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Lost Lighthouses of New Jersey


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Lost Lights of NJ

Bergen Point Light
Billingport Lighthouse
Original Brandywine Shoal Lighthouse
Cohansey Lighthouse
Cross Ledge Light
Deepwater Point Range
Egg Island Lighthouse
Elbow of Cross Ledge Light
Fort Mifflin Range
Maurice River Cove Range
Passaic Lighthouse
Tucker's Island Light
Waackaack Rear Range

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Welcome to the Lost Lighthouses of New Jersey!
Inspired and adapted by the book Lost Lighthouses by Tim Harrison and Ray Jones, is proud to display a section dedicated to the lost lighthouses of New Jersey.

Lighthouses hold a special place in our hearts. Many more lighthouses around the world will be lost unless we start saving lighthouses today. Many lights are endangered and placed on a Doomsday List, with slim chances of ever shining again, unless they are saved by wonderful lighthouse organizations and private investors. Please look over this section carefully, with thoughts of the history lost with these lighthouses.
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