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Jill Turner pushed the glasses up off her nose and peered around the room with astute blue eyes. She followed the flowing lines depicted in the various sketches that adorned her walls, but could not get lost in the thick charcoal outlines of the violinist or the dancer. They hung there offering nothing of the usual calming effect that centered from the knowledge that she was in a place in her life that others envied--settled, comfortable, and content. Similiarly, the rest of the furniture that included the off white sofa from Ethan Allen; the small glass, gold rimmed coffee table that accompanied it; the tall floor lamps that followed the off white, gold color scheme; the huge, highly polished oak desk; and her personal nic-nacs seemed like nothing more than popcicle sticks held together by Elmer's glue. It all disappeared as three words appeared on Jill's computer screen. She blew shaggy blonde bangs out of her eyes and stared gamely at the words glaring back at her from the Yahoo instant message. Jill squinted at the phrase, making little lines fan out beside her eyes.

Mustangblu: <<Can we meet?>>

The words reverberated through her head as if an echo were attached. Jill swallowed. Why did I even log on? I have work to do I know better than this. It's not professional at all. I have deadlines for chrimmeny sakes! Now, there was no going back. She could just block the person, better known as, mustangblu, but decided that would just be plain rude, especially since she had no desire to do so. Jill grabbed the small stress ball off her desk and leaned back in the black leather chair. It creaked slightly, and the numbers she had to crunch for her clients formed into a jumbled mess on the computer screen, leaving the instant message to stand out in sharp relief. She squeezed the apparatus in her hand--hard.

Jill took a deep breath and whisked her free hand through short, unruly blond locks as nervous energy shot through her. How many misses have I had using the personals? Five? No six. How could I forget Bennigans? Is it even worth it? They all seemed so nice, and we had so much to talk about. Make new friends and a partner here my eye! I'd settle for somebody I have even a smidgen of chemistry with. I still haven't figured out why I'm doing this. The personals. . .really. The accountant snorted. She knew the reasons plain and simple. Talking online was safe and easy as pie. She could be confident, cocky, and even funny, but meeting women in clubs, bars or where ever left her a shy, introverted and alone.. All in all, it lead to more stress in an already over stressed life. "Maybe she'll be a hit instead of the next miss. Maybe that's why I'm so nervous, or maybe I'm just tired of being a goodie goodie. It's getting boring just like the rest of my life. It could be time I have my bad girl," Jill whispered to the empty room. She squeezed some more.

The tick of the wall clock and hum of the air conditioning absorbed the words. I have to admit. The banter between us intrigues me, and so does she. She brings something out in me. I feel like I can say almost anything to her, and it's only been a little over two weeks. I think she knows more about me than most of my friends do. That hasn't happened with any one. No one except Maggie Shaw. Jill smirked inwardly as she remembered the title of the erstwhile auto mechanic's personal ad, "I think you're looking for me." The sheer arrogance of the title caught her eye, but the sweet words that followed kept her attention--'affectionate, open, and honest' were only a few.

Mustangblu: <<J, you there?>>

Jill watched the words appear as if by magic. Reluctanty, she sat the ball back on her desk, which was already and organized clutter of files and papers, and began to type.

Jltner: <<Right here, Maggie.>>

Mustangblu: <<I thought I scared you away. I sure as hell don't wanna do that darlin'.>>

Jltner: <<I was just thinking.>>

Mustangblu: <<About me I hope : - )

Jill smiled at the screen, and bit her lip as a shiver traveled down her back. I can almost see the smirk on her face. She closed her eyes picturing long, silky black hair and wild green eyes, sparkling with amusement and something hotter. Heat rolled up from her neck to cover her face.

Jltner: <<I can almost see the expression on your face.>>

Mustangblu: <<And I can almost see the blush on yours.>>

Jill flushed even redder. How does she do this? All I have is a pic, some words, and a voice, but it's like an electric current flows through the phone line. She shuddered, remembering Maggie's husky Southern drawl and deep laughter.

Mustangblu: <<You didn't answer my q. Were you thinkin' about me?>>

The blond accountant sucked in a shaky breath, and hissed the words out as she typed them, admist an electric jolt that started at her fingertips and ended between her legs. "Yess." She crossed her legs, causing sheer pantyhose to whisper silkily.

Jltner: <<Yes.>>

Mustangblu: <<Mmm, I like that.>>

Before she could stop herself, Jill was typing again.

Jltner: <<I bet you do.>>

Mustangblu:<<LOL u know it, sugar. . .so can we?>>

Jltner: <<What?>>

Jill swallowed the lump of anticipation forming in her throat and pushed the ever sliding, gold rimmed glasses up once more.

Mustangblu: <<Meet. This isn't enuff anymore.>>

The blonde's breath came out in an audible gasp as a frission of awarness swept up and down her spine. She could almost hear Maggie's whisper. Jill began pecking at the keyboard, needing to relay a response. Maybe it's time, but what if. . .

Jltner: <<What if we don't click? Just because there's something there online and on the phone doesn't mean it'll transfer.>>

There was a slight pause.

Mustangblu: <<That's tru but with us I know better. Tell me you don't feel it. When you talk to me here, I can almost hear you, and when we're on the phone, God, I swear I can feel you.>>

"Oh God," the blonde whispered heatedly as her stomach cramped pleasurably. I think I've got all the chemisty I could ask for. Jill sat stock still in an attempt to compose herself.

Mustangblu: <<Tell me.>>

The words were like a taunt. They both knew the truth, and it sat there clear as day right in front of them.

Jltner: <<I do. ..feel it.>>

Mustangblu: <<I haveta hear ur voice. Can I call?>>

Jill almost whimpered as her insides transformed into a molten puddle.. I won't be any good for the rest of the day. She paused in thought. Damn it, J! See what kind of messes you get yourself in?! Good thing it's almost 3 o' clock. She blinked rapidly, recalling the times that they had almost crossed the line into phone sex. "Maybe I should have. God knows its been forever."

Jltner: << I don't. . >>

Her typing cut off abruptly as her office door burst open. "Jill! Glad I caught you!" The tall, african american man wiped a hand across his sweaty brow, and pulled at his already loosened tie as he moved further into the office. "Pat's in labor, and I'm suppose to meet with a prospective client in about an hour. . ."

Blue eyes widened in startlement. The words spilling from her friend's mouth were something similiar to swahili. She ignored him and the mouse as she pressed vehemently at the keyboard to clear the screen--only to screech in horror as shaky fingers refused to hit the right key.

Caught in his own predicatment, Marty pushed forward toward her desk, waving a stack of papers in his hand. "Here's the info. Thank you so much for doing this for me." He continued on, oblvious to Jill's plight.

Jill's eyes widened to the size of saucers as Marty moved closer. Not knowing what else to do, the blonde leaned forward to hug the monitor, hiding the contents away from curious onlookers.

Marty stopped in his tracks. A look of bewilderment colored his features. "Um, Jill? Whatcha doin?"

Jill cleared her throat and willed her heart to stop racing. With as much grace as she could muster, she murmured, "What do you mean?" Ohhh good one, J!! He'll never suspect a thing!

He gave the blonde woman a pointed look.

"Um, when the screen gets cold it freezes. I was just trying to warm. . ." She looked at him pleadingly only to see unbelieving eyes staring back at her. "Heh."

"Mmm hmm." Marty leaned over her desk. "Don't worry everybody plays online around here. No one can stay professional all the time not even you. Still, you kinda have me wondering what you're doing." He reached out for the monitor only to have his hand slapped away.

"Do it again and lose a hand, Marty. Don't you have another son to go welcome into the world?" Jill's expression was one of amusement, embarassment and chagrin, making her nose crinkle and eyes sparkle. "Just leave the papers and go. I'll take care of your client."

Marty smirked, transforming his dark character filled face to a handsome one. "You were being really bad. Weren't you?"

Jill pointed toward the door and glared at him over the rim of her glasses. "Shew. I've got work to do. Give Pat my love, and I'll be over to see the new edition as soon as I can."

"Uh huh." He raised his hands in supplication as a pointed glare came his way. "I'm going. I'm going, and I'll be sure to tell her."

The accountant hugged the monitor for a few more moments. Now that the coast was clear, Jill put the new files in its own section of the organized mess on her desk, before sitting down and attempting to get comfortable again. She closed her eyes and took several calming breaths. Maybe I should have let Mom fix me up. At least it wouldn't be this much trouble. She chuckled. "But, I like this kind of trouble." Jill eased back even more in her chair. All her life, she had done what was expected; what was needed; what was right for others despite how she felt because that was the simple way to go--the safe way. Defiance bubbled up inside forming into shaky determination. "Maybe it's time to stop being so safe." Jill paused. "Okay, I need to calm down before I talk to her again."


"Ahhh!" Jill reared back in surprise, taking the chair with her. Both of them hit the carpeted floor with a muted thud.

The phone rung again.

The blonde groaned, adjusted her askew eyewear, and turned her jarred neck from side to side. My God this day is getting weird. Why must you always be a klutz, J? She reached up, grabbed the edge of the oak desk and pulled her petite frame up from the floor. Jill growled and stared at the continiously ringing phone in irritation. She shrugged and decided to let voice mail pick it up. Kneeling down, she righted the chair, only to be assaulted again by yet another ring. The accountant gritted her teeth and hit the speaker button. "Hello?" She murmured, trying to sound as normal as possible.

"I took your silence as an okay."

Jill's breath whoosed out of her chest and her stomach flopped in reaction. "Um. . . h-hi." You're getting better and better at this girl!

"You sound nervous, J. You don't haveta be 'round me. You know that." Maggie's voice deepened with affection.

"Just caught me off guard is all, but then again, you seem to be good at that."

Maggie chuckled sexily. "That I am. Betcha you like it too."

Jill felt her nerves settle somewhat, but her insides still hummed with awareness. She sat back down. Just go with this, J. Go with it. "You're just bad."

"Mmm, sometimes, but I'm beginnin' to think you bring it out in me, sugar."

Jill closed her eyes and let the mechanic's voice brush over her like a warm blanket. "I love it when you call me that."

Maggie laughed again, but it was muffled as she switched the phone to the other ear. "I know you do."

Jill bit her lip and decided to not think for once. "What else do you know?" Her voice was husky but hesitant.


The blonde could almost picture the brunette pursing her lips or tapping her chin. She smiled in reaction.

"Welll, I know that curiosity is killing you. You want to meet me, or at least part of you does." Maggie's timbre turned dark, smoky.

There was no need to lie. Jill muttered, "I think you're right on that account."

"Mmm, know what else I'm right about? I think you wanna play hooky and spend the rest of the day with me."

Jill laughed outright. "I can't do that. I have a pile of work, and a co-worker asked me to take care of something for him. What are you doing at home anyway?" .

"Finished early, so I took the rest of the day off. You should do the same. They pawned the work off on you. You pawn it off on somebody else. Isn't that the way the business world works?"

With her voice filled with mirth, Jill replied, "It always takes an outsider to see what's really going on."

"So I'm two for two, then?"

"So far so good," Jill answered.

"Then, I win. Meet me." If it was at all possible, Maggie's voice lowered even more.

Jill closed her eyes against the tingling reaction and smoothed suddenly sweaty hands over her knee length green skirt. Could it be that simple? I could be missing out on a winner here. She sighed quietly. For once, I should go for it. "Um, what would we do?"

"I'll show you a good time. Leave it up to me." Jill listened as the mechanic's voice lightened with excitement.

"You really want to do this don't you?" The accountant inquired.

"Very, very much. Will you?"

Jill felt something loosen inside her. It's just one day off work, and it could turn into something I won't forget. "Yes," she murmured huskily.

"Um, did you say. . ." Maggie uttered breathlessly.

"Yes, I did," Jill said with more confidence.

"I'll be there in forty-five minutes. Do you want me to come in?"

"Yeah, it might take me a little longer to get situated. I trust that you're okay with taking me home later?" The blonde asked.

"No problem. Suddenly, I'm glad that you don't own a car."

Me too. Jill thought as she stood on watery legs. "The receptionist out front well show you the way to my office. See you soon."

Without another word, Jill hit the speaker button again, hanging up the phone. "Oh, boy." She moved a hand over her rapidly beating heart then down to her quivering stomach. This is going to be so much more than I bargained for. I don't know how I'm going to be in the same room with her and not touch her. Jill pushed her glasses up off her nose as a slow smile lifted the corners of full red lips. It could be just what I need. I'm tired of always playing it safe. Maybe it's time for sweet, innocent Jill to jump off a cliff and take a chance. She closed her eyes and began a mantra as she hasitly grabbed files off her desk and headed toward the door. "Iwillnotrunaway. Iwillnotrunaway."




Maggie sat unmoving and stared at the phone as if it had sprout arms, legs and began dancing. "She said yes," the mechanic mumbled. Was there any doubt with the things I said to her? I meant every single one. For the first time, I meant all of them. The brunette wiped a hand over her face and blew out a shaky breath. "Now, what am I gonna do?" She asked no one in particular. Fear crawled up inside her chest and spread outward. It was a familiar feeling, and in the past, it always sent her running. Maggie growled in disgust and stomped her booted feet against the floor in a show of defiance. Isn't that why I got into this personals thing? No strings? Now look what I've gone and done. There's strings. Those damn strings are everywhere.

With a small grunt, she pushed herself up from her couch and angrily began to remove the blue striped work shirt. She sighed and glanced around at the sparsely furnished living room. It was bare of personal adorments with only matching beige furniture, a coffe table, lamps and television with stand. The walls were barren. It was as if the apartment housed a stranger, and for once Maggie felt like one in her own home. The mechanic grumbled and tore at the buttonfly of her jeans as she walked briskly toward the bathroom.

Maggie kicked off her boots, socks and pushed her cargo jeans and underwear down long, tan legs. She wriggled out of them and left the items on the bathroom floor where this morning towel still lay. Maggie ran her hands through dark tresses, freeing them from the confining rubberband. Why her? How many women have I been through with the help of Yahoo? Seven? Eight? Tell a woman what she wants to hear and they come running. Ha! And she knows all about them--all about me. I've actually been honest with her. I've told her things that shoulda sent other women runnin'.

Maggie groaned. "Why did I have to like her?" She pulled back the blue shower curtain and turned on the water with a squeaky splash. She watched, mesmerized as the spray hit the bottom of the tub. For once, I wish I had somebody to talk to about her, but friends are a liability aren't they Mags? Even the guys you work with who've been tryin' to get close for years. Anythin' to keep from gettin' hurt. "Now look where I am." She sighed and stepped into the shower. The water pounded against her skin earning a gasp of reaction. Maggie turned her face up toward the spray, but it did not clear her thoughts nor did it change them.

She grabbed the bar of Ivory from the soap dish and rubbed it into a thick lather before spreading it over her arms and chest. She's so sweet. I can't help myself. I want to hear her laugh and smile, and for the first time in a long time, I mean every word I say to her. How did this happen? God, I sound so mushy. I've been alone for a long time, but I've never felt lonely, until now. Now, I know I've been missin' out on somethin'. Maggie reached for the washcloth hanging over the shower curtain and began cleaning herself in earnest in hopes of blocking out the now overwhelming fear blossoming in her chest-- if only a little bit. She sucked in a deep, shaky breath, but nothing seemed to work.

Arghh, I want this but I want to run away from it at the same time. Story of your life though isn't it Mags? Always runnin'. Maggie chuckled derisively as she began to wash her hair. Guess I learned it from you, ma. Like mother like daughter, but I didn't leave anyone behind who could get hurt. I'm kinda glad Daddy wasn't alive to see all this--to see her or me. The mechanic shivered as warm water sluiced down her neck and back, washing away herbal shampoo. Still, I know what's gonna happen when I meet her. I'll see her. I'll touch her, and I'll want her. Jill knows it too. I hear it in her voice. What then, Mags? Huh? What then?

A little while later, Maggie brushed her now dry hair into a silky wave. Green eyes scampered around the mirror only looking when she had to, refusing to peer into her own eyes--afraid and nervous about what she would see there. Finally, Maggie turned away and picked up the well worn blue jeans off her still unmade bed, pulling them on over her briefs. A light blue polo followed. Maggie sighed and closed her eyes. When she opened them again, she glanced around her bedroom, seeing the same barren landscape that emcompassed her whole apartment. The king sized bed took up most the room, leaving a little corner for her laptop and desk. It seem like nothing else existed there. Loneliness seeped into her bones, mingling with the fear that was still prevelant, but the thought of seeing the accountant laugh, smile and touching her pushed it all back --at least for the time being.




Maggie ignored the stares of the passerbys as she walked down the hallway the receptionist pointed her toward, hoping it led to Jill's office. She swallowed the lump in her throat and pushed a hand through her hair. Time seemed to slow as her tall, lanky frame manuvered down the hall. She was aware of every breath, every heartbeat, every whisper, every footstep around her. Maggie was sure she could even hear the rush of her own blood through her veins. Everything stopped as a familiar voice wafted to her from an open door nearby. Irresitably drawn, she followed the sound. There, Maggie found the owner of that voice, sitting on the edge of her desk. Maggie's breath expelled in reaction as she stood gazing at the woman who had tied her in knots in such a short time. Beautiful. Petite and curvy, wrapped in linen and silk, she dominated the room somehow, flashing a smile to the unseeing caller that seemed to light up the space around her.

Her face was the picture of innocence complete with cherubic features: small upturned nose and full luscious lips that were the color of the ripest berry, setting off a round but determined chin. Pale blond locks curled sofly around tiny ears, pooled over the accountant's forehead and stopped at the nape of a milky white neck. Everything about the woman was small : breasts, hands, and feet, giving her the appearance of vulnerability, except for the snapping blue eyes that spoke of strength and knowledge. Jill Turner was everything Maggie dreamed her to be and so much more. Maggie could feel herself being pulled in. You hear that thump, Mags? That is the sound of you fallin' and fallin' hard. The mechanic took a step forward.

Jill stood quickly, nearly dropping the phone as she took in the tall frame leaning against her door. Her mouth fell open in shock. It moved but nothing came out.

"Jill? Jill, you there?"

Jill looked at the phone as if it were a foreign object before recognition returned. "Yeah, tomorrow, Larry. I promise," she whispered from a suddenly dry throat. Without looking back, she hung up the phone, missing the reciever by a mile. Blue eyes traveled up the longest legs she had ever seen. Well worn jeans hugged every curve and flowed along every line, making her itch to touch. Full breasts were pillowed by a light blue polo that was unbuttoned completely, leaving a gaping vee that hinted at cleavage. Hair as dark as midnight streamed straight down broad shoulders and further down her back. It capped a striking visage that slashed boldly, giving the mechanic a exotically rakish veneer that was further bolstered by olive toned skin. A perfect cupid's bow of a mouth drew her gaze. It stayed there momentarily as she wondered if it was as soft as it looked. Sparkling, dark green eyes cut through her, leaving her feeling exposed and raw. Jill licked her lips, loving every minute of it. This is me jumping, and God, I wanna jump so bad.

Her heart slammed against her ribcage in excitement, and a slow smile spread over the accountant's face, making her nose crinkle. "You came."

Maggie swallowed again as she struggled to find her voice. "Yeah, I had to," she muttered huskily. She closed the door and shoved her hands into her pockets as she moved further into the office. You have no idea how much I had to.

"Um, I have a few more things I need to take care of, but uh, I shouldn't be long. Okay?" Their gazes caught as she waited for an answer.

Their eyes connected with purpose, charging the air and singeing the space around them. Jill put a hand over her stomach in an attempt to contain the sudden fluttering. Still, she could not look away. As if pulled by the magnetic force between them, Jill found herself moving forward, and just as suddenly she felt herself stumble over her own feet. The blonde looked down to see the carpeted floor rushing up to meet her. She let out a yelp of surprise.

Maggie blinked in shock but moved into action quickly, catching Jill as she tumbled to the floor. Unfortunately, Maggie ended up on the floor with her. The mechanic let out an 'oof' as she broke the accountant's fall. They tangled together in a mass of arms and legs with the blonde's head pillowed coveniently by the brunette's shoulder. Maggie continued to blink. "Um. . ."

Jill could feel the red flush of embarassment creep up her neck to color her face. Oh God!! Where the hell did I get the klutz gene from?! Wow, she smells good. After a few more prescious seconds of wallowing in unbelievable warmth, Jill positioned her arms on either side of the brunette's head, lifting herself slightly. Their eyes met, and Jill blew bangs out of her eyes and gave Maggie a warbly smile. Why can't people really die from embarassment? I sure want to right now. "Heh, um. . .hi."

She is absolutely adorable, and I can't believe I just thought that let alone admitted it to myself. Maggie pursed her lips to keep from grinning. Unable to help herself, she reached up and with deft fingers, pushed the accountant's glasses back in place. "You okay?"

"Heh, uh yeah. My pride and ego are the only things that got hurt." Jill wiggled a bit in an attempt to get up. Mmm, she feels good. "Guess you know now that I wasn't kidding about being clumbsy. It was quite the ice breaker," the blonde muttered breathlessly. She wriggled some more, trying to untangle herself.

As if they had a mind of their own, Maggie's arms wrapped around the blonde's torso, imprisoning her. "I didn't think we needed one. . .an ice breaker. . . I mean." Jill hovered above her, barely an inch away. Their bodies brushed tantilizingly with each breath.

Green zeroed in on blue. The air thickened and awarness sizzled around them.

Jill's heart began to thump rapidly. This damn cliff is getting bigger and bigger. A sudden panic encompassed her. "Uh, I need. . ." She tried to break free of the embrace. "to get. . .up."

Maggie recognized the expression immediately having seen it on her own face many times. Instead of letting go, she tightened her hold. "No, you feel good just like this," she uttered throatily.

The words sent a white hot bolt of heat searing through her, and Jill swallowed the moan that accompainied it. What is she doing to me? "But-"

"No buts. You feel this just like I do, and you want to fight it just as much as I do. You can't can you?"

The truth was released into the air, and there was no returning from it. Jill whimpered in acknowledgment as the good girl inside screamed in protest at the chances being taken. She begged for the return to safety, the mundane, and the staid. Jill mentally slapped tape over her alter ego's mouth. You're gonna jump dammit, and you're gonna like it. "No, I can't. I can't . . .fight it," Jill whispered hotly. Within seconds and a few more wiggles, Jill hiked her skirt up over her thighs and straddled the brunette. Her breathing turned ragged as she closed the small distance between them.

As if they were connected, the dissapation of the blonde's fear further alleviated her own. Maggie watched moist lips as they descended, but she wasn't prepared for what followed. The first tentative touch was scorching, wet, and softer than anything she had ever known. Maggie whimpered in protest as Jill moved away. The mechanic reared up, wildly seeking. Small hands wound in Maggie's hair guiding her. Lips brushed again and again, lightly, teasingly, clinging. Maggie cried out hoarsely as the tender caress shot through her like a fire tipped arrow. The flames licked at her, melting her and leaving her molten. . .liquid. She shuddered and crushed their bodies together, raking desperate hands across the blonde's back, wanting so much to deepen the kiss but reluctant to do so. Her hips pumped softly feeding and relieving the building ache.

Jill lost herself in the softness, the sweetness and the perfection of the kisses they shared. From under hooded eyes, she read the expressions chasing themselves across Maggie's face. I'm doing this to her. She's feeling this way because of me. Jill moaned as arousal hummed through her body in acknowledgement of that simple fact alone. As if sensing the blonde's gaze, Maggie's eyes opened slightly. Jill gasped at what she saw. Desire--raw and needy. It touched her somewhere deep, spurring her on. She flicked her tongue against the mechanic's lips. They parted wide and hungry, giving her entrance. She speared deep before engaging Maggie's tongue in play.

As if it were the cue Maggie had been awaiting, she moved into immediate action, grasping the blonde's hips and guiding them into a deep grind. The kiss turned dangerously sensual full of tongues and moist heat. Lips met forcefully as they drank from each other, swallowing moans and gasps of pleasure.

The need to breathe made Jill tear her lips away. She groaned and hid her face in the mechanic's neck as her hips took on a life of their own. Jill cried out as large hands found their way to her behind, squeezing firmly. She opened her mouth hotly over the fragrant flesh of her lover's neck, nibbling and sucking at will. The sound of loud, boisterous laughter coming from somewhere in the hall startled Jill into semi-coherence. "We. . .have to stop," she gasped. We're in my office for goodness sake! "Someone could. . ."

"I don't care--" Maggie mumbled breathlessly. To prove her point, large hands snaked upward, winding into short blond hair. Maggie pulled the accountant's head back, exposing the curve of her throat and some of her chest. Maggie followed the flowing lines with her tongue, leaving a long wet trail that made Jill quiver. Her mouth covered the pounding pulse at the base of the blonde's neck. She sucked forcefully and bit down lightly before soothing the area with her tongue. A sound of pure hedonistic delight fell from Jill's lips.

Maggie inched her way up toward the accountant's ears where she whispered huskily, "You don't wanna stop. . . do you?"

Somehow the good girl wrestled the tape from her mouth and made her defiance known. "But. . ."

Maggie growled in frustration and arousal, loving the game they were playing. Jill whimpered upon hearing and feeling the animalistic sound reverberate through the brunette's chest. She clutched at the mechanic, needing to bring her closer, while a part of her endeavored to push it all away.

Maggie dipped her head and began devising a plan to remove the tiny pearl buttons lining the blonde's shirt without losing too much contact. With her teeth, she ripped one button away and went for another. She turned her head to the side, rubbing her cheek against the silk, knowing that Jill's skin would be just as soft. Maggie opened her eyes slightly and purred at what she saw. Nipples stood pronounced and taut as if they were attempting to break through their silk barrier. Following her baser instincts, Maggie cupped a breast in her hand and squeezed teasingly. It fit perfectly. She was awarded with a gasp. It was all she needed to hear to make her continue. She caught the nub between thumb and forefinger and tweaked it slightly. Having never been a neglectful lover, Maggie palmed the other breast and gave it the same sensual treatment.

Jill threw her head back and moaned. The roar of her blood; the pleasure strumming through her body; and the sound of her own labored breathing drowned out the screams of protests coming from inside. With a wet gush of excitement, she gave herself over to the moment as an aching throb took a definate hold. The world outside ceased to exist. Every where Maggie touched her left fire in its wake, burning at nerve endings and leaving them raw, exposed. Each caress of her breasts sent a corresponding jolt to her center that left her absolutely breathless. Jill snatched off her glasses, sending them to the floor and pressed down on the mechanic's thighs, needing and craving firmer contact. She groaned incoherently as her body was bombarded with scorching currents of pleasure.

Maggie wrenched her eyes away from the task at hand to peer into Jill's flushed face. A slight sheen of sweat covered her skin, her eyes were closed and moist, quivering lips were parted, emitting groans and harsh breaths. That look alone shot a bolt of lightning to her groin. It was the most beautiful thing, and Maggie wanted to prolong it. Without another thought, she lowered her head again, replacing her fingers with her mouth. Her teeth scraped over silk and the erect nub underneath.

"Oh God!" Jill exclaimed gutterly. Her body bucked and her back arched, seeking greater contact. Jill tangled her hands in the mechanic's hair, pulling Maggie to her chest.

Maggie flicked her tongue in rapid pace back and forth before closing her lips over the hardned tip to initiate a warm suction. She whimpered at the feel of the protuberance in her mouth, but the need to taste skin overwhelmed her. With shaking, eagar hands, Maggie tore the shirt from Jill's skirt and disenaged the rest of the buttons with a yank. She growled in frustration as another barrier was revealed. Pushing the blonde's bra up around her neck, Maggie freed the small pert mounds and instantly covered the berry like nipple with her mouth. She moaned heartily at the sweet taste, nibbling and swishing her tongue around the center in an attempt to take it all in. Unsatisfied, Maggie pulled away with a moist plop.

Jill keened in disappointment.

Maggie wrapped her hand around both breasts, mushing them together softly. Opening her mouth wide, she suckled both nipples inside. She mewed in approval. Jill nearly screamed as the sensitive tips of her breasts were bathed in moist heat. It redoubled the wetness below, making her need of the utmost urgency. "Please!" She pleaded. Never had she been so aroused, so aware, and so in tune with her own body.

Maggie's mouth refused to relinquish its prize, but she heard the breathy plea. They had barely touched, barely kissed, and the mechanic was pulsating, moist, and ready. Impatient hands traveled downward, grasping hips and slipping between inner thighs. The mechanic shredded the blonde's panty hose with her bare hands. The rip that proceeded was cachophonous compared to the symphony of moans and harsh breathing. Still, it was erotic nonetheless. The musky smell of arousal was released into the air, driving their need to fever pitch. Maggie pushed satiny panties aside, dipping into the wetness that teased her. They both cried out.

Maggie was dizzy with pleasure as she was slathered in wet warmth. She removed her mouth from swollen breasts and blindly sought soft lips. They met in a crash of teeth and tongues. Jill mewled in need, undulating her hips in attempt to get the fingers to go where she wanted. Without pretense or warning, Maggie plunged deep. Jill literally howled, but the sound was muffled by the ardor of their kisses..

Somehow, the mechanic knew what she needed. Hard. Deep. Fast. Flesh pounded against flesh. Raw. Needy. Unforgiving. Jill wrapped her legs around the brunette's waist and rode out the storm. Maggie moaned sensuously as her center contracted in empathy. With each plunge of her fingers, her own throbbing core weeped with pleasure. Silently, the mechanic marveled at the situation. She had yet to remove a stitch of her own clothing, but orgasm was close enough to touch, to taste. As her fingers thrusted, her hips rose, seeking contact to soothe wet, aching flesh. The press of the woman on her lap; the sound of the woman on her lap; and the feel of the woman on her lap was enough to ease and ignite.

Jill clawed at her lover's back as unbridled pleasure worked its way through her body. Incoherent sounds left her mouth only to be swallowed whole by the mechanics lips. Ecstasy raked over exposed nerve ending until every synapse snapped, crackled and her hips gryrated in uneven jerks. Then, in one thick wave after another orgasm pummled her, relieving her of sight and sound. There was only the honeyed gush of feeling that milked her until darkness threatened. Jill snatched her mouth away and moaned long, loud and deep. Tiny whimpers followed as her body bucked wildly.

The mechanic's fingers were treated to a hot, moist bath and jarring squeezes that seemed to encompass her whole body. It was all Maggie needed. A flood of wetness greated her as climax radiated from her core outward. She bit into the blonde's shoulder as she came in a series of hard jerks that sent her back to the floor. Her cry was muddled by flesh. They lay there entwined, hips pumping softly, hearts racing, and breathing raggedly--sated for the moment.

Minutes later, coherence returned. On still shaky arms, Jill lifted herself part way off her lover's body. She peered down at Maggie. Her form was blurry, but she could see that her eyes were closed. God, I can't even find the words to describe what just happend. Jill felt around the floor for her glasses. Finding them, she shoved them back onto her face. The movement caused green eyes to open slowly.

Maggie swallowed hard as the woman who had just changed her life came into view. One word came to mind. Caught. I don't know any other way to describe it. Caught in a place some would love to be and others would run away from. Which way do I go? Green held blue while, Maggie beat the fear back with a mental stick. She smiled slightly and reached up to push askew glasses back where the belonged.

"Hey," Jill whispered and grinned back.

"Mmm, hey, sugar." Maggie responded.

"That was, um--" The accountant added.

Scary. Maggie wanted to say, but instead she husked, "Unbelievable."

"Yeah, I, uh sorta had a feeling this would happen, but I didn't think it would be anything like this."

Maggie cleared her throat. "I don't think either one of us did."

"Mmm." Jill bit her lip and smirked. "I hope this isn't the end of the good time you were going to show me."

The mechanic chuckled. "Ah, no I actually had a nice dinner in mind. Was gonna cook you the only thing I know how--my famous spaghetti. Oh, and I was gonna dazzle you with my wit too."

Jill snorted and smiled saucily. "We can still do that at my apartment. It's closer, but it's going to have to be afterward."

Dark brows rose. "After what?"

"After I'm done with you." Goodbye Miss goodie goodie.

Oh my. Sable brows rose even higher. "Um. . .oh."

"Mmm hmm, so let's get dressed," Jill paused. "Well. . .let me get dressed and we can get out of here."

Maggie chuckled. "Well, that's gonna be some trick since your shirt is ruined."

"Not really. I always keep an extra set of clothes just in case I have to stay at the office." Jill smiled and bent down, giving the mechanic a quick kiss.

"Ah, nifty."

Maggie pulled herself up from the floor and sat in a nearby chair as she watched the blonde get dressed. Jill had just buttoned up a new blouse when the door burst open.

"Jill, it was a false alarm. I came back to collect some. . .stuff. . before I go home. . to Pa--." Marty trailed off as he entered the office.

Maggie jumped up in surprise, and Jill flushed with embarrassment. Oh damn!

Marty chuckled. "Welllllllll. . .remember that little talk we had earlier, J? You were being very, very bad."

Jill rolled her eyes. "It's my office, Marty. You might want to think about knocking next time. You never know what you might walk in on."

His eyes widened. "Is that right?"

Maggie eyes strayed back and forth as if she were watching a tennis match. She crossed her arms over her chest. This could be interesting.

"Yes, that's right."

Marty beamed and mumbled under his breath. "It's about damn time."

"What was that?" Jill inquired.

"I said ER comes on at nine." Marty replied.

Maggie chuckled quietly. This woman is something else.

"Uh huh, give my love to Pat, and I'll talk to you guys later."

"You're not even gonna introduce us--"

"Marty. . .Maggie. Maggie. . .Marty."

Maggie nodded and smiled.

Marty moved forward extending his hand.

"Marty!" The blonde quipped.

He smiled devilishly. "I know. I'm going. I'm going. . .again."

Finally, they were alone. "So, you ready to go?"

"Ooh yeah," Maggie's voice was full of mirth. All that fire could be mine if I play my cards right. Do I want it?

"What's funny?" Jill asked.

"You are. You're not shy are you?"

"I guess you could say I was somewhat." Jill smirked.

"What happened?" Maggie question was full of curiosity.

"I met this woman. . .on the Internet. . ." My goodness. Is this really me?

A sliver of fear lanced the mechanic's chest. She covered it up by responding noncommitaly. "Mmm."

"Mmm hmm. C'mon let's go." Jill reached for the brunette's hand. Stiff, cold fingers wrapped around her warm ones. A frown tugged at her lips. "You okay?"

Maggie ordered her body to relax. "Hmm? Oh yah, I'm fine. Let's get going."


Maggie's insides screamed as an uneasy feeling slowly crept up her spine, and she could feel Jill peering at her from the passenger seat. The mechanic turned slightly, giving her a weak smile. Oh God, what am I doing?

Jill sighed. I'm not running from this. I don't want her to either. I know that look. They came to a red light. Jill ceased the moment. "Maggie," she uttered softly. The brunette turned toward her. Jill leaned forward until they were a mere milimeter apart. Then, she closed the distance, brushing the mechanic's lips with her own. Backing away, she whispered, "I'm scared too." Blue eyes twinkled with understanding.

Maggie swallowed down the lump of apprehension. She took a deep breath, let it out and nodded. It's okay. This is okay. I'm okay.

Long minutes later after arriving at the accountant's apartment, Maggie's fear took a back seat as the petite blonde pushed her against a wall, covering her face and neck in sweet tender kisses. Maggie closed her eyes, savoring the touch, the woman and the moment.



***STOP!!! For all those who love a little angst CONTINUE ON WITH THIS SECTION, but for those who believe that all stories should end with a happy--->CLICK HERE! Alternate Ending<----Click here!! for the "happy" ending, WHICH IS REWRITE OF PART FOUR. For those who dabble on both sides--angst and happy endings THIS LITTLE TWIST IS FOR YOU ESPECIALLY. Tell me which ending do you think fits the characters and is more realistic.***


Even after the most incredible afternoon, the next day, the files and numbers in front of her still appeared to be gibberish, but for a different reason. When she first logged online, excitement coursed thorugh Jill's body as saw Mustanblu avaliable on her friends list, but within a few seconds, the user logged off. Thinking it was Yahoo's mistake, Jill picked up the phone to call the brunette's job instead--only to find that she called in sick. Concerned and panicked, she tried the mechanic's home only to get voicemail, prompting her to leave a message. The more time that passed the more Jill's thoughts took a downward spiral. I did something. It must be me. Maybe it was too much too soon. Tears slid down her cheeks. She wiped at them angrily. "No, it's got to be some kind of mistake. This can't happen to me. It can't. We connected. There was something there."

A couple of hours later, Mustangblu returned. Jill waited, wondering if she would disappear again. Five minutes passed. With nervous fingers she started typing a message.

Jltner: <<Maggie? You okay?>>

Long minutes passed, but there was no answer. A sick feeling started deep in her stomach. With each minute of silence that passed, it grew bigger. Jill's heart thudded painfully, and she tried to control suddenly ragged breathing. This can't be happening to me. She seemed fine on the phone last night. What happened between then and now? Maggie, please don't let your fear ruin this. Needing to give it one more try, Jill picked up the phone once more.


Maggie stared at the computer screen blankly. She wiped at gritty eyes as the words blurred. Sleep beckoned her, but she refused to go. Despite the whispered words, soft caresses and hot breath stealing kisses, her old friend fear returned, blossoming inside until it became a living breathing entity. It took over, reminding her of the potential of pain--causing it and feeling it. The two sides warred inside her--fear versus happiness, leaving her exhausted, confused. Even now when she closed her eyes, Maggie could recall the accountant's smile; glittering blue eyes; the way her skin tasted; and the way she smelled. She remembered it all. Her hands clinched into hard fists. Blunt nails bit into her flesh. It's too risky. A far away voice whispered. Maggie gritted her teeth and pounded her fists against the sturdy wooden top of the desk. It's way too risky. Think of what could happen.

The phone rung. Maggie snatched the cordless up, glancing at the caller ID. She gasped and closed her eyes again. It rang and rang until the sound cut off abruptly. Knowing that the accountant more than likely left another message, Maggie typed in familiar numbers and waited for the prompts. The pain in the voice on the other end tore at her heart. "Please don't do this. It's okay to be scared. Don't you see? Don't you understand? It makes it all the more worth it. Don't do this." She erased the message, but the words were burned into her brain.

Risky. The cryptic voice mumbled.

"Shut up!! I'm already hurting her! I can't do this. I'd only make her as fuckin' miserable as I am." She raked a hand over her face in disgust and peered down at the phone in contempt. Before she knew it, it sailed across the room, crashing against the wall. "I don't need this. I don't need anybody!" Her body shook with emotion, and a gnawing ache permeated her bones. She had a new friend now. . .loneliness.


The End

Hopefully, this is a triumphant return. Sorry I've been gone so long. I've been sorting my life out. I recieved all email and know even though I didn't have it in me to answer at the time. It meant the world. Hope you enjoyed this story. Drop me a line at Minerva