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Musings During Religion Class

During Relgion Class when I am about to fall asleep, I turn to the person who used to sit behind me. Katie, the homeworkless (that was a freak accident!!!!!) keep me ocuiped with thoughts every day.

My thoughts

Day 1: I wonder what a Super Sayia-Jin girl would look like? :::Draws a pic::: Oh... I have a good idea for a story!
Day 2: If Sailor Moon was a real person, what would she look like? What would she wear... that outfit wouldn't work!?:::Draws again::: she's so short!!
Day 3: Zzzzzzz
Day 4: Make it stop!!! God make it STOP!

Friend's thoughts

Day 1: Words of the day! Lets make a calander, the word for today will be omnisex, tommorow it will be stabelness.
Day 2: So... how many licks does it take to get to the center of the tootsie pop.
Day 3: Diffrent words for throw-up:
1) Hurl
2) Toss cookies
3) Blow chunks
4) Vomit
5) Barf
6) Spew
7) Loose your lunch
8) Cough up a boot
9) Puke
Day 4: "Don't drop the soap, Mr. Fano!" ~ Chris M.
"We threw gasoline on the fire, now we have stumps for arms and no eyebrows" ~ Chris M.
"She has constipated oxes, 'cause they ate too many 'rockeses'" ~ Katie
"One of my favorite things about Foxy Lettuce is... the room it leaves for chocolate cake!" ~ Katie
"That's evil." ~ Cathay
"Just chilllll." ~ Lim
"Chris, damnit, take notes [wake up]!" ~ Desh
"Jennifer... watch that dresscode... Jennifer...Jennifer...Jennifer...Jen, watch that dresscode, you'll get zapped" ~ Mr. Fano

Copyright 2001 by Jen and Katie