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Anime Quotes

Here is where you get to hear all my favorite quotes from anime!

"Don't cry sour grapes!"Junachigo(18), DBZ.

"I don't care about no artificial humans!" Chichi, DBZ.

"Lets play some kind of game... you could run them over with a car or something." Junachigo(18), DBZ.

"Run away! Run away! If you dwadle around, you'll get run over!" Junanago(17), DBZ.

"Hey now, if you aren't lucky, your headed for hell!" Junanago(17), DBZ.

"Servant Woman, get me a drying cloth!" Vageta, DBZ.

"It's all or nothing, there is no in-between!" Gohan, DBZ.

" "Why do women have butts on their chests?" Goku, DB.

"It's just like it is with the stars, their are bright ones, and their are those that are dim" Hilda, OLS.

"Good-bye, friend Trowa!" Quatre, GW.

"Two's always better than one!" Quatre, GW.

"History is like an endless waltz, the three beets of war, peace and revolution continue on forever." Marimea, GW-EW.