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This one takes place a few days after Perceptions, and it is strictly a relationship piece.  I thought you guys could use a break from the dramatics.  (g).

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Differing Perspectives
(14th Installment of Perspectives)

Copyright March 2001

Chapter LXVII: Sex and the Single Girl

Cory squinted then rubbed jade eyes with the backs of her hands, but the words on the computer screen continued to look as if they were a string of undecipherable code.  She groaned and threw the Scooby Doo pencil to the desk in exasperation.  It bounced weakly before prattling to the desk.

The caseworker shook her head in a last ditch effort to clear it, but the reoccurring images of the admin naked, writhing, and moaning under her, over her, and in whatever position they could get in this morning before the alarm sounded, continued to parade across her thoughts.  God, how am I supposed to work like this? 

The blonde leaned back in the swiveling chair, marveling at the growing attraction and need for the brunette only a few feet away. Cory smoothed a hand over the sporty green skirt, wiping her sweaty palm, then pulled the sleeveless button down tee away from her chest and nipples that had been standing at attention for some time.

She closed her eyes and gasped at the image of Taylor's face flushed and frozen in pleasure.  She then whimpered, remembering the rush of wetness that coated her cheeks and lips during that particular moment.  Cory's blood, which had been on slow boil since this morning's 'tension reliever,' steadily moved to scorching and beyond.

The short-haired blonde crossed her legs and jumped at the raw sensations between her legs.  She could almost smell her own arousal.  Slow trickles of cold sweat dribbled down her back and covered her forehead.  It took concerted effort to give the appearance to fellow co-workers that her breathing and heart rate were under control, when everything inside was erratic.

Almost every night, they made love until the point of exhaustion only to be ravenous again in the morning--- groping, grinding, and pumping into each other as if it were the first time.  Still, Cory craved more.  I'm addicted to her.   Truer words had never been spoken.  The blonde peered at the phone in irritation.  This had to be the day with no cases.  Ring phone!  Ring dammit!  I'll take anything.   She growled quietly at the phone and took a sip of tepid Earl Gray to wet her dry throat.   I wish that counselor would come early!  I need to get my mind off this.

Cory set the cup back down with a thump and turned back toward the computer.  You're not gonna help me are you?  You're just gonna sit there and be. . .well inanimate.   The caseworker cringed as she continued her spiral downward.  Okay, I think I've finally lost it.  Taylor's made me crazy.  Damn, damn, damn!   The blonde woman poked out her lower lip.  Doesn't make me want her any less.  

She sighed and tried to steer her thoughts to her ailing friend, but since Barb had reached out for the help she needed, Cory's over-sexed brain could not hold on to it, inching back to the admin.  She took another deep breath.  I can even smell her around me.  The petite blonde sniffed her shirt, taking in the brunette's spicy scent.  Inwardly, Cory let out a long moan as she recalled that the admin's taste was not far from her scent, wild and sweet. She licked her lips and smacked them, wishing that there was the tiniest remnant still present.

The caseworker crossed her legs the other way and squeezed her thighs together in hopes of relieving some pressure.  "Fuck!"   She whispered as it only teased her more.   If I'm feeling this, I wonder what the hell she's doing in there.  Does she feel this way?  It's almost embarrassing.  How can I want anybody this much--constantly? Placing her elbows on her desk, Cory leaned in into them and covered her face with small hands before pushing through her hair.   She peeked at the phone again.  Whatever you do Taylor, don't call and ask me to come in there.  I'm not responsible for what might happen.

Taylor tapped long fingers on the desk as she used the other hand to click the mouse, going from website to website.   I promised Cory that I would help her find information about the improvement of social service agencies.  I can't believe I didn't think to check here first.   She scrolled down on the NASW website.  A slow smile transformed her features from concentrated to flushing beauty.

Oh, you've got it bad.  LS threw in.

Taylor rolled her eyes.  Yeah, even I know that.  You're supposed to be helping me with things I don't know about.    The admin bit her lip in an attempt to keep her smile in check.  The attempt failed miserably as her smile went from slight to cheek splitting.  Who woulda thought I could have anything this fantastic?  She's so good for me.

You're good for her too.  More than you probably know.

Mmm, maybe.   She paused then added just as silently.  I just know that I've never had a woman be so good to me before, besides Wendy.  A slow burn stole over her as thoughts of the caseworker blossomed. No one's ever made me feel the way she does either. Her thoughts turned sensual.  No one ever made her lose control like Cory does; scream like she does; hunger like she does.  Loving the blonde was a novel experience, and she prayed that it stayed that way. Each day that she woke up surrounded in the warmth of her lover seemed like a new beginning, and Taylor christened each chance by making love to her with sweet intensity to thank and worship her for the peace she brought with her.

If it's possible, I think I love her a little more each day.  Who woulda thought it?   Taylor waited for the smart-allecky comment from LS but there wasn't one.  She leaned back in the chair and joined elegant fingers, letting her mind wander.  To make it even more interesting, I want her now more than I did at first. How the hell is that possible?  I mean, make love almost every night and every morning, but I still can't get enough of her.  Being in here away from her, unable to touch her is torture.  I think the only reason I have control is because she does.  If she didn't.. . God, parish the thought.

Taylor sighed and tried to bring her attention back to the task at hand.  She uncrossed her khaki-covered legs and leaned forward with an image of Cory still planted firmly in her mind.  The admin had gotten used to thinking about her all the time.  The brunette scanned the NASW site and forgot what she was looking for--well almost.  Taylor smirked and tried to get her brain back on something useful.

There was only general and membership info along with a newsletter.  The admin read that too and frowned in disappointment at the lack of information.  Maybe I'll check around and see if I can find a NASW member in here or surrounding agencies.  They could probably shed more light on this. Pale blue eyes veered toward the phone.  Maybe even Cory knows someone. I'm sure she'd be in it if she had a degree in social work.. Plus, I wouldn't mind seeing her.  It's been almost,  Taylor looked at her watch . . .three hours.  She smirked at her own plight and waited for the smart-ass remark.  This time, she wasn't disappointed.

Oh my, somebody has you wrapped around her finger.

The smirk turned into a soft smile.  I don't consider that a bad thing--not at all.


Cory nearly jumped out of her chair at the sound of the phone.  It made her already speeding heart beat harder.  She picked up the receiver and silently prayed that the admin's husky voice wasn't on the other end.  "Um, h-hello?"

"Hey, get in here.  I wanna show you something and I got some questions to ask.  I thought we'd do some research."

Cory's heart stopped and she groaned inwardly.   Should I be thankful or curse the devil for his influence?    "Uh, now?"

"Yeah,"  Taylor paused.   Something's up with her.  I can hear it in her voice.  "You okay?"

"Um, yeah,"  she answered brightly.  "Just a little bored I guess.  There's not really anybody here, and I don't have any calls to go out on."

"Well, come on in.  I've got a sure-fire cure."

Cory almost whimpered out loud.  Not the cure I want right now.  "Okay, I'll be there in a minute."  She had to concentrate to keep her voice from trembling.  The blonde got up, smoothed her hands over her skirt and took a deep breath in preparation to face a big test..

Taylor hung up the phone but continued to stare at it.  "Yeah, something's definitely up, and it's more than boredom."

*  *  *

The admin lifted her head at the sound of the brief knock and smiled when the blonde entered.  "Hey you.  Pull a chair around. I wanna show you this."  Taylor waited for green eyes to meet hers, but they looked everywhere except her face.  Oookay, what's going on here? When she sits down, maybe I can get her to talk to me.

Cory swallowed hard.  Her insides contracted and her stomach pulsed in pleasurable knots at the admin's presence alone.  No, no no!  I  don't know what I'll do when I get near her, but God, I know what I want to do.  Not wanting to cause concern, the caseworker returned the smile with a warbly one of her own and whispered "hello".    She sighed in resignation, pulled the chair around, and was immediately assaulted with a flash of searing heat.  The blonde trembled from the inside out, feeling nipples harden almost painfully and her sex throb in empathy.  Knowing her face probably revealed it all, Cory tried her best to avoid the cobalt gaze.

With shaking limbs, she took a seat.  Her nostrils flared as she took in the spicy scent that had been teasing her all morning, and a fresh wave of desire flooded her belly, further dampening her crotch.  Trying to control her ragged breathing, Cory took another deep breath.  "Um what do you want to show me?"

Taylor turned to her lover, expecting to meet the green gaze but again, it was elusive.  I should wait.  If she wants to talk, she will.  "Um, I was looking around the net to see if I could find any information about social service agencies or rather groups calling for their improvement.  I didn't find anything, but it hit me that I should check out the NASW site."   She pointed at the screen and scrolled down.  "There wasn't much there either, but I thought if we could talk to a member of the local chapter, we might be able to find out what's on their plate right now."

Cory could hear the admin speaking, but the words just did not make sense.  Jade eyes were riveted on the strong profile, a slashing cheek and the movement of full, sensual lips.  She forgot to breathe as hunger trapped her from all sides.  Oh God, I can't do this.   Her face flushed in need and embarrassment at her lack of control.  A small whimper escaped as she realized that normal breathing was a thing of the past.  Her chest constricted, her stomach flipped, and her groin took on a life of its own.

Taylor stopped talking when she realized that she wasn't being listened to.  She turned toward the blonde, finally having the chance to study her features.   They were flushed; full lips were parted slightly as she dragged in breath; and the pulse at her neck beat wildly.  Still, it was what was shining in darkened green that made the admin's stomach drop.  Need.  Pure and simple.

The blonde grimaced as if in pain, and a pink tongue snaked out to wet her dry lips.  Taylor watched from under hooded eyes.  What have you been thinking about, Bunchee?  Thinking about me makes you feel this way?  Their eyes met, and the air between them crackled with the weight of the energy between them.  A rash of goosebumps broke out on Taylor's arms, causing a pleasant tingle all over.  Tendrils of fire licked at her belly and uncurled to encompass her sex---all with one look.

The admin licked her own lips.  I can almost taste her.  Cory tried her damndest to hold on to her last ounce of control.  This was the office.  This was work.  This was their careers. This was wrong. 

The last bit of control slipped a notch when she saw that the desire she felt was mirrored in her lover's face.  Her breathing picked up even more, becoming harsh audible pants.  A gasp escaped Cory's lips, as a large hand reached out to her.  Somehow, Cory was able to wrench herself away.   Getting up as quickly as she could, the caseworker headed for the door without a word.

Taylor watched with needy eyes.  This was reckless.  This was irresponsible.  This was madness.  The admin got up anyway to follow with brisk strides.  Getting to the caseworker, Taylor reached out a long arm to close the cracked door.  With one step, she sealed the front of her body to the back of the blonde's.  She heard Cory's breath leave in a rush and felt her tremble.  With one hand still against the door, the admin used the free arm to wrap around her lover's waist.  The trembling turned violent. 

To be wanted this much, needed this much touched Taylor somewhere deep, firing her lions, moistening her sex.  She whimpered in reaction.  Cory gritted her teeth against a need that was painful in its acuteness.  She felt it all pressed against her---heavy breasts with hardened nipples, the erratic breathing, the sounds, and the heat between them.  She wanted nothing more than to reach behind her and grab the backs of hard thighs, making the brunette grind against her.  Still, a few words left her lips, thick and husky.  "Don't.  We have. . . to stop."  Cory got her wish as the hips behind her started a slow grind, causing her to cry out in a sudden flash of pleasure.  "Uhnn,God!"

"I can't. Not when you make sounds like that.  Not when you look at me like that."  Taylor leaned in and whispered hotly in her lover's ear before flicking the lobe with her tongue.  Cory dug blunt fingernails in the arm around her waist, and despite her mind's protest, she leveled the other against the door and used it to aid in pushing back into the admin's groin.

Taylor sucked in a breath and groaned.  "Oh, yeahh!"   Everything throbbed between her legs in excitement.  Spurred on and unable to help herself, a roving hand moved up the caseworker's torso until it covered a ripe breast.  The nipple was diamond hard, scorching her palm through the cotton tee.  Taylor flicked the blonde's ear again before whispering; "It's hard for me.  You're wet for me."

"Yess!"  Cory loved it---the hot talk, the things they whispered to each other that was sometimes dirty but always erotic.  It was not any different now, and it made her all the wetter.  I don't know how to stop this.  Her hand reached up to cover Taylor's, she pressed the elegant appendage against her, moaning as the now hypersensitive tip got some of the attention it had been craving for---for hours.  Through the haze of pleasure, a fear gripped her.  "W-what if someone calls or needs you.  They'll catch us."

Wanting to see her lover's face, wanting to get lost in her lips, Taylor used the hand around Cory's waist to spin her around until her back was against the door.  The admin leaned in heavily, and their eyes along with sweaty foreheads met.  Taylor murmured heatedly,  "We'll lock the door. I don't care what they want."   The brunette reached for the knob, and there was an audible click as the lock caught.  "Tell me what you want."

Deliberately adding to the torture, Taylor parted the blonde's legs to make room for her thigh.  She surged forward and felt the heat of her lover's arousal through the cloth of her slacks.  Cory cried out, and Taylor hoped that the walls were not as thin as they seemed.  Despite it all, her blood surged in hot gushes to parts south.  Wanting the high again, Taylor moved her thigh in a circular pattern.  She shuddered at the feel of the caseworker riding her thigh along with the look of agonized ecstasy that covered her face.  With lips barely a millimeter apart, breaths mingled, and Taylor muttered once more, "Tell me."

Shameless now, Cory bit her lip and continued to grind against the stimulation teasing her groin.  Pleasure slammed into her with each instance and she gave into it.  Yes, it was wrong.  Yes it was dangerous, but it felt so good.

Two hands slid up from her waist to cover both breasts. They squeezed and fondled the turgid tips through the cotton of her shirt.  Green met azure and Cory knew that the admin felt it---the need.  The caseworker tilted her head back against the door and moaned without the slightest bit of remorse.  "Oh God, fuck m. . ."  The last syllable was left unspoken as the admin, unable to resist temptation of soft, wet lips, swooped down on her.  Mouths crushed together in rough wet, open mouthed kisses as twin moans filled the room. Small hands tangled in dark locks, pulling the admin in as close as possible.  Tongues speared deep, tasting, exploring, devouring. 

Since her mind and body was screaming for more, with frantic hands, Taylor pushed up the blonde's skirt and yanked at her underwear, and at the same time, smaller hands fought with the clasp on her lover's pants.  Removing her loafers with a shake, Taylor used her socked feet to push the blonde's underwear down to her ankles, where she stepped out of them hastily not bothering to remove the sandals.    The admin's own slacks and underwear followed in a soft slither.

Swallowing her lover's moans and feeding the blonde her own whimpers, the brunette stubbornly refused to break the kiss until the need to breath made her.  Breathless, foreheads met again, and Taylor replaced the missing thigh with her hand, cupping the center of her lover's need.  "So wet,"  she groaned at the feel of it and slid two fingers down on each side of pulsating flesh.   I didn't know a woman could get so wet for me.

Cory's hips bucked, and she sobbed, "Please.   I need this so much."   Needing the connection back, the blonde sought out the admin's kiss swollen lips and promptly devoured them.  In an attempt to get her urgency across, the caseworker snaked one leg around the brunette's and hopped a little.  Understanding the cue, Taylor steadied her with a hand covering tight buttocks.  She groaned at the rush of wetness that greeted her digits and at the feel of soft heat wrapped around her.

Cory's cry was muffled by the admin's kiss as was each subsequent whimper as she glided against the hands between her legs.  Oh, I'm gonna come right now if she doesn't stop that.

Taylor felt as though she was drowning and floating at the same time.  Knee deep in thick arousal, she felt her own wetness trickling down like an open faucet.  Her legs were shaky; her brow sweaty; and her need was mounting to the unbearable.  She feels so good, so damn good.

Knowing her legs couldn't stand up to it anymore, the brunette reluctantly removed her hand only to engulf firm, round flesh.  Cory mewed in protest, but the mew changed to a moan when wet flesh met a hard, flat abdomen.  Turning slowly, Taylor shuffled toward her desk, almost tripping on her pants still around her ankles.  She shook them free angrily and headed toward her destination.

With one sweep of her hand, the admin removed some of the contents of the large wooden surface, letting her name plate and several knick-knacks fall soundlessly to the carpet.  She was beyond caring, wanting to lose herself in searing flesh.  Leaning the blonde against the edge and arching her back a little bit with the help of strong arms holding on to the desk, the brunette  renewed her efforts.  I've got to have her right here.  I can't stop.  Bending her knees slightly, Taylor slumped slightly, bringing their sexes in direct contact.  The older woman whimpered then cried out at the contact, hearing the answering moan of the blonde.  As if by some sacred covenant, their lips refused to relinquish the kiss.  Knowing that whatever sexy sound exited their mouths would be muffled, they exchanged breath in between them.

To far gone to be slow, Taylor wanted them naked, sweating, writhing because the ache was too pronounced, the need too edgy.  So, she settled for the meeting of wet flesh to wet flesh.  Cory dug her nails into the admin's clothed back, meeting her thrust for thrust.  It was the perfect meeting of flesh---nether lips meshed and hip bones rubbed.  It was what she needed.  It was what she craved---this intensity that rocked her each time.  To love so much that this depth of passion emerged, it simply took her breath away, and she was addicted to the feeling, meeting it head on time after time.  Each time she ignored the fear of wanting this much because it just felt right.

Her cry of pleasure raised a octave when the thrusts became a circular grind.  So good.  She was lost. Taylor held onto the desk in a white knuckled grip, using the leverage to make each thrust, each grind more powerful.  Sweat trickled down her spine, and the tails of her shirt teased the beginning crease of her buttocks lazily.  Still, she went on.  Her growing need for more, sent one hand down between their bodies, parting wet, nether lips, exposing the most sensitive flesh of all.  Her eyes shot open and she moaned long at the contact.  Yesss, this. . . 

With each grind, clits brushed, causing them to twitch, pulse, and spasm in pleasure.  Taylor peered into Cory's flushed face, willing her eyes to open.  When they did, a new flood of moisture doused her body, as passion glazed eyes held her own, pleading for release and simultaneously asking for more.  "Come for me, in me," she wanted to scream, but could not take her lips and eyes away.  Unable to control her body, the insistent grind transformed into a wet smack that she could feel all the way down to her bones.  The whimpers that she had been drinking from Cory's lips became screams.  Lightning flashed up the brunette's spine and skittered throughout in quick succession.  So close.

It was too much but at the same time not enough--the smell of sex around them, the sound of their writhing bodies, labored breathing, and breathy moans, and the unbelievable pleasure exploding between her legs. Cory took it all in, and met it with an intensity of her own.  It all swirled inside her like an insistent whirlwind, making her want to scream or shout the emotion into the air.  Instead, she screamed it into her lover's mouth.

Cory felt it slipping in slowly, stealthily like a professional thief---climax.  With each smack, the power built.  Gonna come.   Taylor felt it, saw it, shining in luminescent green. They moved against each other almost violently, shaking the heavy desk slightly.  The end was inevitable.  It was too hot, too raw to last.  The blonde could feel it deep in her stomach uncurling now in the form of boiling heat that rushed her like the tallest of waves.  A high keening sound filled her ears, and she recognized it as herself.

A low roar started in Taylor's chest in reaction to the sounds and the furious movement of her lover.  The end was near. She could see it etched in Cory's every feature. Taylor rose to the occasion and rushed to meet the blonde half way to oblivion. Green eyes closed as the caseworker's body stiffened then jerked and bucked under her.

It was enough.  The roar reared its head in full force as Taylor came in shuddering, mind blowing fashion. The arms that were holding them up, gave out, making them lean back further on the desk with legs dangling over the side.  The room was alive with violently moving bodies, harsh, sensual sounds, and the tangy scent of raw sex.  Their bodies continued to pulse and grind softly as juices mingled and dribbled under them. 

Wrenching her mouth away to draw in much needed air, Taylor nuzzled her face against scented blonde hair all the while whimpering as her body refused to stop spasming.   For Cory, it was no different, she muttered incoherently as aftershocks assaulted her.  They rode it out, filling the room with soft moans and sighs.  Coherence returned; heartbeats fell to normal, slowly; and Cory kissed whatever skin the admin's now rumpled, askew shirt revealed.

Feeling almost totally exhausted but on top of the world, Taylor was the first to speak.  "God, C-cory,"  she exclaimed hoarsely.  The blonde caseworker licked at the brunette's exposed collarbone, savoring the salty taste.

"Mmm," was her only reply.  Satiated for the time being, Cory wallowed in the residual warmth.  She does feel this too.

Taylor swallowed as her heart clenched.  God, I love her.   "I-I make you feel this way?"  She asked with a voice full of wonder. 

Their eyes met and held. Cory reached up to trace the point of her lover's chin.  You make me this way.   "Sometimes. . ."  She hesitated, "no, all the time, since we started making love."

Incredible, simply incredible.  "I thought it was just me.  Didn't want to scare you with what I was feeling. It's so hard to be around you and not touch you, not want you.  I didn't realize how hard."  Taylor kissed the tip of her lover's nose, loving the smile that came with it.

It's okay to want like this, need like this.  "I wanted to tell you too, but I didn't want to scare you with this being your first real relationship and all,"  Cory added.

The admin gave her lover a crooked smirk.  "Mmm, thank you, but it's yours too."

Cory raised an eyebrow in perfect imitation and chuckled, "So it is."

Taylor pulled her close.  Calves rubbed and hands searched.  "So what does this mean?"

It means that I'll never be able to keep my hands off you now.    "It means that we may have crossed a line that we shouldn't have."

The brunette closed her eyes in silent agreement.  I wish I had the willpower to stop this, but I don't regret it now that its happened.  "You don't think we'll be able to stop even with our jobs at stake?"

The blonde caseworker shrugged, feeling guilt drop on her shoulders.  "I don't know.  It's a possibility."  She was silent for a moment before asking in a small insecure voice.  "Are you sorry it happened?  I mean, I wanted you so much.  I just couldn't hold it, especially after I came in here."

Taylor's answer was immediate.  "I could never regret making love to you."   I might as well be honest with her.   "If what we did today needs damage control or if it's too late for that.  My job is really nothing compared to you. I know your parents are here, but we can always just move away, lay low,and start again."  The older woman reached to push a damp bang away.

Relief coursed through her at the admin's answer, but the addendum gave her pause.  Cory grabbed the brunette's hand and linked their fingers. "Maybe, but what about my family?"

Taylor squeezed the appendage in hers.  "Hold on. This talk could be premature anyway.  I was just letting you know what I was prepared to do.  Much as I would like to stay here half naked with you, we need to get dressed and see where we have to go from here."

The blonde searched the face above hers.  "Yeah, you're right."  She accepted the admin's hand and got up.  Getting clear view of the brunette's state of dress--the rumpled shirt, the damp, slightly mussed hair, and the rosy, flushed cheeks and swollen lips, Cory's eyes gleamed with the humor of the situation.  "I don't know though," she chortled, "Right now, you're the poster child for hot sex in the office.  I hope you've at least got a brush or something in your desk."

Taylor smirked then turned to pick up her clothes.  "Well, good thing these are wrinkle-free khakis.  The shirt, I'll just have to deal with, but you, Ms.  You're gonna walk out there with that freshly fucked look while I get to stay in here."  Dark brows wriggled.

The caseworker pursed her lips and canted her head to the side. "Well, yeah there is that, but remember Shelley will come in here sooner or later, and not the one in your head!"

Heading back toward the desk now fully dressed, Taylor threw the blonde her clothes.  "Smart ass, but you do have a point.  Still, I don't have to go out until Cheryl gets here."

"Oh yeah, there's that too."  Cory smiled teasingly, enjoying the easy banter between them.

"Mmm hmm, and it's a good thing that I keep a brush and compact in my desk, and I'm sure you remember the lipstick."

"Uh huh, prepared are we?"  Cory took a deep wiff of the air.  "Got any air freshener?"  She looked away and pulled on her own clothes.

A sable brow arched upward, "Wha. . ."

"You know for the ode de sex?"  The blonde added with a wicked grin.

Pale eyes squinted.  "You're enjoying this aren't you?"

Affronted, Cory walked up and leaned over the desk and the woman behind it.  "Well. . .yeah!  Aren't you?"  She asked huskily.

Taylor swallowed then cleared her throat as she peered into the gaping shirt at the blonde's cleavage. I bet they feel neglected, but things were so hot.   "Uh."

Thoroughly enjoying herself, Cory knew exactly where those beautiful eyes were riveted. "Unh uh, my eyes are up here."  With a finger at chest level, she wagged then curled it in a come hither motion and pointed toward her eyes.

Looking sheepish, Taylor met her lover's eyes.  "Uhm, sorry.  I neglected them earlier.  Just wanted to make sure they weren't mad."

Cory threw back her head and laughed.  "You're incorrigible. You know that?"

The smile turned from sheepish to lecherous.  "Unh huh."  Knowing the desk by heart, she reached blindly for the brush and other items.  They adjusted their appearance in a silence that consisted of teasing glares and smiles.

The caseworker glanced at the adjoining door.  Oh, no.   "Hey,"  Cory interrupted, "Do you think Shelly heard us?"

"Uhm, no.  I don't think even you can be that loud.  She won't be back till after lunch if at all.  Sprung a dentist appointment on me."

"Okay, well there's hardly anybody out there.  Most are out on calls and others have desks further up front.  I think we may be home free,"  the caseworker added.

"Uhm could be.  I could walk you out and toward the coffee island and see if they're looking at us funny?"

Cory waved the idea away.  "No, I'll be fine.  I'm just worried that we won't be able to control this.  You got any ideas?"

"Don't know. Become a man?"  The admin deadpanned.

The blonde peered at her lover through narrowed eyes.  "You're a nut."

"Uh huh, but seriously, we'll just have to see.  Maybe this one time was enough to scare us both straight so to speak."

"Mmm. Well, at least I think that I can concentrate now."

"Well, bully for you."

Cory leaned over the desk again and grabbed the admin by the lapel, pulling her forward.  "No love.  Bully for you."  She whispered as their lips met in a lingering kiss.  Cory drew back and licked her lips.  Ohh, can never get enough of that.  "Guess I have to go out and face the masses now,"  she added breathlessly.  "If you hear me yelling, come back me up?"

Still peering at wet lips, Taylor answered, "In a hot minute."

The blonde smoothed down the material of the admin's shirt then patted a breast.  "Good to know.  I'd better get out of here.  I guess I'll see you again when the counselor comes."

"Yeah, we're gonna take it to the meeting room, and she's gonna use my office for any one-on-ones."

"Mmm, good girl.  I'll see you then unless you need to show me something else?  Oh by the way, good idea about the NASW thing."  The blonde quipped with a smile.

"Now who's bad?"

Cory threw her hands up in mock surrender.  "Okay, I'm leaving!"

As the caseworker neared the door, Taylor called out to stop her.  She smiled on the inside.  This is going to be fun.    "Hey, hold on.  The phone might ring."

The blonde turned and walked back toward the desk.  Her brow scrunched in confusion.  "Huh?"

"You know!  You're mother's gonna call.  She always does after we. . .well you know."  Taylor's smile was slow and full.

Cory huffed and rolled her eyes.  "See, now I'm really leaving.  Something's definitely wrong with you!"  Exasperated but smiling at the joke, the younger woman turned and headed for the locked door.

Chuckling and unable to stop the playful streak, Taylor called out again,  "Hey, Bunchee?"

Cory spun around with snapping eyes and hands already on hips.  "What?!"  I swear if I didn't love her so much and if she wasn't so cute when she's playing. . .

Oh, this is gonna get her!   "I love you,"  the admin muttered softly.

The blonde melted and her eyes softened to a green glow as her heart crashed against her chest.  It happens every time she says it.  Why should I be surprised now?

With a gentle, almost shy smile, Taylor watched and waited for Cory to fly back into her body.

Unable to stop the flush that crept up her neck, Cory smiled full out at the admin's soft admission.  "I love you too, Tay."  She pressed a couple of fingers to her lips and threw her lover a kiss as she unlocked and stepped out the door.

Who knew the day was going to take such an interesting turn?   Walking on air, Cory headed for the coffee island and carefully studied the faces of the few caseworkers that were present.   There were no whispers; no wide-eyed stares; and no looks of disgust.  Looks like we got away with this one.  The professional in her cringed at the thought, but the woman contemplated the next time.

This installment is to be concluded in Chapter LXVIII:  Hey Jelousy.   I really hoped you enjoyed it, and I know it's been a long time coming.  Let me know what you think at Minerva.

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