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(The newest ones are at the end.)

1/19 I finnaly put up the journal! Go and read it!

1/23 I updated the journal! My next Update won't be until friday, most likly I'm not gonna be on for a few days because of Final Exams.

1/26 I added my link page, go and check it out!

2/3 I did it, I finnaly fixed it! DBZ is back online! OK now that you have woken up from that fainting spell- check it out, and don't forget to look at the new part in it, a Review on the "History of Trunks"! Check out my Journal, too!

2/12 OK Check out all of the cool info about me! This page just gets better and better!

2/22 I've revamped the whole page! Check out the new images in DBZ, the new images on OLS and look at the front page, I have a poll and a guest book! Amazing! Take the guest book and sign the poll... or something like that!

2/23 I changed the way the images work in DBZ, and soo OLS will chage too. I will be putting up GW pics (thank god) and after I get more OLS they will go up as well.

3/6 Can you belive all that has happened? I have an RPG page that is up... but its all down except for the two walls. I also have anime quotes up, too! Feel free to send me your favorite quotes.

3/23 Look at me, I haven't wrote what I have been doing in a while. OK here it goes: I finished FF4, and 6 and am almost done with CT. My guset book is finnaly back up, and Please sign it now that it has returned. Rember to E-Mail me, Jen, the creator of this page!

3/28 Hey, look FF9 is done! So is Chrono Trigger, but I need to re-upload the pics. New Journal, too. Vote for ME! :)