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Brandywine Shoal - 1850

Originally built in 1850 using breakthrough technology because of the channel's sandy bottom. The entire structure was actually built on screw piles. After serving well for over sixty years, a new conical structure, requiring less maitenance, was built on a cassion of reinforced concrete and lit on October 20, 1914. The light station is still an important aid to navigation and was the last lighthouse in the Delaware Bay to have a keeper on board! Automation took place about 1974...the end of a once proud era!

Location: About 7 miles west of Cape May Point, in Delaware Bay.
Visiting Status: Interior closed to public; Maintained by Coast Guard
Light Operational: Yes
Date Deactivated: N/A
Automated: 1974
Tower Height: 45 feet
Original Optic: Third Order Fresnel
Present Optic: (Solar Powered)