eyes, I watch as that tongue rolls out again.  My hands fall to the side, holding on to the bench for dear life. My thighs tremble with tension as her tongue slowly follows the shape of my arch.  "Oh. . my. . .god!"

There's a fire between my legs now.  Sarah chuckles again and that wet muscle of hers is now grazing the tips of my toes, then flicks over the bottom of them.  I roll my head back and moan.  Needy fingers find their way back to my breasts to pull on nipples through the thin shirt.  The tip of her tongue curls around my big toe, and I watch her watching me as it disappears within the warm cavern of her mouth. 

I feel like I'm bathed in heat as she sucks softly then more forcefully.  Each suck sets off fireworks in my sex.  She captures the toe between her teeth and lathes it with her tongue, flicking over it constantly.  I moan louder, longer..

I didn't know a stranger could make me feel so wet, so ready.  My hips pulse with her as if my body is on a string.  She goes from toe to toe, giving them the same treatment.  I'm lightheaded and so turned on that I want to cry.

I look at her from under hooded eyes and see that incredible gaze focused on me.  With  practiced ease, she takes off my other pump.  I cry out instantaneously as she drowns it in attention.  It's too much.  I need more.  I meet her eyes at the same time my hands push up the hem of my skirt.

Sarah's face is flushed, her eyes glittering predatorily, and as she speaks I hear the raspy, breathless quality to her voice.  She's enjoying this too.  Our eyes connect and she says with definite finality in her voice.  "Yesss, do it!"  I groan as she shoves all my toes in her mouth and sucks hard.

I fumble a little bit, but at last I'm inside.  Without preamble, I reach in, pushing my panties aside and go for my dripping sex.  Nether lips are puffy, swollen, slick and have parted for me like a blooming flower.  I spread one leg wide and dive in, rubbing my clit for all it is worth.  I push my other hand under my blouse to capture one of the aching tips of my breasts.

I'm trembling with the effort not to explode.  Electric tendrils of pleasure shoot from what seems like everywhere. I  whimper with each breath.  My whole lap feels wet and syrupy and so do
my fingers coated with my own sweetness.

"Harder!"  She muffles out.

I don't know which one she means so I increase the pressure at both venues. Each flick of her tongue baths my clit in fire.  I rub furiously to put it out.  Orgasm is upon me before I know it. Crashing on me hard and in big huge suffocating waves, pooling from my belly to my fingertips.  It's almost violent in the way my body convulses--my
hips lift off the stool.  It's scary how loud I scream out as if I'm begging for my life.

I come back to earth muttering nonsense, and I open eyes to see whisky making me drunk again.  Sarah's smiling at me, backing away and picking up some shoes.  She mutters with a satisfied smirk.  "I have the perfect fit for you." 

I can't help myself.  I throw back my head and laugh. She joins in with me.

The ding of the bell jerks me out of my reverie.  Damn was I gone long?  I squeeze my thighs together and muffle a groan.  Yeah, I was gone for a while.  I can't believe that I let it go this far this time.  I need a dose of reality.

I come from my hiding space to find the biggest ass dose I could find staring me right in the face.  Sarah is kissing a man!  I smirk and almost laugh.  I guess it's true what they say about the fantasy being better than the reality.  My lunch hour is almost over.  Maybe I'll go get that blouse that I came here to get two weeks ago.
Well that's the conclusion of my little fantasy.  I know its a bit unconventional but who said I ever was?  lol  Please, please drop me a line and let me know what you think at merci_nerva@hotmail.com

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