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The Current Production Bali-Songs are "Rostfrei", Bear MGC, Jaguar, Benchmade, and Frost.---------------------Rostfrei isnt any type of knife brand, "Rostfrei" is stamped on the blades of sevral various china balisong companys. Rostfrei means "Rust Free" in German. So china balisong companys stamp rostfrei on their blades to make buyers think that they are quality, but they arent.----------------------------------------------Bear MGC makes good balisongs. Bear's are great for beginners balisongs. The pins are ok in Bear's. The handles are a little too soft, they can snap and crack pretty easy. I have a BR114A Tanto, havent had many problems with it yet. The blade is sharp, but the handles are about to snap and crack--------------------------------Jaguar makes good balisongs for the price of them. They also make awesome 440 stainless blades. They are normally $15-$20 at most online stores. They make great Beginner Balisongs, or even a pro on a budget. The first thing that will happen with a Jag is that the pins will come loose and break or fall out sometime. You can easilly fix the pins at the link above called: Balisong makes the highest quality balisongs around today. For some reason a few years back Benchmade stopped making Bali-Songs, but now for the year 2000 they just released the awesome long awaited new BM42!!! I have a BM42 and 42A, they are so kool. I know that they have a high price($99)but its extremely well worth it. Benchmade knives always have a little Butterfly somewhere on the blade, thats how you can tell you have a benchmade knife. Pacific Cutlery also had the exact same butterfly on their balisongs, and Bali-Song USA had a butterfly like the BM and PC butterflys.------------------------------------------Frost makes good balisongs, i dont have one, yet. When i get one ill tell you how it holds up. They look exactly like tha rostfrei balisongs, but they have aluminum handles, which are lighter than rostfrei's cast metal handles. Frost balisongs are $10-$15 at most online stores.------------------------------------Please Email me if you have any Questions or Comments about my Web Site or Balisongs