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Robbins Reef Lighthouse - 1883

Robbins Reef Lighthouse
The brown and white cylindrical lighthouse stands as monument to the lady who "kept the good light" for over 30 years. Her name was Kate Walker and the captains in the harbor affectionately refer to Robbin's Reef as "Kate's Light". Kate was respected by all for her courage and stamina. She could be seen rowing her children to school each day on Staten Island and is responsible for saving many a stranded boater. When the US Coast Guard manned the light in 1939 they posted three men at the light, a job Kate performed by herself.

Location: West Side Main Channel/Upper New York Bay
Visiting Status: Closed to Public
Light Operational: Yes
Date Deactivated: N/A
Automated: 1966
Tower Height: 45 feet
Original Optic: 4th Order Fresnel
Present Optic: 300 MM

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