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Enter the world of R' Place, Perspectives, Linger, Afternoon Delight, Holiday Tales, and White Nights.

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This site is designed and maintained by Minerva

This fanfic page was started on July 4, 1999

Feedback is welcome both on the site and the stories.
The stories on this site can't be used without permission. Copyright 1999-2004 Minerva. All rights are reserved. These stories will mostly have an uber quality to them. The characters resemble those in Xena Warrior Princess, which is not my creation.
They are all alternative in nature.
If this is not your cup of tea, please move on.
Do not send me scathing emails--just don't read.

This site can best be viewed through Internet Explorer.

Furthermore, the site and fanfic will be updated as soon as my imagination spits them out!

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