The Day Terror Came to America

September 11th was the day it started, it happened,
and we all saw it. Some of us were actually there,
some of us saw it on TV, some of us heard it on the
radio. One way or another, we all heard about it. We
all heard about the plane crashing in Pennsylvania,
the plane crashing into the Pentagon - leaving it
severely damaged, but the most hit was NYC, where both
World Trade Center Towers crumbled before our eyes.

People are right in saying you have no idea unless
you're actually there. Luckily for me, I wasn't

I heard about it while listening to the radio at
work. At first, didn't think anything of it. They
said "a plane crashed into the World Trade Center".
So, just thinking it was a simple crash. I mean, look
what happened to the Empire State Building right? But
then, the news came on again and they said another
plane crashed into the second tower. That's when I
started to suspect something was up, and then hearing
that the first tower fell, I really started to get
anxious. Then the second building goes down. For a
brief moment, I couldn't concentrate on what I was

Our nation had been hit by vicious terrorists for the
first time (at least from what I can remember), and
the aftermath of their destruction can still be felt
now. The news of the attacks on NYC and Washington,
DC was on every single station - even MTV and VH-1.
There was no escaping it, even if you wanted to.

I am very much affected by all of this, me a NYC born
native (who moved to New Jersey), and I wrote a
poem about it. You can read it here,
and look for "SEPTEMBER 11, 2001".

It's going to be a long, hard process to get over this
and try to move on. I know it will be for me, even
though I didn't know anyone who worked at WTC or the
Pentagon, or who were on those planes, but I feel for
all of you who lost someone, or still haven't found
the person yet. My thoughts and prayers go out to all
of you.

I find it so amazing how everyone has gotten together
and, in the US, shown their patriotism by waving the
American flag, or wearing red, white, and blue
ribbons. Everywhere I go, now, I see a flag - either
on a car, or at someone's house. We found ours and
put ours up to at my house. It's so great to see a
country together like this in this time of need.

Also, a big thank you to the other countries who are
sticking by us, and from watching the news last week,
it looks like a lot of you - too numerious to mention,
so we, in the USA, thank you.

No matter what happens, we shall overcome, we will get
by, we will survive. WE ARE SURVIVORS!

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(Date of poem: September 13, 2001)