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The Lincoln Park ~ Beavertown Historical Society

Until 1825 there was no place designated as Beavertown or Lincoln Park. The area was simply a part of Pequannock Township. That township, including Beavertown, was part of Morris County which was created out of Hunterdon County in 1738. What would come to be known as Lincoln Park was literally created by draining the Bog and Vly meadow.

As early as 1786 the state legislature had passed an act authorizing the draining of the Bog and Vly meadows; however, it wasn't until 1811 when the legislature authorized The Bog and Vly Company to drain the lands in the vicinity of the Beaver Brook. The state then granted the power to levy assessments against the property owners who settled on this land.

The current Borough of Lincoln Park, which encompasses the areas known in 1912 as Jacksonville and Beavertown, was known as Beavertown because of the many beaver found in nearby streams. Beavertown was renamed Lincoln Park in 1871 and was incorporated as a Borough in 1922.

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