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East Point Lighthouse - 1849

East Point Lighthouse
Formerly known as the Maurice River Lighthouse, East Point Lighthouse was established in 1849 on the shore of the Delaware Bay near the Maurice River. The light served faithfully until it was decommissioned in 1941, and for many years it remained one of the region's most recognized landmarks. Then, in 1971, a fire burned the roof and the lantern room and, in 1972, a storm did additional damage to the structure. The Maurice River Historical Society eventually rebuilt and restored the lighthouse to its original apperance, and the tower was fitted with a new light in 1980. This light is maintained by the Coast Guard and has a focal plain of fifty-three feet.

East Point Lighthouse is the most remote land-based light New Jersey. The road leading to it passes miles of undeveloped land that must look the same as it did back in 1849. The lighthouse's distinctive red roof and red lantern room stand out clearly as a daymark; the building itself is constructed of red brick and is painted white. The view from the lighthouse grounds facing south is of Delaware Bay, and none of the offshore lighthouses can be seen from this point - revealing how big the bay really is. The lighthouse was restored in 1999.

East Point Before Renovations in 1999. Location: At mouth of Maurice River, along Delaware Bay
Visiting Status: Open to public once a year in October
Information: (856) 327-5700
Light Operational: Yes
Date Deactivated: 1941-1980
Automated: 1911
Tower Height: 40 feet
Original Optic: Sixth Order
Present Optic: 250 MM

(Above Picture) East Point Before Renovations in 1999.