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About Me

Hi! This page is dedicated to me, the creator of Chibi Trunks' Pages.

Anime and Basic Info

Name: Jen, Jenny, Chibi-Miria Trunks
Age: I am about 15.
Birthday: April 29.
Favorite Anime Song: "Trunk's Theme" from DBZ, "White Reflections" from GW, "The Wings of a Boy that Killed Adolescence" from GW and "White Reflections 2" from GW.
Favorite Anime: Dragon Ball Z.
Least Favorite Anime: "Blue Submarine No. 6" (a horrible mix of anime and computer animation--it was like watching Reboot and Ronin Warriors put together!).
Favorite Charicters: Chibi Gohan (ages 5 - 11), Miria Trunks, Chibi Trunks, and Gotenks.
Favorite Villans: Cell, Juuhachigou (18), Juunanagou (17), and Vageta.
Least Favorite Charicters/ Villians: Freiza, King Cold, "King Kai", Yamcha, Chow-su (I told you, I can't spell), and "Tien".


Color: Teal or Turquoise.
Animal: The Wolf.
Song: Right now... I guess I like "Rollin'" because it gets stuck in my head, not because I like it.
TV Show: Besides anime... "The Simpsons" and "Angel."
Food: Lasanga, Pizza, and other Italian Favorites.
Ice Cream: (Thanks Cathay) Vanilla cone with Rainbow Sprinkles.

Me in Depth

Physical: I am a short Italian. I have dark brown hair and pale skin and "big" Brown eyes.I always used to say they were dark, but they aren't... go figure. I wear glasses, but not in school, because I look like a dork with them on. I guess I am pretty, but definitely not what you would consider "Hot".
Emotional: (I got that idea from Cathay) I guess I am an optimist. I always look at the bright side of things. I do get angry easily, so a good idea is to NOT flame me, I can't be held responsible for what I do.
Marital Status: Alive and kicking! (j/k) Dating the one and only Ed Fletcher:).